Post 19…February 2023…Fighting Woke   (share if you like)


Oh, what a world we are living in…right?  This is my opinion so don’t get in an uproar over this.  I have a right to an opinion and, by the way, so do you. 

In my opinion, we are living in a war zone.  Maybe not with an armed military (yet), but a war zone all as well.  I’m old and have seen many different things in my life, but the last few years is the worst I have ever seen and have had to deal with in many different ways. 

My country…my country that I have loved all my life is now being run by a bunch of crazies with no morals, no integrity, and no love for my country.  In fact, this country is now being run on insanity, corruption, power grabs, and hatred. 

I, personally, have come to the place where I don’t believe 99.9% of anything I hear, anyone in government, education, the media, social media, and most of the people who open their mouth.  Don’t get me wrong here because there are wonderful honest people out there but generally with approximately 8 billion people on earth I don’t believe most of them are honest, care, and they seem to be running on crazy. (Yes, that is my opinion)

So, back to woke, what can one say or do nowadays that doesn’t offend someone?  Nothing!!!!  No matter what one’s opinion is there is someone whining and complaining that they are offended.  The hatred in America alone is out of control. 

I sure don’t take life for granted.  I consider it a great gift from God and that while here on this earth it is a learning place.  I don’t think I have any more rights that someone else. I believe in God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirt.  My Lord Jesus is first in my life no matter how deeply I love my spouse and children.  He must always be first. 

Yet, today, as I sit here I think about my country and how much it has fallen, and it blows my mind.  You see, kids of today, have no real clue how good we really did have it because they are being brainwashed to believe all the lies they are being fed on social media, mainstream media, in schools, and on tv in every form.  They think this new woke crap is good and are told they must believe it or they are the problem. If only!!!

America has been the greatest country ever…and to see it fail crushes my soul.  I love my country. We didn’t use to have all this woke insanity but don’t get me wrong…even America has and had faults, but now it is is being crushed by insane people who want power over us, to have a socialized/communist country.  Kids do not understand this.  America has fought this since it began as a country and to see it all to this stuff is heartbreaking.

In America, nowadays, hatred is off the charts.  Not only here, but under this insane government the people of the world are taught to hate us all the more and wish us to be destroyed.  We have no real leadership right now.  We have a bunch of people…run by the devil in my opinion…and they want not only power over us, but they want to destroy all that has been good in our country.  So much sinning going on, so much corruption, and fraud everywhere.  People out to “screw” everyone else.

The hatred, racism, corruption, crime, and lack of good and honest people running things are way beyond insane.  The people who can make a difference they go after because they don’t want us to succeed and be free.

Then we have the judges and the DA’s that don’t prosecute crimes, let people out with no bail, let them go back out and commit even more crimes hurting others and other’s property.  They defund our great police and teach our children to hate the very ones who are out there to protect them and their families.  The criminals know that nothing will happen to them so they just keep committing more and more crimes. 

Cheating in elections is rampant.  Don’t go there and say that they are honest and aboveboard…they are cheating, lying, and stealing votes and it is disgusting. (Yes, that is my opinion and a lot of other people’s opinion as well)

Then you have those they voted into office and they don’t do their job.  They lie to your face, cheat, and hate anyone who doesn’t go along with their insanity.  These people not only don’t do their job in representing us, the American people, but treat us like we are evil for wanting good in our country, and for wanting freedom.  We are the ones made out to be the bad guy.  Disgusting!

Illegals are being treated way better than Americans, Veterans, homeless, and our police.  They are being treated better than the elderly as well.  They, the system nowadays, wants to take us down, and we must start standing up and telling them no more.  You work for us and not us for you. 

Political violence is everywhere.  Hatred with them is everywhere, and they need stopped…..not through violence…but through prayer and legal ways. 

Yet compared to the rest of the world we still have a few freedoms left, but they are going fast because we don’t stand up and say enough is enough and we don’t take it any longer.  Don’t think they won’t rip any freedoms from you for that is their job now.  We will be destroyed if we don’t pray and stand up.  There is more and more evil each day.  These people listen to the main stream media and are told over and over lies and they just take it as truth.  Stop!   Don’t believe their lies.  They work for the devil and not for God.  You do know that the devil is a liar, cheat, wants to destroy us, and is a murderer.  That is the devil’s job…destroying anyone and anything that loves and follows God.

