Post74 Morality in the World Today

Moral definition:  Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.   You can’t legislate morality

Well, first off, God is the designer of morals.  You have a choice to follow those or reject them, but what you do, or don’t do, matters.  To whom?  God!  People are always judging us as we walk through life.  Most know nothing about us but they will still judge us by what we say, how we look, what we wear, where we work, how much money we have, and so on.  However, that is not what I am discussing today.  Morals are.

Morality issues are rampant today no matter where you live, no matter how much you have or don’t have. It is not about your race either.  Honesty was a moral people once took seriously, but not so much today.  We all say we want people to tell the truth, but is that always true?  There is very little respect for anyone nowadays. 

We are always responsible for what we do in this world we live in. We need to stop blaming others for our sins.  Just stop!  Take responsibility for your actions. Stop making excuses for bad actions and bad choices. 

Morality comes from God.  Our life should mirror God’s view of what morality is. We owe our very lives to God.  You didn’t get here on this earth by your means.  God formed you in your mother’s womb.  Life goes on but our part in life is to do those things that please Him over pleasing others first.

What about the Sacredness of Life? – God created life and we do not have the right to take it away using abortion.  I know some will hate this message but it is the most important blessing given by the Lord to man, and that is the creation of that precious baby in the womb.  If you don’t want a baby…stop having sex!  This post is not about the ones who were rapped etc.  As I look around today’s society my heart grieves.  So much hatred out there.  People call the baby in their body…their body, and it isn’t.  No child is a mistake even if you or they think they were.  Every one of the babies is created in the womb and God loves every one of them.  All the hate protest groups to keep abortion going don’t care about morality.  Many have sex outside of marriage and with numerous people even and then want abortion to rid themselves of the baby inside.  Have they ever really watched the tearing apart of that precious baby in them?  You can call it all you want but it is murder plain and simple.  That doesn’t mean that God won’t forgive you for having had one, but that baby had just as much right to live as you do. 

Respect:   Have you seen all of the groups such as the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender) community staging rallies, urging people to respect them? They want you to respect them but will never respect any of us.  Respect them!  They want to have rights to be recognized and respected by society while denying our rights to freedom of speech, living a godly life, and what is important to us. People use their bodies as they choose, but when we want to stand up for godly morals they want to destroy us.  They don’t have to agree with our way of life and we don’t have to agree with theirs.  I have just as much right to stand on God’s morals as they do (in my opinion) stand on the un-morals of the devil.  I don’t have to judge them for God knows their sin just as God knows ours.  I have to stand before God and give an account and so do they.  They, however, are not going to tell me that what they are doing or not doing is moral for I will go by what God calls moral.  I’d rather they all hate me than my God in heaven be upset with me.  Many people use others’ bodies to satisfy themselves.  All I know is God said marriage is between a man and a woman and I will stand by that truth.  So, if you don’t believe that then that is between you and God.

Crime:  Just look around for crime is everywhere and it is getting worse.  No morals on what is right or wrong.  They just do whatever they want no matter whom they hurt to do it. Sex crimes, drug crimes, murder, abuse, anger, and alcohol-related crimes.  People are just doing crimes and have no compass any longer on what is important and we are, as a nation, allowing their evil into our society using family, church, education, and what people do or don’t do.  People do wrong and then think there are no consequences for those actions.  DAs are letting people out of jail, have no bail, and treat police horribly, and politicians (not all) are not worth anything for they have no morality in them.  They don’t work for God but are doing the devil’s work while most don’t even know it or don’t care.

Pornography:  What about this is out of control (no one needs pornography) To the married person their spouse watching it is a slap in the face.  You committed love, honor, and respect for your spouse and you two would become one.  You can’t be one with pornography in the picture.

We all have differences in our life.  We never agree with everyone or everything.  That is okay.  But don’t try to take down my morals.  They are mine and I choose to follow God on this.  If you don’t, as I already said, that is between you and God.  You might not answer for it right now but there will be a judgment day. 

We all make decisions each day.  Thousand of choices we make in our minds. I don’t believe what the world says to believe any more than the world wants to believe in God and do as He says.  That is your God-given right to choose to follow God or reject Him.   Moral disputes rarely succeed for they focus on one’s emotions, not common sense, true problems, and finding answers or knowledge and facts. My opinions will never align with the world for this world is not my home.  I am just passing through to get home.  The world has gotten so immoral that you can’t have a conversation with anyone because no one listens.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  God is good and if you do have not God then what do you have?  As I said, we don’t have to agree about anything, but I will stand my ground and stand on the word of God.  I know what He did for me, I know the ending of the Bible, and I have the hope of eternal life.  What happens on this earth will one day be gone.  I wish everyone knew my Jesus and loved Him, but that just doesn’t happen for not everyone will choose God and morals.  Some want to live a life with none and make excuses for their actions.  I don’t blame anyone for the bad choices I made in life.  I made them and have to live with them, but I choose to follow Jesus and trust Him.  Do you?