Post 27…May 2023…A Passover Symbol

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Take some of the blood and smear it on the sides and tops of the doorframes of the houses.” (Exodus 12:7)

To those who are Christians and have read their Bible, heard sermons, and/or studied the word of God they have heard about the Passover.  However, there is more to the story than the first one that gives great meaning that possibly you never thought about prior. 

I read and study all the time and I didn’t fully get this until recently to the depth to which on this subject God went to. Everyday I find out more and more about God and everyday I find Him to be more amazing.  There is nothing in the Bible that is not important and nothing that God just stuck there.  God always has a reason, a plan, and the more we love Him and the more we ask for wisdom and knowledge from Him in our studies the more God actually will show us things that we just never saw before.  I have found that most stories in the Bible in the Old Testament show up in stories in the New Testament.  In other words,they go together and are really important.  This is one of those.   

But first what is Passover?  I found this that might help to explain Passover before going on here.

Passover is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the story of Exodus, which describes when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. The name is a translation of the Hebrew verb Pesah or Pesach, which literally means “to pass over.”

In the story, Moses returned to Egypt to free the Jewish slaves. God told Him to do this.  Moses whined a bit and God also sent Moses’ brother Aaron to help him.  The holiday celebrates the freeing of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses. It is celebrated for seven or eight days and is one of the most important festivals in the Jewish calendar.

Passover is one of the major observances for the Jewish people who were in slavery in Egypt. Every year they celebrate their freedom. 

Passover.  If you have been hanging around the bible for a few years, you are familiar with the celebration.  It is one of the major observances for the Jews, for it commemorates God passing over the houses of the Hebrews in Egypt when the death angel came into the land to kill the firstborn of every family.

Had the people not listened to God in what to do to be safe, their firstborn would also have died.  God wanted them protected from what was going to happen, so he gave detailed instructions as to what to do to be safe.  They could listen or reject what He said. 

 In order to be protected from the destructive plague that was about to take place, each Hebrew family was required to slaughter a lamb, take some of its blood, and spread it on each side as well as the top of the doorframe of their house.  The blood would be a sign to God for death to “pass over” the house with the blood.

But there is more to the story of that first Passover, than just the deliverance from Egypt.  If you take the blood on each side of the doorposts, draw a line across from one side of the doorpost to the other, and then two more lines from each side of the doorpost to the top of the doorpost (kind of like connect the dots), you will discover that it makes a triangle.  A triangle that points to heaven.  God asked the Hebrews to form a triangle that would signify they were pointing to him for their deliverance. This amazes me.  Not only did God tell them what to do but gave them this great symbol as well.  As I have said many times God is amazing and He does nothing without a reason/plan. 

Now to fully get this story and the symbol of it regarding Jesus.  Let us move to when Jesus was to die.  Christ, is the sacrificial Passover Lamb (I Corinthians 5:7), when he was sacrificed on the cross for our sins.  They nailed Jesus to the cross and there were three wounds.  Three wounds…One at his right hand, one at his left, and one at his feet.  All three of those places on the cross were marked with Christ’s blood.  The blood of our Lord dripped down from those.  Then take those three spots where He was nailed to the cross and mark them like this.  They form another cross but this one is not facing up…it is facing downward.  They form a triangle.  This is the final sacrifice and freedom for God’s children.  So what could that mean if the first one on the Passover that the first triangle pointed up to God, but this one points downward.   This signifies that unlike the blood on the doorposts in Egypt, the Passover sacrifice of Christ comes not from man upward to God, but from God downward to man.  Stop here and really think about that.   

Now, take these two triangles and overlap them with one another and what you find is amazing.  Yep, again I say my God is amazing,  The two triangles overlapping form a star, and not just any old star but they form the symbol of the star of David.   The very sign of Israel’s redemption joined to the sign of mankind’s redemption. This star and symbol is the star of David and has great meaning to the Jews.  It should also, in my opinion, have great meaning to each of us who call ourselves a Christian as well. 

As I have said many times…God always has a plan and purpose.  He is never late to anything.  He does what He says He will do.  It doesn’t matter how long something takes…God knows what He is doing, and no matter what you think of God our amazing God is more than we can even imagine Him to be.  I do believe that whatever we read in the Old Testament is there for a reason, and somehow will show up in the New Testament in some form.  They are mysteries that we need to ask God to help us unravel so we understand that there is more to every story we ever read or hear.  Also, the more you read even the same story…the more God reveals.  It is up to you to go to God and ask Him to reveal more and more to you.  The more you understand the more you can share that with others.  Not adding to, or taking away anything…but ask God to explain what is going on and why…and most of all how that applies to you.  Most will never put these two triangles together, but now you can.  I know if you read the world’s view of things they say a lot of different stories in how the Star of David was formed and when…but I believe this one to be true as it makes great sense, and my God in heaven is not the author of confusion.  You don’t have to ever believe anything I write or put down or share with you.  You go to God.  You open your Bible…and you search out the truth.  Maybe this story is just not important to some people and they will not give it another thought…but for me…it filled in a part of the story which is very important.