If you have a job and go to work…in just the last ten years alone insanity is rampant and insane.  Don’t say this or that because everything you do or say offends someone and we sure don’t want to offend anyone, but it is okay if they offend us and hurt us and destroy our life, our family, our marriages, our finances, our health, and our country.  Insanity!

Do you know/understand that in today’s world you not only can’t tell someone they look nice/good because that is not appropriate?  You seem to have to meet people online, text people, and not have much togetherness and friendship where you hang out… with a lot of people…not everyone so don’t go there either.  Also, if you tell someone you work with they look nice today…did that mean, to them, that they didn’t look nice yesterday?

Why, is the world making people feel like they have to always walk on eggshells?  Why does everyone seem to want people to have anxiety, depression, and panic attacks?  Why?  Do you have to walk on eggshells so that you don’t offend someone, or call them the wrong identity or whatever the buzz is for the day?  Insanity!

Lord Jesus, please come soon and stop all this insanity that your family is going through.  We wait Lord!

Compromise.  Don’t do it!  Don’t fall into their scheme that you compromise to do things, say things, that they are trying to control you by.  Compromise is wrong unless it is godly and God would want you to do it.  We are all knotted up and people don’t want to fight so many will just give in and go along.  Don’t do that!  You stand on God’s word no matter what.

Different views:  We are entitled…God given entitled to have our view of things.  They hate that.  They don’t want us to have an opinion, nor stand up for them.  They just want us to go along with what they say and I can’t do that…can you?

If we write or say anything they don’t like they come after us in some way because they just can’t stand us to be different. 

There is no longer freedom of speech in schools of any grade…including college.  They go after freedom of speech on campuses and do whatever they can to take down people who don’t agree with the left insanity.  Again, don’t get me wrong…not all left people are insane and believe their lies many of those that don’t…still won’t stand up against the mainstream agenda. 

Are you scared?  Many are nowadays.  Many are under such stress in their life they have no clue what to do anymore.  They see their families being torn apart, their finances being destroyed, bills they can no longer pay, doctor bills they can’t keep up with, marriages being destroyed, and the insanity at how they are told they have to behave at work.  Insanity!

Think of this: Anyone can go on Social media or anywhere actually, and claim a lie about you and it can destroy your reputation even when they know they are lying.  They don’t care if they lie to you or anyone else.  They just want some sort of power over you even if it is to destroy your reputation with lies.  People lie.  They out and out lie.  Many people open their mouth and all that ever comes out is a lie.  If their mouth moves you could bet whatever they say is a lie…and this next part is my opinion…this administration at this time…any of them opens their mouth it will be a lie.

We must do due diligence and find out the truth because we can’t believe what we are being fed.  But know this as well…the insanity even if families and everyone who hears lies and makes their opinion  by what they are fed…instead of going to God and asking Him what the truth is and where to get the truth…and acting on the truth itself…can lie to us as well as the people out there in the world.

If the social media people, the mainstream media, the government don’t like the truth…in their mind…they can just change their truth and then try to convince you that what they say is right and what you say is wrong.  Don’t fall for it.  If you don’t still go along with them then they will call whatever you say disinformation even though you know it is 100% truth.  They want to control what you say, what you think, what you can do or not do…and by golly…you better go along with their insanity or else.

What about businesses that should just run a business and stay out of politics period!!!!!!!!!!   Now all of a sudden businesses want to ban people who disagree with them and their own politics.  How insane!

What about all those sitting home and not working who should be out there working…(I am not talking about people who can’t work so, again, don’t go there).  I am talking about able body people who should be out there working and supporting themselves, and their families and stop thinking they are entitled to all the so-called freebies.  Nothing is free and those who work should not pay for the lazy who won’t work. Do you think even I who worked my life with all my kids, went to school paying for one class at a time until I got my degrees, cooking, cleaning, shopping, going to kids events, and all the rest…I never was on welfare (again, don’t think I am against people being on welfare that have issues)….I am against lazy people who don’t even try to care for themselves.  Why do people expect others to give their hard-earned money to pay for them if they won’t care for themselves? 

