Post 13…February 2023…Faithfulness

Proverbs 20:6   Many will say they are loyal friends,
    but who can find one who is truly reliable?

Faithfulness is steadfast loyalty that can’t be easily swayed.  Trusting God no matter your circumstances, It means following Him even if you think you would rather go down a different way. 

God requires His family to do right, live right, make right choices, and do what He says.  However, most of us do some really dumb things in our life and for many they just don’t want to change or do what God wants.  That is very unfortunate for them, because  they don’t even truly realize what they are doing. 

We are to love God and be unmovable in our walk with Him.  However, for most people out there…they just don’t fully understand that. 

We, as humans, go down the road of life.  We might think we are okay and headed right…but are we?  Do we consider what God wants us to do each day and do we actually do it?  For most…that is a bit ify! 

God keeps the universe in check…but what if He said that He had enough of these people and stopped the sun from shining?  I am grateful that God keeps the world in perfect tune.  Can you even imagine if one day the sun was not there, or if the temperature were to get to 150 degrees and we had no way to stay cool?

We are to be in tune with God as well.  We are to daily be faithful to Him and what He wants for our life.  When we are out of tune we are like the sun that either doesn’t shine, or shines too much and disaster happens.

God has promised “His Kids” very many things.  Some don’t require us to do anything to get the benefit of it, but others we have a part to play if we want those promises to come into our life.  Don’t just say you claim a promise but then don’t even look to see if that promise you want to claim has a clause of you having to do something or not.  If it does…do it!!!!

Just as we should be faithful in our walk with people…such as in marriage, friendship, our job, our kids lives and so on. So much more should we always be faithful to God.  Following God is an oath, a contract, a treaty…and is always tied to love and gratitude.  It is tied to us doing whatever it is that He wants us to do. 

Do Christians need faithfulness in their life?  Absolutely!!!!  Do we strive to be better in every area of our life so we are? 

We all know people in our life who are very unfaithful.  They change all the time. They don’t seem to care who they hurt, or if they do care…they still go on doing things they should not do.   People want to do things their own way, don’t want to accept any responsibility for their own actions, and many don’t ever want God in their life.    

So how would you personally describe a faithful person?  One that is honest and trustworthy, One who keeps their word even if they are put out by having to do something when something they would rather do comes along?  One who is faithful to their spouse and friends.  One that doesn’t gossip about you even if they are mad at you or somehow want to hurt you.  When someone tells someone in private…they keep it private.  They refrain from lying, cheating, stealing, and so on.  That you can believe what they say.  That even if something is not convenient they still do what is right to do. 

Well, what does your faithfulness to God look like?  Do you do what He says?  Do you get up and keep going no matter how fall you have fallen in life?  Do you finish what you start?  Do you tell those around you that you care for them…and most of all mean it?  Do  you pray about everything? There are so many things in life for which to be faithful.  If only we would always do it. 

Well, I pray that God will bless you, keep you, draw you to Him, and show you the truth of what He expects and what He doesn’t expect you to do.  Let us each work towards being faithful to God and others in our life.

God bless you.