Post 22…July 2023…Bringing in the Harvest

    Do you realize that every harvest has its appointed time?  You can’t harvest before something is ready…but you can be ready for when it is.

    Now, if you choose not to harvest the crop that is ready…when it is ready, you can miss the opportunity of that season and hard work and that season of opportunity will pass by. You can lose the very thing you worked to harvest.

    Well, our loved one in life, friends, family near and far, co-workers, neighbors etc…they need God if they don’t yet know and follow Him.  Life, on the eternal clock of time, is but a moment, but in that moment we can make a great difference for those we care about, and that moment we spend telling them of the love of Jesus, our Messiah, can change their eternal life.

    Those we care about (and everyone) needs to hear about Jesus, of His love, and all He has done for each of us.  We might think that everyone knows but the truth is many don’t know, and many people have been lied to for so long, they just don’t understand what Jesus actually did, the consequences of living in sin, and the reality that if you reject Him…no matter how good a person you might think you are you will not get into heaven.  It is not God who kicks you into hell…it is your rejection of Him that gets you there.

    There are season in life just like there are seasons for natural harvests going on all year out there.  We need to be the harvest person who goes and harvests the fields.  No it is not always easy.  People reject the truth and people can be rather mean and nasty…but they still need to hear the truth.

    People come and go in our life and sometimes we have such a short time to share the love of God with them.  Many will reject what you say right away, some will listen but walk away, but some will listen and accept Jesus and change their eternal destiny.  We can’t make anyone accept Jesus as their Lord.  We can’t accept Jesus for them either. They have a will and it has to be their choice.  All we can do is tell them the truth of Jesus’ love for them. 

    People come and go in our life because life is life.  Some are only here for a short time, some leave through many things that take them away, and some die.  While we are alive we need to be about our Father’s business…giving people an opportunity to say yes to Jesus, but know many will say no.

    When someone dies the season of opportunity and accepting Jesus is over.  Wherever their decision is at the moment of their last breath (and you don’t know when that might be)…will determine where they spend eternity. For us who want them to go to heaven…now is the time to share the love of Jesus, for we only have a short time to do this.

    As for us, we need to make the most of our time on this earth.  We are just passing through, but for all those that pass through in our own life…getting even one person to ask Jesus into their life…will keep one person from going to hell.

    The fields are so ripe out there, and people are hurting.  Many don’t even know they are headed to hell because they get lied to every day through movies, music, TV, government, groups, school, and so on.  They are being programmed to think sin is okay and truth is not truth.  The devil knows his time is almost up and where God is going to put him.  He will do whatever he can to keep people from following God.  Many churches are teaching the lies of satan…and not the truth of God’s word.  Whoa to those who teach these lies.

    Well, today is a day to harvest and to tell others of Jesus.  Don’t put it off.  We all can reach someone.  We are not all meant to go out like a Billy Graham did.  Maybe there is one special person we are to reach for the kingdom  Be open to God’s tugging on your heart and listen to Him.  Not all can be pastors and teachers.  We all have a calling and we all have ways in which we can tell someone. 

    I am not a speaker, I am not a writer either an I know that.  But somehow God takes my words and gets them to someone who needs to hear them.  I am thankful for that. 

    Now is our time to do something.  To be bold and truthful with God’s word and not try to get it to say what people want to hear (so they can live in sin), but we need to tell them what the truth is even if they think you offended them, or that you just somehow don’t understand that they were told by someone that God is okay with their sin.  No, God is not okay with any sin!  He doesn’t change for anyone.  Sin is sin and consequences are consequences.  We all must confess our sins, and repent (change!!!!!).  If we do that and if Jesus is our Lord and Savior then we will be ok.  If not, then we won’t like where we go when we die.  Jesus is the key to heaven and, again, it is not God who wants you in hell people.  He has given each of us many opportunities to choose Him. 

    People…life is so short compared to eternity.  Many of us have lost loved ones and that hurts deeply, but won’t it hurt even more to know you could have told them about Jesus and that they could have changed their destiny. 

    Today, many years ago now, I buried my son on this day.  He was 20 years old and a great son.  His death, especially this time of year, is very difficult for me.  I still miss him.  Yes, I know I will one day see him again and that will be a joyous day, but for now while on this earth…it still has pains especially at different times of the year.  Just because someone goes on doesn’t mean we forget them.  I am just so thankful that he knew Jesus.  Maybe I should have said more and prayed more, for I will not know this side of heaven, but I pray I said enough. Loss is hard and time might take some of the sting out of sorrow, but you still miss them.

    Lastly….we can’t make up after death for what we didn’t do, didn’t say, and didn’t tell others when we had some opportunities to do so.  It is up to us people.  This world is down-right evil now and going to get worse and worse.  We took God out of our life, our homes, our schools, our country and so on and we wonder why we are in this situation.  We did it to ourselves.  Without God in our life we will fall, but when we have God in our life no matter what we might face upon this earth…one day we will see God face to face and those we love we shared the love of Jesus with and whatever we go through here on this time called our life…will still be worth it.  God never promised us a good time life with no problems or persecution.  In fact, He said in this world we would face persecution.  No, it is not fun to face evil, but when we truly understand that we will get to be with our Lord, at our last breath on this earth,…we will do whatever Jesus wants us to do, and tell whomever Jesus wants us to tell, in whatever way He wants us too. 

    Today…this is my way of sharing this with you.  You can take this and share it also with someone else.  Anything I put down use it to glorify our God in heaven.  Life is just way to short to do nothing while we have an opportunity to do something.  Maybe only you on this planet took the time today to read this. I thank God that you did.  Maybe you have no clue yet as to how to tell someone about Jesus…but you can copy and paste this or print it out and share it with someone.  We all can do something.  I always wished I was this great speaker…but unless and until God gives me that strength or shows me other ways to share about Him…then I will continue sharing how I am.  It is not up to me how…it is up to Him.  Thank you for reading this.  I hope it helped in some way.  God bless you.