It is always good to help other people…but with some people, all they want are handouts and have no morals or work ethics. 

What will history (honest history that is) say about our life at this time?  I doubt very seriously that anyone will tell the truth about us in that they can’t tell the truth about anything nowadays.

History:  Think on this.  We are told we must go along and history must be wiped out.  Our monuments, our school books, they say it offends so wipe it out.  It is history for goodness’s sake.  You can take down the monuments, or change the books…but it still happened, and the people were part of our history.  Why not learn from history you don’t like (because you were told not to like it)…and change it for the better instead of trying to destroy us.  Example:  President Lincoln…just tear down monuments, and trash this good man.  How sad.  They just want to appease the left and the insanity of the woke nuts.

Racism:  The left want black people to believe that all “white” people are racist, and was in on slavery in America…so they must pay for this.  No, they are not racist, and most people in America never wanted slavery and went to war and thousands died to free them.   Slavery was wrong, yet around the world today there are millions in slavery…who is setting them free?  Then white kids alone are told they should hate themselves because of the color of their skin.  NOPE!  They want us to hate each other, and have horrible issues and for what?  Politics and power are behind it.  Also black people who think they should get paid because someone in their history was a slave.  NO… are not a slave and you never were a slave and get a life and stop thinking people should pay you.  What about the Indians whose land was stolen and they were treated just as bad?  What about the good Japanese during the war kept in interment camps…they were not our enemy either.  It is just very sad and wrong to think everyone hates everyone and whites are to blame and to be hated.  I can tell you from my own experience in this long life…that I saw more hatred from the other direction…and yet, I don’t hate anyone.  My son is black, I have black grandkids, Islanders, Mexicans (my husband is Mexican) and many other races in my family and I adore them all.  Don’t ever call me racist because I am white or tell me I owe anyone anything because of what an ancestor of mine might of done or not done.  I am not them.  I love people and I don’t care what color your skin is.  If we can’t get along here on earth with different skin tones…why would God want us in heaven?  We must get over this insanity.

Everywhere we go, everything we hear, everything we read, and everything we watch…is to cause us to be racist.  Don’t believe the crap that they want us to get along…they want us to hate one another and I won’t go along.  I don’t have to hate anyone because the government, politicians, and woke nuts want me to. 

Let’s talk violence and looting.  It is so out of control that it must stop before we destroy what is left, we do have right in America.  It hurts people, it destroys businesses, it destroys people’s income, and rips apart our country and we are letting these woke nuts just keep on going. Why?  We can put a stop to this…. arrest them and don’t let them out. Make all these wackos pay back every penny that they destroyed, stole, and anyone who commits a crime against police, rapes, beats up people, and all the rest…jail should be permanent…and at hard labor and no whiny about it.  But no…the victims are the ones they go after while allowing all the criminals go free, and all those kids who are doing all these crimes…I’m sorry…hard labor for them as well.  No getting out then for good behavior, no appeals, nothing.  They did the crime and they knew it was a crime.  Prosecute all of them. 

America is not evil…but the people running it are quite evil…and yes, again, that is my personal opinion.  It is so time to stand up against all this evil and call it what it is.  It is time to fight but do it legally and morally.  Don’t become like them. 

It is time to tell yourself that you are free and you are not going to allow them to rob you of your freedoms.  Freedom is worth fighting for.  No matter what the left insane tell you, no matter what these crazy groups funded by these crazies…don’t fall for it.  They are trying to destroy our country and destroy us as well.

Social media, left media, politicians, groups that want to tell you lie after lie and then declare somehow that you are the bad guy and Trump did this and that…and it is them that did it, lied about it, and fight with such evil motives…we must stand up.   Social media lied and lied before the election with Trump and Biden.  They hid all the things Biden and his son Hunter did (yes, I’ll call it my opinion again)…and they got FBI and all of those govt groups to hide things and go along with lies just to get Biden into office.  It was pure evil. There is not any fairness in our elections.  We saw who went to Trump’s rallies and we saw who went to Bidens.  Anyone with a brain could see this was rigged.  They kept coming up with lies to ruin Trump’s reputation so they could get it.  How evil is that? 

