Post 11…April 2023…My notes from today’s study

A Christian’s joy should come from within; it does not depend on outward circumstances no matter how much persecution and pain might come one’s way.  James 1:2-4 NLT

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

God will provide the grace and strength needed if you go through suffering.

Nothing people do will stop the spread of Christ’s message through His faithful followers.

Even through difficult circumstances in life we must always remember that if we continue to rejoice and trust God, He will prove himself faithful and others will, at some point, take notice.  As a result of our own faith and joy in what seems like it is a hopeless and impossible situation, others may come to know Christ as well.

The question is: “What must I do to be saved?”  Actually, this is the most important question you will ever ask yourself and the answer you give can give you heaven one day, or it will give you hell.  The choice is yours as to whom you believe in and accept as your Lord.

To believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior is more than believing certain truths about Him in your mind.  It is an active faith by which people recognize and accept Jesus as both Savior and Lord.  Jesus is the Savior and Jesus is the forgiver of our sins.  Why would we not want to be forgiven and loved by Jesus?  Why would anyone want to stay in their sins and die in their sins? 

We must acknowledge God who is Christ as God’s son…and God!  He is one-third of the Trinity even if one doesn’t totally understand that.  He is and needs to be the Lord of our life.  It is acknowledging who Christ is…the Son of God sent by the Father…and that all He said is true, and meaningful to life.  He is the final authority in every situation of our life. 

We cannot (should not) automatically accept anyone’s interpretation or teaching.  Rather we must carefully study the word of God and examine God’s word for ourselves to see if we are being told the truth.  Bible explains Bible and the Holy Spirit will give to those the truth of God’s word if they truly seek the truth. 

There are many people today who look to their own interests in life and rely on things other than God.  They want to do things their own way…but they are on the wrong road. 

There are those who have a strong sense somehow they are missing out on something and even tell their minds that sin is fun and pleasurable…but they seldom acknowledge that all sin has consequences.  They might not come today, but any unconfessed and repented sins will stand. 

It is our job as a Christian to care about the souls of people.  If not us: then who?  You might not even come close to getting someone to believe and have their life changed for all eternity, but you can plant a seed in their soul, or water the word…however, it is not us who saves anyone…that is up to God.  People are drawn but even so…they get to make the choice of following God or rejecting Him.  Our part is to tell others about Jesus and how much He loves them and what He did for them.  It has to be their choice if they want Him in their life and in their eternity.

I liked this saying in the Bible.”In Him I live, and move and have my being.”  I made it personal as we all should.  The Bible was meant to be personal to us.

God knows each and every detail of our lives and has an equally detailed plan for each of us.  Our journey can get us to the same place but be totally different in how we get there.  God is not forcing us to follow Him, however, He does give us the tools of life to take us where we need to be.  God wants a personal relationship with us. 

Whether a person yet knows Christ personally yet…God is right there for us.  He stands at the door just waiting for you to invite Him into your life.  Will you?  Have you?  Within each of us is the knowledge that Jesus is God and that He exists, and our very soul wants Him in our life.  But some are so deceived that they have blinders on.

Do you trust your life to God?  Why or why not? 

It is time to make a choice (if you have not done so already).  Have or will you entrust your very soul to the Lord, the lover of your very soul?  He is the forgiver of your sins and leader of all eternity.  There are no exceptions for God will not overlook any of our sins no matter how big or small we think they are.  Sin is sin and any unconfessed and unrepented sin will destroy you.  Christ is very concerned about you and your eternity, but He loves you enough to allow you to choose or reject Him.  We all make a decision to either follow or reject Him, but we can never stand in front of Him and say we were not given the opportunity to choose.  Right now that opportunity is staring at you.  You can change your eternal life right now.  All must turn from their own way and follow Jesus, or they will be condemned.  Repentance is necessary for salvation.  You can’t go on living a life of sin and think God will just overlook what you do.  He wants to forgive your past and help you with your future, but that decision, again, is up to you.  Who and what will you choose?  Just remember if you think you can put this decision off until you get older or your circumstances change…one minute from now is not promised breath in your lungs to live.  Now is the time to decide whom you will follow.  God will honor your decision even if that is not the choice, He wants you to make to save you.  Choose wisely.

As for me…I choose the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  I choose to follow Him and to tell others about His great love for them.  If I could accept Jesus for them I would, but that is not how life is.  You all must choose or reject Jesus by your own choice.  Choose wisely…!!!!!