Post 137…Study of Heaven Part 4

Sunday, December 18, 2022  

    What’s next?  When you take your last breath here on earth do you just go to sleep in the Lord?  People from all times have thought about what happens next. 

Yet, we know from the word of God that when we take our last breath here (Christians, are present in some form with the Lord) How exciting!  To those who are truly a Christians, we will awaken in whatever form a spirit has in heaven.

The thing is…if you have not asked Jesus into your heart and you are not a Christian then you won’t awaken in His presence.  It is an honor to know Jesus and be with Him and I look forward to it one day.  We don’t have all the answers as to all that will happen, when, where, how, or even why.  But God has given us glimpses into things that will take place. Whatever choices we make about Jesus on this earth while here will determine our eternity.  Whatever our state of being is in heaven (what we look like etc.) we will be with the Lord and we will do whatever needs to be done. There will be no racism, hatred, anger, lies, violence, or cheating, and so on.  By the way…if we can’t get along here on earth and think other races are bad…you most definitely won’t make it into heaven.  Why would God want you there?

Do you ever think about those that have gone on before you that you loved?  I sure do.  I think about my son and who he was while here on earth.  What must he be like in heaven now?  What does he do there? As much as I love and miss him I am totally positive that if he were somehow given the chance to come back he would not take it.  Why would he?  He is in heaven with the Lord and so many others. There are no way people would want to come back to this evil-hating place.

Maybe you are one of those people (yet) who don’t believe in Jesus, don’t believe in heaven, and that when you die you just somehow cease to exist.  It’s a lie if you feel that way and one day you will understand the truth.  Prayerfully it won’t be after you take that last breath.  Do you realize how precious life truly is?  You are given a chance to spend eternity with God who loves you, or the devil who hates you.  As for me…no comparison.  I choose to follow the Lord Jesus. I publicly declare Jesus is my Lord and Savior and that I am thankful for all He has done to save me.   I hope you do, or will, also follow Him. Our death is not the end…it is the beginning of eternal life in one place or the other.  Does it matter if you believe that?  Yes, and no. You can choose to believe whatever you want, but the truth is the truth no matter the choice you make. 

The moment you take that last breath upon this earth is your real birth. You will never grow old, get sick, grieve, cry, or hurt in any way again.   It begins your journey in heaven and it will be so amazing. We will leave this world into the next and we will see Jesus.  I love that song…I can only imagine…  It is true. I really, at this time, can only imagine what I will say, what I will do, and what will I see. Whatever I do, say, think, or can even comprehend right away…I am sure that I will thank God for getting me across that finish line.  (Is it a finish line or a beginning line?) I doubt greatly I would say, “Lord, I want to go back…it was great there on earth.”  Nope, not going to say that one.

While we have been alive on this earth if we ever got to take a trip…we do this and that and we get tired, don’t we?  We want to go home and sleep in our own bed.  But it will be different in heaven for it is truly our home for all eternity and whatever it is, where we live, what we do…it will be our home. Lord, I pray you to come soon for your bride/the church so we can be with you forevermore.     

    We don’t fully understand death. We understand the concept but not everything about it.   I can tell you just with my son who was killed that one moment he was here and the next he was not here.  I remember that call telling me he was being taken to a hospital.  I remember going there and never getting to see him in the hospital.  I remember the pain in my being.  In one way I was luckier than some.  He didn’t go on and on in pain and suffering.  I didn’t have to sit by his bed day after day.  I do remember the cold doctor who came out and just said “Your son is dead”.  If we only knew how deeply our words hurt other people.

I also can’t tell you the depth of the pain to go home to tell my other kids their brother would not be coming home.  There are no words but just pain. A piece of my soul stopped at that moment, and I truly was never the same.  I don’t even know whom I became for a while.  It was awful.  I tell you these things because we all deal with pain, suffering, grief, and death in our lives and we all have feelings to deal with.  I believed in God.  I believed in life after death with Jesus, but the pain in my being was great and I hated what happened. My son had a one-year-old son.  The years on him have hurt me greatly, and been hard on him.  He wanted and needed his daddy. Even though I know that my son is in heaven…and I do not have any doubt of that one, I still miss him and that wonderful smile of his.  Death can destroy a family who is left…and I sure did not make life easy after his death.  For that, I am greatly sorry as I love all my family and after my son’s death I didn’t cope really well, or maybe didn’t see the depth of their pain as well. I also hated comments such as, “Well, you have other kids so its not so bad.”  Do you have any idea the anger comments like that can make someone feel? Or comments like…”get over it”.  We all deal differently with grief, and yours and mine have to go its course (in my opinin).  The people whos say seek a grief counselor and go through their steps…mean well, and it helps a lot of people…but at that time, it would, and didn’t help me.   We seldom see others’ pain in this situation…at least at the time.  I do know that my son and many others who have gone on to be with Jesus are really in His presence.  I can only imagine!

This lesson today was not real long and there is so much more I want to share with you on heaven.  I pray that you will come back and check out more on this topic.  I also am sure that many “good writers” can say things way better than I do, but this series is for someone who needs to hear what I have to say.  You…study this subject for grief comes to everyone at some point.  Death is horrible to those who loved someone and they left this earth, but heaven is great for the person who makes it there and God wants you and I to make it there. 

So may the Lord bless you, keep you, protect your way while on this earth, provide for your needs, draw you to Him, and may He…even in the worst of storms of life give you His peace. God bless you.