Don’t compromise the truth for any of them.  Fight fair.  Pray.  Do what God would want you to do and not what society is telling you that you must do. Don’t give up and stand your ground.  Protect your family and tell them the truth.  The kids are being fed lies day after day, and told you are the bad guys because their teachers and society are telling them lies and declaring they are the truth and you are the liar.  Hang onto your kids and tell them the truth each and every day.  Pray with them.  Take them to church.  Read the Bible with them, take away all the evil games that they are being bombarded with, and don’t give up.

Stick to what God says is right and not what mankind is telling you.  God is bigger, better, and smarter than everyone on earth all lumped together.  Anything that doesn’t line up with God’s word is not of God. 

The world is being fed daily lies as truth.  Over and over they lie and dish out their propaganda.  They say it so much people believe it.  Hitler, I am told, said that you tell a lie long enough and often enough….THEY WILL BELIEVE THE LIES.   They are…just look around.

Set godly examples for your children.  Think what you do because your kids are watching.  Don’t tell them one thing and do another thing.  Be honest with them. 

I can’t speak for anyone but for me, I know the Holy Spirit is in my life and nudges me in different ways to keep me on course.  To be honest, I have messed up many times over in my life, but I sure know it nowadays, and feel His presence and want to confess, repent, and get right with God. Take those nudges from the Holy Spirit seriously.  They are there for a reason. 

Learn things from God and use that knowledge to do His will and do it in His way.  Earn the things in your life and don’t think ever that someone owes you.  Take up doing good things in your life and leave the world’s ways behind.  You can’t ever be neutral in the kingdom of God.

It is time to worship God and stop worshipping things, people, sports, the rich,  Hollywood crazies, politicians, games, and whatever it is that you have made more important than God.  Whom you know on this earth that you think is important for your life…is not important.  Nothing is, or ever will be, more important than God.  Don’t lose sight of God. 

Do right all the time.  You don’t have to think about doing right for that is built into you.  You know right from wrong!  Tell the truth and teach your children to tell the truth. 

Choose your friends wisely.  Be nice to people but choose wisely those you truly call friends and hang out with.  Bad company does corrupt.  Do those you call friends have morals and integrity?  True friends are a treasure.

Trust the tugging of the Holy Spirit in your life.  As I said He is there for a reason and that is to help you make it through life.  If something in your life doesn’t feel right…don’t do it, don’t go there, and don’t hang out with that person.  Sometimes we sense danger so take that seriously. 

What about those that go around talking about you behind your back?  Those that want to trash you and lie about you?  Some people just hate and want to destroy other people and their reputation and they will do it knowing they are lying about you.  Don’t take vengeance but let God do that.  You be you and do right and at some point God will deal with that person or persons. 

Use your money wisely.  Times are tough and going to get worse.  You take care of what God has given you so that in a tough time you can deal with it.  The money that you spend should not be on evil things that God would not approve of.  That definitely goes for what you spend it on for your kids.  Be wise in giving and only give to things that honor God.  Don’t just waste your money on “stuff”.  Don’t spend money buying your kids things that brainwash them into believing the lies they have been told such as ungodly games, books, toys and the like.

Be wise!

We are surely going through a lot these days, aren’t we?  Of course, we are.  Just think to what all insanity went on during the covid lockdowns alone.  Insanity and fear.  Fear of people, fear of germs, fear of dying.  Oh, covid is, and was, real.  No doubt about that.  We had it, we took the shots that were to protect us, we did all the government said to do and we are still having horrible side effects that they will tell you don’t exist.  Also, where did covid begin and why?  I could write a book on what they will call conspiracy theories…but you, in your heart know the truth.  Beware of government.  They are not our friends…and that is definitely my opinion.  In my heart, I know they were in cahoots with China and others. In my heart I know that this insanity was well planned and it also made them billions upon billions of dollars at our expense and showed they could have power over us, make us fear, and what they did was put more ducks of theirs in a row. Our precious kids were kept out of school, and their so-called home learning on line what a farse.  Our children are our treasure and they are making our children like them now: insane!  Kids believe what they are being fed and that breaks my heart.  They teach our kids to hate others and to hate the color of the skin that God Almighty gave to them.  Stop!  No one no matter what color their skin is is better than another. 

