Post 147 Part 1  … Are you Where God Wants you to be

Thursday, December 29, 2022   

Where are you in your life right now?  Is it someplace that feels good and right to you, or is it someplace you really don’t like and don’t want to be? We all, at some point, might just feel we are not where we want or should be in life, but that does not mean we are not where we are supposed to be. 

Sometimes we really are in a good time of our life and everything is going smoothly then wham…life seems to happen and we don’t want to be in that place anymore. 

Sometimes the place we find ourselves we just wish we could somehow pull something over us and no one could even see us.  Sometimes we fear the place we have found ourselves in, or the circumstances we find ourselves. I’ve been in a few places I just wish I could have forgotten, and they never would have happened, but I can tell you that wherever we find ourselves…even for a short time…we are where we were to be for that time.  Maybe we chose wrong and that has consequences and all, but we learn something from everything in life. 

I have also discovered that life and some of the circumstances we go through can feel like we are incapacitated in that moment of time. When we pray, at times, do we feel that God must not be listening to us after all we are talking to Him and we hear nothing at the moment? Maybe we have even found ourselves in a predicament that we don’t know how to get out of and still we don’t hear anything.  Could it be we were sinning in some way and need to learn the consequences of that sin we just did?  Could it be that God wants us to learn how to do something we, maybe, don’t want to do?  Isn’t it true that when we pray we want God to hear us and help us?  Of course, it is.  But just like, if we are a parent in this life, sometimes our kids do something that they need to actually learn how to not only deal with whatever “it” is, but also that doing wrong does have consequences and so the parent in us needs to let them learn something important because if they can deal with something now…maybe, just maybe, when something really tough comes along they are more prepared to deal with life.  

    How many of us go along in our daily life and at some point, we just feel possibly unloved (even if we are loved)?  How many feel no one really cares about their situation?  Ever thought that maybe the person we think of might feel we don’t love them or care? Do you ever feel that the bottom in your life has fallen out as into an abyss and you have no control over what is going on?


    Do you ever feel that the pains of life consume all your energy?  Do you feel that you are being torn into and have no idea what to do, but haven’t you had faith?  Didn’t you believe it?  What changed with you? You want to still believe you have faith in whatever situation you are in, but life can be tough, and you want God to wave a magic wand and just fix everything for you…but did you get yourself into this situation?  Did you trust Him before you got there?  Did you just ask Him what you can now do to fix things?  You do realize that you have a part in fixing things that you, yourself, have caused. What are your options?  Do you just hold on without searching for answers just in the hope that God will show up and just fix everything for you? So, your life seems like it is wearing thin and you have no way out.  Duh!  We all feel like that at times, but there is hope, there are answers, and no matter how deep in the pit you feel there is a way out.  God says that there is nothing new out there so that means that whatever you are feeling someone else has also felt that way.  Do you ever wonder how the dealt with the same issues of life? You really can trust God.  In fact, in this life He is the only one you can trust 100%.  Oh, He might let you squirm in your situation because there is something you need to learn or do, but the answer will come.  Will you be ready for that answer if that answer is not the one you really want to hear? God’s plan in your situation might just take you to someplace, for a time, you don’t want to be.  But there is a way out so trust Him to, in His timing, to give you that answer. God, just might be taking you down a rabbit hole to get you to the seashore! Don’t give up on faith in God for that is all you have to get you through life and into the next chapter of it called heaven.   

    Stop being discouraged with life and embrace it as a teaching time for you.  Learn all you can, trust God, do good no matter what you see or hear out there.  Let God guide you each day.


Do you really think that, in every situation you are in, your circumstance depends on God showing up and fixing something for you?  No, some things we did or do to ourselves and we must learn something so we can go forward.  It might not be fun, but it just might be necessary. Sometimes our desperation in the cycles of life causes us to despair and when we do, we just don’t pray for His will to be done, but for Him to do our will for us.

I’m going to make a few shorter lessons here the next few days.  They will tie in over time.  Hope you come back for them. 

Now, may the Lord of heaven bless you, draw you, guide you, and yes, even teach you.  May you find your strength and peace in Him. 

God bless you.