Post 7…August 2023  Even the coins cry out

Our God is amazing.  We can see God at work to tell you the stories of the Bible even through coins.

Everything matters to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are two coins I want to show you today.  I don’t know everything about them but I will share what I have learned concerning them.

The first is a coin called Judeau Capta.  This coin was made to show the Romans celebrating the destruction of Israel. ‘Judea Capta’ sestertius of Vespasian, struck in 71 AD to celebrate the victory in the Jewish Revolt. The inscription on the reverse says: IVDAEA CAPTA, “Judaea conquered”. The first coin…the Judeau Capta is the image of death and sorrow and oppression by the Romans against the Jewish people.  

The other is a coin called Israel Liberata. It is a coin issued by Israel after it came back into the world.  The Israel Liberata…it about Israel turning to the resurrection and joy of Jerusalem. 

Nations are born to grow, but not Israel…its a resurrection. It is about restoring what was to what now is. 

The story is that the bible translated into reality.  God’s word is true no matter how difficult life becomes…God will always win the battles. The resurrection of Israel is a sign…a picture of salvation of the country.

Salvation is not just new birth but it is also a resurrection…its restoration as well. 

God made us and each of us God has a plan for our life.  We can choose not to follow that plan…but that is not a good idea.  It causes a lot more of stuff in our life we don’t want to go on in it.

We are to translate the truth of God’s word.  We are not to try to change it, delete any of it, add to it.  God’s word is perfect and God says what He means.  He calls certain things sin and no matter what laws or cultures try to change that they can’t.  They just mess with people’s minds and deceive people into believing the lies of the devil.

My life…your life is a resurrection.  We are to become what God has called us to become.  How many of us had even known this yet didn’t want it to happen….just yet?  Some will say they will do that later on in life…but know this 5 minutes from now is not promised to any of us.  If we take our last breath and we are not on the right side…we will not get to heaven and there is no one who can pray us there.  Now is decision making time.  Today….right now make a choice to follow God or reject Him.  He doesn’t want anyone lost, but He will allow you to choose that for yourself.  Just make sure that is your final decision for again, one second after death is one second to late to change your mind. 

I guess I don’t understand how anyone can reject the Lord after all He has done for each of us.  Temporary pleasures of this life are but a blink on the time of eternity.  Are they worth losing heaven over?  God will allow you to choose and honor that choice.  Choose wisely!