Post 6…March 2023…Daily Notes

Each day of our life is a day to learn something regarding what God wants us to know and apply to our life. We are a work in progress. We are not finished until we get to heaven. Lord, please hold onto us so that we don’t go off track.

Lord, help me/us build our character so that all we say, do, and think honors you. Help us seek you more and more each day.  Lord, you are our reward, and what a blessing that is. 

Lord, I am sorry for every sin I have ever committed in my life, please forgive me/us.  I repent and want my life to change so that all I do honors you.  I need you Lord.  You have never let me down or left me. Thank you.

Lord, transform me/us so that when the time comes I/we are ready to meet you and not be ashamed.  Help me be an overcomer. Keep me on the right road.

Lord, help me/us always resist the devil so he flees from me/us.  Help me/us resist the pull of this world because it has so many tests, temptations, and evil that can draw us to it.  Help me/us overcome this.  Help me/us fight the good fight. Thank you.

The devil hates the fact that I can, and you can, receive what he has never been offered…and that is to be a member of God’s family for all eternity. I want to resist the pull of this world and stand only on what you say, Lord.  The world’s glitter, fake life with stuff, popularity, money, fame etc, stuff, temptations, enticements, traps, pitfalls…o Lord, grab onto us and carry us through it all so we can make it to you when the time comes.  Help me/us be strong in you so we never falter in anything that is not of you or best for us in our walk with you Lord.

When we fall for the things of this world’s ways in our life we fall for the stuff they call human nature…such things as vanity, jealousy, lust, greed, envy, resentment, hatred, anger, pride, rebellion, evil, lawlessness, foolishness, stubbornness, deceit, and any hostility toward you Lord.

In our life we will face things we most likely wish we never would, but we learn by what lessons we go through, and what we get out of it that changes us for the better.  In this world we face problems but in you Lord we can make it through them all.

We are in a spiritual war.  Oh, real physical wars on earth come and go, but it is the spiritual war we must overcome.  We do that by standing on the word of God no matter what. God looks at the intent of our hearts and He expects us to stand on His word and walk in His will and way. He gives us every opportunity to do right and to change our course from the ways of this world to the ways of God.

God knows if you are truly sorry when you do something wrong, or if you are only sorry that you got caught.

God’s word reveals what is right and wrong.  His word tells us how to live right.  His world teaches us morals and integrity, whereas the devil wants us to fall at every turn of our life.

The devil doesn’t care if we go to church because he has invaded many of them, and many people go to church who are not Christians, and who don’t really walk with God.  Many go and let those who snuck into the church and deceive people in.  They go along with compromise, and they go along with the lies that God somehow is now okay with the sins of the world.  God is never okay with sin and He defined what sin is.    

In today’s society there is little left where morals and integrity stand.  There is no common sense.  People let people (not God) try to tell them what to believe, what to do, how to act, and what to accept and reject (even if totally evil and against God). It seems so much harder in today’s time than it did even 10 years ago.  So much evil out there and so many people trying to force us to do wrong.

Push yourself daily to study God’s word, live right, honor God, and do the things each day that will honor God even when and if the world tries to bring you down.

Our life with God must be second nature to us.  Even when we were children we would, at times, fall and skin our knees let’s say, but most of us learned what caused it and tried to stop doing what made us hurt.  That is what should happen with our life as well.  Learn what is wrong, in God’s opinion, and stop doing it. When we fall……………get up!  Don’t give up. 

We work on our life to get (perfect), but this side of heaven we won’t be.  We live in a fallen world and we just need to do whatever we can to work on becoming more and more like Jesus.  Remember, He is our example in all things.

We need to begin to understand this world and what causes our troubles.  Mankind is pretty selfish, rotten, filled with violence, and terrible choices that we make.  There is so much good still out there, but evil is at every corner and people try to push evil ways upon us.

Isn’t it funny (not) how we all blame Adam and Eve for all the garbage of this earth?  Yes, they sinned, but what makes anyone of us think we would not have done the same thing or worse? Every human has sinned, except Jesus, and that is a fact.  We did it by our own choices.  We are responsible for the guilt of our own sins.  Yes, Adam and Eve’s sins cut mankind off from the tree of life, and brought the death penalty on us all, but we, most likely, would have done something as well.  “For from within,out of the heart of mankind proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: all these things come from within and defile man”.  These things are things we need to daily beware of and stand on God’s word and ask Him to help us overcome each thing that pops up before us that can harm us and our mind.  We need to always go after the truth, stand on the truth, and be strong in the Lord so that He can help us make it through life with as little of bumps, valleys, and pain.

Just because we become a Christian and do our best to walk with the Lord doesn’t mean we won’t face the evils of this world and have to deal with them.  But………..when we give our life to Jesus He is there to walk the roads with us so that we can have the strength to overcome whatever comes our way.

 I know that in my own lifetime I have faced the demons of this world over and over again and life was not easy.  I failed miserably at times.  I chose wrong on many occasions yet I am so very thankful that God drew me to Him and helped me changed.  Yes, at times, I still make wrong choices but less and less.  God is always there to help me and to help you, when, and if, we reach out to Him to do so.  That is a choice we must make each day to allow God to help us.  I sure pray that anyone who takes the time to read this, and/or share it is greatly blessed and that they go to God each day and allow God to show them something.

Now, may the God of all creation bless you, guide you, keep you, and heal you.  May He show you the truth in every area of your life and help you do whatever it is that you need to do.

God bless you!