This pick your identity and what you what to identify as is so insane.  There are male and female…period!  There are not these, them, trees, or whatever they want to think they are.  Male and female only.  Kids are told they can change their sex if they want and even that the schools will help them do that.  Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    You can add to your body, take hormones, or cut things off…but your DNA will always be male or female no matter what you do to think you are the opposite sex.  Parents who speak out against what is going on have even been called evil and terrorists.  They have been kicked out of meetings and called horrible things all in the name of protecting their own children.  Children belong to parents to raise…not school, not the government, etc.  Kids belong to God, and no one has any right to mess with them and their identity.

Schools are teaching kids about sex, up to and including anal sex as little tiny kids.  Why?  Why do they teach them about gays, transgenders, sex changes etc.  Let our children be children and stop this insane thing they are doing.  Kids need to be kids. 

They need to (educators) teach our children how to love others, and reading, writing, and math.  They need to teach them about caring for finances, cooking, and fixing things.  They never need to be taught about sex, racism, and hatred.  They teach them it is okay to get pregnant and have abortions for it is their body.  No, that tiny being in them is not their body.  That tiny body belongs to that tiny body and has a right to life.  If you don’t want to get pregnant then stop having sex!  It truly is that simple, but don’t murder that baby.  Killing that baby is, was, and always will be murder.

As for kids and crime.  The left has made it so that these kids who go out and commit crimes, horrible crimes, and even murder have no consequences.  They let them go and they go do it again….and still no consequences.  These kids know right from wrong and these lefty people can say they don’t…but I knew as a child right from wrong and so did you.  You might have chosen to do wrong…but you knew it was wrong.  Kids who did wrong had consequences for those actions…up to and including going to jail.  Now, they are out of jail before their victims even get home. If they ever get home that is. 

The left wants everyone to hate white people and call them white supremacists.  That is insane but the left doesn’t care and they do this on purpose.  They tell white kids and all white people to be very ashamed of the color of their skin.  Why should anyone of any color be ashamed of the color of their skin? God made you that color.  Love the color of your skin.  God never makes mistakes.  They tell them to hate each other and not trust each other.  Why?  That is insane. No matter your color of skin…we, who are alive right now…had nothing to do with slavery.  You and I were not slaves and I won’t be bullied into feeling I somehow did something in my life that caused it, that I should hate myself because some people had slaves.  You do know that it was these “white people” who went to war to free slaves as not all people had or believed in slavery.  Thousands upon thousands of these “white” people died to set people free.  I don’t owe anyone of any color anything but to love them and care what happens to them.  Again, I have all races in my my family and I adore each one of them.  You can’t make me hate someone because of the color of their skin. 

The left and free speech is what they are trying to destroy.   They work on destroying it 24/7.  How dare anyone have a brain and have beliefs other than what the left says they should have?  How dare you say something that doesn’t line up with the left’s agenda. 

The left is, and wants to train our children, by forcing them to look at gay everything, transgender everything, identity crap, and so on.  Now they want them to all be equal in school.  Oh, that might sound good but a child needs to learn things that will help them with life…math, reading, writing, and so on…not on gay rights, trans rights, abortions and the like.  Teach them things that they need.  Now kids who want to study and do well in school are told that is not good and that they will be held back because other kids are not learning, don’t need tests now, all will get awards even though 90% don’t do well in school and don’t try.  The ones who want to exceed now won’t get to.  What a travesty.  Kids do not learn the same.  Many kids don’t try so why should they get an award also for what they didn’t earn?

People can tell you that you were born gay or transgender.  But I don’t find that in the word of God so there is no way I will believe it. 

New Living Translation
They have no sense of shame. They live for lustful pleasure and eagerly practice every kind of impurity.

English Standard Version
They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.

Berean Standard Bible
Having lost all sense of shame, they have given themselves over to sensuality for the practice of every kind of impurity, with a craving for more.

Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their own hearts to [sexual] impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them [abandoning them to the degrading power of sin], Therefore God delivered them over in the desires of their hearts to sexual impurity, so that their bodies were degraded among themselves.

