Post 23…July 2023… Unconditional love and willfully living in sin

Is God’s love really unconditional, and can a person willfully living a homosexual lifestyle enter into heaven(including any willful living in sin)?

Yes, God’s love is unconditional in the sense that He loves every sinner, no matter how vile and despicable he or she may be or has been in their life. But, yes, there is a but here.  He shows His love by providing a way for us to find love, life, and holiness through Christ. God loves us and is drawing sinners to Him, but God expects them to change direction and leave their sins behind.  

    However, as much as God’s love is unconditional…it is also conditional.  How?  Because God has expectations and requirements for us to follow.  His will must be obeyed if we are claiming to be Christian.  If we won’t listen and do as God says…are we really following God?  It is easy to believe the lies of this world, this culture, this government, these so-called teachers, and even many who claim to be pastors teach lies.  God is never okay with willfully sinning.  God expects us to confess our sins and stop doing them willfully. We all will sin at times, and we need to go to God and confess and repent of them…not claim lies so as to make us feel better about sinning.

 God does not love everything we do, and He disciplines us when we fall short. At some point, He must….deal with our sin.

God’s love is intense, honest, holy, and pure…and because it is He can’t allow us to go on sinning and thinking to do so is okay with Him.  No sin is okay with God, but God also called some sins an abomination and people need to stop those immediately.

We can look around this world and we see evil all around us.  We also see those presenting that evil as good (God said they would do this).  Some sins are totally vile to the Lord and those are the ones the devil tries to get people to believe they are now okay, or that God is somehow old-fashioned and will let everyone into heaven.  NO!  He won’t.  He can’t or He would not be God.

We have all sinned and fallen short.  Some of us in our life sinned a lot.  But when we come to know Jesus, we don’t want to hurt Him any longer and we want to live for Him. We can’t live for Him and stay willfully living in sin.

God knows exactly who we are, what we have done or are doing…and He has provided a way to stop doing those things.  It is living for Him and doing as He says to do.

God’s love is unconditional according to His grace and mercy, but also conditional in His holiness and sovereignty. Conditional love involves discipline. If one does not stop sinning then, at some point, God will have to deal with that sin.  He wants us all to stop sinning but many have been lied to and deceived and they love the sin they are doing. 

 God exhibits His love for humanity through the work of Christ and what Christ accomplished on the cross.

The woke people, devil people, and sinful people in all areas tell us that we must go along with their insanity or we are the bad people.  No we are not.  God says and I will take His word over this crazy evil society every day of the week. Sin is sin and each of us needs to deal with their own sin.  Then they will say that we are judging.  Telling the truth of God’s word is not judging you.  God is judging you.  I am not worthy to judge anyone ever, but I can, per God’s word, tell you what God says.  You don’t have to listen…few in the woke world won’t listen.  Some will come to Jesus, but the majority will go on living the lies of the devil’s ways of living in this world.

I can’t tell anyone it is now okay to sin, and that living a life of willful sin is okay.  I don’t have to accept the garbage going on in this world.  I won’t call abortion okay, I won’t call gay marriage okay, I won’t call sleeping with the same sex ok, I won’t call fornication ok, I won’t call you all the asinine nouns crap you want to be called either.  You are male or female per God’s creation.  Men don’t have babies, and no matter what you add or subtract to your body…your DNA is what God made it.  You don’t have to like me…non-Christians won’t and that is okay.  It hated Jesus and it will hate us also if we are doing as God says to do.   

If God’s love is unconditional, why do we tell people that they have to repent and have faith in order to be saved? God sets forth clear conditions for a person to be saved. It may be true that in some sense God loves even those who fail to meet the conditions of salvation, but that subtlety is often missed by the hearer when the preacher declares the unconditional love of God. People hear that God will continue to love them and accept them, no matter what they do or how they live. We might as well declare an unabashed universalism as to declare the unconditional love of God without a clear and careful qualification of what that means. I am not trying to scare anyone…only tell them the truth of God’s word and I don’t have to prove anything just quote what God says and not take it out of context.  I don’t need to add to it or take away from it.  God is clear and says what He says and means what He says.  He is God and I am not.  I just believe the creator of the universe over all the crazies of this world trying to get me and others to believe their garbage.

The love of God, should remind sinners that as long as they remain defiant, they are exposed to the wrath of God and are in fact heaping up wrath against the day of wrath (Rom. 2:5).

There can be no talk of reconciliation without first confirming that there is some prior alienation or estrangement. Parties who are not estranged do not need reconciliation. The biblical concept of reconciliation presupposes a condition of estrangement between God and man.

Much is said of man’s hostility toward God. The Bible says we are God’s enemies by nature. This enmity is expressed in our sinful rebellion against Him. The common contemporary view of this is that we are estranged from God, but He is not estranged from us. The enmity is all one sided. The picture we get is that God goes on loving us with an unconditional love while we remain hateful toward Him. In your heart you know that if you go on living like you are in your sins and if God is not the Lord of your life that you will not make it into heaven no matter who tells you otherwise. 

The cross occurred because God loves us. His love stands behind His plan of salvation. However, Christ was not sacrificed on the cross to appease us or to serve as a propitiation to us. His sacrifice was not designed to satisfy our unjust enmity toward God but to satisfy God’s just wrath toward us. The Father was the object of the Son’s act of propitiation. The effect of the cross was to remove the divine estrangement from us, not our estrangement from Him. If we deny God’s estrangement from us, the cross is reduced to a pathetic and anemic moral influence with no substitutionary satisfaction of God. In Christ, the obstacle of estrangement is overcome, and we are reconciled to God. But that reconciliation extends only to believers. Those who reject Christ remain at enmity with God, estranged from God, and objects both of His wrath and of His abhorrence. Whatever kind of love God has for the impenitent, it does not exclude His just hatred and abhorrence of them, which stands in stark contrast to His redeeming love.

Here is something that every sinner (no matter what kind of sins they have (unrepented ones) and those who are willfully living in sin need to realize.  This is not me saying this but God telling you what you need to do to be saved.  You can’t live a willful sinful life and have no consequences for it. 

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, passive homosexual partners, practicing homosexuals, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, the verbally abusive, and swindlers will not inherit the kingdom of God. Some of you once lived this way. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

    Where we spend eternity is on us.  Jesus must be our Lord and Savior, we must confess and repent of our sins, and we must live to please Him and not mankind.  You can go on living in sin or change that is your choice and God will honor that decision, but don’t think you are going to drag others into the insanity that you believe for if you do…there are consequencs for that as well.  If you are a Christian as some say they are while believing the garbage they can go on living in sin…stop right now.  Get right with God and change your ways…for with your last breath on this earth and where you are with God will determine where you end up.  God does not send you to hell…people send themselves there and you can’t say you were not told.  Many have tried to tell you, and you just took the time to read this as well.  Your destiny is up to you.  I pray you choose wisely for eternity…in heaven or hell doesn’t end.  In hell there is no time off for good behavior and no appeals.  Right now you get to decide your destiny.