Post 38 Critical Challenges

Where to begin?  America is in trouble! 

We must think about right now.  The past is past, and the future is up to us.  Yes, it is up to us.  What we do right now will determine what happens to us, our family, and the future generations of America.

We must pray into the future so that those we leave upon this earth will have a chance to know God, to have freedom, and to be able to function in this world.  We must be about our Father in heavens business.  God makes choices that sometimes we do not understand but that is His right and not ours.

The devil is trying to get his entire foot into America in any way he can.  He knows his time is almost up and he wants to take as many with him into hell as he can.  We, as Christians, must stand up right now and do right.  We cannot wait or believe that someone else will do it for God has called us to stand up and stand up now.  We are the Army of God.  We need to be at our battle stations right now and sound the alarm.  If we don’t, we are going to get hit so hard with evil that we won’t find a way out of it. 

Our God is the God and only God of creation.  He is a supernatural maker….and He wants to help His children, but He expects us to do our part as well.  There is no more sitting back expecting others to do it for us.  We are called to stand up, take control, and pray as never before. 

There are strategic attempts to take us down and destroy our way of life, to destroy our freedoms, and to control us in every way possible.  There is strategic plans to overturn this election and take down good over evil.  There is strategic plans to destroy us from within and make us a third world country so that they can bring in one world order.  If you don’t stand now that is exactly where you will be.  Do you really want that for your life, your kids, and for future generations? 

The devil is a liar, cheat, murderer, thief, deceiver, manipulator, and every other bad thing you can think or describe.  He wants to take down the church, our families, and control us in everyway to keep us away from doing what is right.  Don’t allow that to happen.

We need to pray, to stand, to proclaim God in everything and everywhere we go.  God is good but know this He gives us the choice which side we are on.  Don’t be on the wrong side.  There is a call to arms and God has sounded the trumpet.  You’d better be listening. 

We are to be a protector of America, of our families, of our homes, of our churches, of our work place and everywhere else.  We are put in charge of protecting them.  Not someone else…but as God’s family united to bring God into every area of our life. 

We are to stand against all those in government that are trying to dismantle America and take freedom away from us.  We are to stand against all the people who proclaim sex trafficking is okay, that pedophilia is okay, that are corrupt, lying, corruption, fraud, haters of what is right and good.  We are to protect America from the evil that lies at the door ready to pounce. 

God chooses people of His choice.  We don’t have to understand we are not God.  God has a plan and God knows what He is doing.  I’m glad none of us is God….for none of us sees the heart and soul of each person.  We go by what we are told and we don’t often question it…after all some people in politics are as evil as Judas was and they lie through their teeth to get what they want.

There are people out there squashing the truth from others.  They go on social media, on the news stations, in the court rooms, on TV, in the movies and everywhere else to spread the lies of their agenda.  They are pure evil and being controlled by evil. 

Our values are under attack.  Our morals challenged at every turn.  They want to destroy the very fabric of our life from us.  They want to degrade our values, our beliefs, and our morals challenging them at every turn.  They stand against God and they stand against us and America all while claiming they are best for us and for America.  They are not what is best for us.  You remove God from things there are and will be consequences.  God is giving us a chance here to stand up and do right and if you don’t take it now…you will pay the consequences for choosing the wrong side.  Your decision will affect many others.

The other side stands for everything God says is wrong: homosexuality, abortion/murder, criminals to let go while putting innocent people in jail, giving rights to people who are not citizens and taking the rights of citizens away.  They want same sex marriages, don’t care if family is destroyed, they brainwash our children with the lies they want them to believe.  They tell them God is not good and they are and God is out of date and so on.  They want the annihilation of specific people by any means necessary.   They try to get you to believe that their chosen organizations are best for you and your way of life.  They cheat at ever turn and lie and tell you it is the truth. 

Well….God created us all and we, as Gods children, have godly rights.  We can sit and do nothing and lose them or stand up and fight for them. 

The misuse of the constitution let’s say…. does not negate it or its power.  We need to find out the original intent of it and what it means.  We were granted freedom in America and millions have found and many died to give us this freedom.  Do not take it for granted.  It cost lives for the freedoms we have enjoyed.  To all those who have fought for our freedom from the beginning I thank you.  I have lived in America and America was good.  I am thankful for that.  But now our freedom and way of life is in a battle way bigger than the earthly wars we have gone to.  The devil has taken over the lives of the crazy nuts out there that want to destroy us and our way of life and if we let them nothing will bring back our freedom as we have known it. 

We must align our life, our thoughts, with what God’s word says.  We must!!! 

We should also care about the pain and needs of others.  We can have empathy for them, share their pain and suffering, and pray for them.  However, if they belong to groups that think it is okay to hurt others, destroy other people’s property and livelihood…that is not of God. 

What are we fighting for anyway?  For God, for our family, our children, and future generations here in America and elsewhere.  We must, I say again, align ourself with what God’s word says and then stand up and do it.  No matter the cost to us…we must stand up and fight in whatever way God gives us to do.  That freedom we have had cost many their lives.  Do we think we won’t have a cost to us as well?

There is a difference in standing with others in compassion and empathy…than standing in agreement if what they are doing is wrong in God’s sight. 

God wants to see families restored, marriages restored, children’s relationship with their parents restored, He wants to see kids who are moral and do the right things.  He wants to see parents come together for their children and each other and work things out godly.  God wants to see people stop murdering unborn babies and to stop saying it is their body and they can do whatever they want.  No, it is their body too.  They have a right to life just as you did.  If you don’t want them then either stop having or give them up for adoption…but don’t kill them.  Yes…it is murder! 

There is an attack on America and our way of life.  If we stand down and do nothing then we, and future generations will suffer.  It is our responsibility to stand up now!!!!!!  The decisions we make right now will shape America to be better or be destroyed. 

Today is the day you must decide which side you are on.  You cannot straddle the fence any longer.  This is a critical time in our life, in our country, in our home, with the education of our children, and you must decide if God is important to you or if the devil is?  It is your choice which side you will be on and if you don’t like what is going on then choose this day which you will serve.

Whose voice are you listening to anyway?  The truth and voice of God Almighty or the lies of the enemy?  If you don’t stand on the word of God then don’t blame anyone for the outcome of this election, the outcome of society, or where you spend eternity.  The choice really is yours to make.

Choose wisely!!!!!!!!!!