I do not have to accept or agree with anyone who wants me to believe that it is okay to live like this.  However, you have the right to choose how you will live because you are the one who will answer to God for it one day…but I don’t have to believe as you do, nor do I have to accept it.  I however don’t have to hate or be mean to anyone who is this way. 

As for all of these now “woke” churches out there that are teaching all this is now okay with God…they are not being run by God but by the devil who snuck into those churches.  You see if you believe it because some pastor tells you it is okay and you don’t believe God who says it is not okay…you are being led down a path that is evil. God doesn’t lie and God doesn’t change his word ever to suit society, pastors, teachers, or government.  He doesn’t change so you can live a life of sin.

Well the list of woke crap is pretty endless nowadays.  I’ll stop in a moment or this could go on forever. 

One more thing I love people and there are still good people out there doing right no matter what is tossed their way.  Thank you God for each and everyone of them.  We must stand up, we must choose to do right even if not popular and even if persecution comes our way.  The world can kill our bodies but not our soul. 

We are no longer living in a society in America where we are free from all the junk that millions upon millions died to give us freedom.  This country is being controlled by the devil and all his co-horts in government, education, politics, and yes, some churches who lie.  The very jobs these people were given to protect the people are now destroying the people. They work for us and not us for them.  We need to get them out of their jobs legally, and not through violence like use on us. 

Our military was the greatest on earth and we have allowed our government to destroy them, make them weak, and put things into the military that should never be there.  They have allowed full-blown gays and tyranny’s into the military who flaunt it and heavens to betsy you don’t agree or go along with it.  But don’t get a covid shot and you get kicked out.  Ummm! 

What Biden and others have done to America is criminal.  We have allowed liars, cheats, frauds, and treasonous people to run this country and they are getting away with it.  I think this administration and all of its lying co-horts are pure evil and working for the devil…and that is my opinion.  You don’t have to agree with me any more than I will have to agree with you.  They left people and supplies in the billions in a war zone and just keep giving our enemies the money they should give to the people of our own country to help them.  There are a lot of liars in this world but, in my opinion, Biden and all his co-horts take the cake.  Can they open their mouth and even one truth come out of them?  No!

I will end here with the border crisis and the evil it brings to our once great country.  Immigrants are welcome when they do it right like they should.  But this is not what is going on.  These are not really immigrants who need to come here.  These come with an agenda to get freebies, have us pay for them…as in one hotel who we, the tax payers, are forking out 100,000 a day to pay for them to be there.  They trash the hotels, they hate our food, they think they deserve all the freebies, and that somehow we owe them.  They bring the cartels, the drugs, and yes, many terroists are getting across the border as well.  They need to fix their own countries.  They say they want a life here because we have something good, and yet they don’t go along with our laws, but bring their crap and crime here.  They have invaded our country and this administration has told them it is okay.  Now they say they want these people to vote in our country and we must care for them.  Hell, no!  Protect our people.  Feed our people.  Give our veterans and homeless help.  Stop this insanity or there will be no America that isn’t like the countries these are coming from…a 3rd world country run by crime, hate, cartels, drugs, trafficking and so on.  Stop this now while we might get back part of our country.  America is a mess and we have allowed it by putting these criminals into office.  Again, there are good people in office, so this is not about all of those, but about the ones doing all they can to destroy our great nation. 

Again, these are my opinion and I stand on them.  Not to hurt anyone but I don’t have to have “their” opinion.  I don’t have to believe or live as they do.  I will stand for right, the Bible, and God no matter what they try to tell me I must do.  I can’t make anyone else’s choices for them or I surely would.  We will all answer to God one day for the choice we have made.  I want to be on the right side.  I hate this woke nonsense and I will not go along with any part of it to make someone feel less offended.  The left is offended at everything so they would be about this as well.  That is on them. 

There are male and female.  Sex is between a man and woman who are married, abortion is murder, woke is crap, and open borders will get millions of our people killed and harmed. 

Okay…that is it for today.

Now, may God let you see that He put a great brain in your head so you can see right and wrong, good and evil, and make wise choices.  May God draw you to Him, bless you, comfort you, guide you, and educate you to the truth.  He loves you.  You can trust Him always.

God bless you.