Post 50 We Don’t Know the Weight of our Sins


We all sin.  The only person every alive who did not sin was Jesus: our Lord and Savior.  Otherwise, all mankind has sinned and if they say they haven’t they are a liar. 

The thing is we don’t want our sins exposed now, do we?  Maybe some were made without even realizing them, but for the most part, we know when we sin.  There is something in people that makes them want to sweep their sins under the carpet but to point out everyone else’s sins. 

We defend our sins but crucify others for the exact things we did or do.  Somehow, inside ourselves, we think we are okay and everyone else is wrong.  How many times do people admit they sinned?  But then who tells us what sin is and what will happen to us if we continue in the sin? There is only one way to know that we are sinners, and that is to have some conception of God, and what He calls sin. Just because you think something is okay for you…what does God say?  Does what you did go along with what God calls sin or do you tell yourself there is no way God would be mad at that?  Some things might seem small to you that you are doing or not doing…but if God said it was sin and God doesn’t change it is still sin. 

How bad do you feel when you sin?  What do you do?  Who do you go to and confess and repent of that sin too?  Do you feel the weight of the sin?  What it will truly cost you if you don’t confess it and repent/change?  The problem is that we don’t see sin as God sees sin, and for every sin not confessed and repented of there will be consequences. 

We see only what we want to see.   The problem is we don’t see sin as God does so we think we are okay.  After all, God won’t send us to hell.  No, He doesn’t…we do that all by ourselves.  We sin and sin and think it’s okay, but we don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus but we somehow think God’s going to allow everyone into heaven.  Many think they or someone else they know is a good person so they will go to heaven, yet that is not what the Bible tells us.  The qualification for heaven is that Jesus is your Lord and Savior.  Without Jesus…….

And merely as we can scarcely comprehend the divine intensity awaiting those out of Christ, it is likewise true that we can scarcely comprehend the divine love already resting now on those in Christ.

Since Christ is holy, must he not withdraw from sin? Sin separates us from Jesus.  Until we admit our sin, confess our sin, and turn from it we are not okay with God.  There are also consequences for our sins.  Because one confesses and changes don’t mean that while upon this earth they won’t have to face the consequences of their actions. If you break even man’s laws there are consequences for your actions. 

Christ, being perfectly holy, knows and feels the awfulness and weight of sin more deeply than any of us sinful ones could.  If we have an evil heart, a corrupt heart, then we are not affected by the sin we see around us. Shouldn’t the evil we see all around us cause us to stop sinning and try to do good where we can?  Shouldn’t the sins make us want to do better, be better? 

God sees everything.   His holiness finds evil repulsive, more horrendous than any of us ever could feel. But it is that very holiness that also draws his heart out to help and relieve and protect and comfort. God knows exactly who has given their heart to Him and who has not.  For those that are not His, there will be a judgment for those sins.  Might not happen here on earth but it will happen. 

When Jesus forgives us when we confess and repent/change…we are truly forgiven.  Jesus never brings up prior sins. Forgiven means He does not do that.  Our sins should cause us great anguish until we repent of them.  Repentance is not saying you are sorry you “got caught”, it is being truly sorry and that it will change you. 


Oh, how we have our pity parties don’t we?  They did this to me so what if I hurt them back?  It is a problem because if we want God to forgive us shouldn’t we also forgive others that hurt us in some way? God does love us but He can’t say sin is okay.  Sin is never okay. 

If you are part of the body of Christ your sins arouse his innermost heart, his kindness, and pity. God is truly on the side of Hi kids. He sides with us not against you because of your sin. He hates sin. But he loves you. He wants you back on right standing with Him, but that decision is up to you.  You can choose to make things right with God or you can reject that and go on living in your sins and will at some point face the consequences of those sins. 

If you have a loved one, let’s say, who is very sick.  You hurt for them.  You want them better. You hate the pain they are in but you love them.  You want them healed and living right.  God wants us healed as well as even ourselves. 

God must discipline sins not forgiven.  He is holy, just, and loving, but He is a judge and can’t allow sin into heaven so we deal with our sins while here on this earth. When we are injured we want to go to the doctor and pray that he fixes us.  Jesus is our doctor and He wants to help us. If we are not His and don’t go to Him…we are in the office of the doctor but without Him dealing with our problem for being there we stay in that condition or it gets worse. 

Stop:  Right now think about where you are with Christ.  Do you have a real relationship with Him or are you doing things your way?  Sin is sin and it needs to be dealt with it.  Jesus wants to deal with your sin right now.  Don’t reject His help.   God’s heart for us is so big we can’t even in our wildest dreams comprehend that love.  Our sins are like a weighted blanket and we need to remove them from our very souls.

So the choice is yours.  You can’t confess and repent of my sins nor I yours.  I want my slate clean with God.  I want to walk daily with Him and Him with me.  We all make bad choices in our lives, but when we realize this we need to confess and repent so we can get right with God.  Are you willing to do that right now?  I pray so.

Have a blessed day