Post 13…August 2023   God Carried Me

          When I was in my mother’s womb God not only placed and formed me there, but He was there to carry me through to birth.  He was there at conception, and He was there at my birth.

          When I was born my parents: My father and mother carried me, provided for me, loved me, protected me…but God was there as well.

          The God of heaven has carried me all my life and He carried me through the good times and the bad times of my life.  If my life had just had all good and never any struggles (and no, I don’t and didn’t like them) I would not have learned the lessons I needed to learn.  God allowed the lessons to fulfill His plans and to get me into heaven when I take my last breath here on earth. Just because we go through things in our life (after all, we live in a fallen world where our enemy the devil tosses stuff at us all the time) doesn’t mean God’s not growing us to make it through whatever the situations are.

          There were times in my life when I felt overwhelmed.  God still held me from ending my life and God gave me hope and comfort no one else could have given me.  Even in the most difficult of times when I heard from the loss of loved one, sickness, disease, sorrow, wounds, brokenness, rejection, hate and whatever came my way…God still had me in His arms and got me through it all.

          When I have been in the valley of life, in the desert, in the darkest of times God was still there and held onto me.  When I felt so lost…He let me feel His presence was there and He comforted me.  God has always surrounded me with His love…but know this: I was just to busy with the world, many times, to even know or care that He was there for me.  Yet…He was, He is, and I thank Him for that.

          Now understand this next part…God will be there one more time to carry you as well.  If you are a Christian then when you take your last breath here on earth…God will carry you into His presence (in whatever form that might be) and you will then spend eternity with Him.  When we close our eyes for the last time here on this earth…we will wake up in His presence. We don’t understand it all but God will remove all the valleys, all the deserts, all the pains, all the tears from us…and give us eternal joy with Him.  That sure is something to celebrate and thank Him for. 

          Father God, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus………THANK YOU for loving me, carrying me through life, and one day right into the presence of you in heaven.  Truly…thank you.