Post 28 Evil Forebodings


Proverbs 15:15, which says, All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances] (AMPC).  

But what is a forboding?  Forebodings is a fearful apprehension, a feeling that something bad will happen causing those fearful apprehension, depression, anxiety, panic attacks,  trepidation, disquiet, uneasiness, gloom, doom, premonitions, distrust,  and so much more.

An ‘evil foreboding” is the fear of something bad happening when nothing is usually going wrong.  How many of us have felt like that?  How many are feeling like that right now?  How many are living in this crazy world always upset by what we see in this world going on? 


Do you always expect the negative from everyone and from every circumstances? Do you always picture the worst instead of the best in people?  Do you always see the “what ifs”?   I sure did.  Sometimes I still do if I look around at the world and see all the garbage out there.  Got to be honest here…the what if’s come a lot nowadays as I look around at all that is going on in America, with families, with marriages, with jobs, with finances, and so on.  What if? So, I now must declare and decree each day just how great my God in heaven is.  Because I don’t want to live in the “evil forebodings”.

Now, look at this verse in the book of  Proverbs 15:15, which says, All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances] (AMPC).  

How often do we have the fear of something happening that never materializes and happens?  Nothing goes wrong but we sure fear that it might.

That’s exactly what Satan wants you to do. He wants you to expect something bad and to become fearful of the “what ifs.”  Fear is the opposite of faith.  Yet, we believe in God and His word, yet we allow the devil to sow his disgusting fear into us over and over again.  We look at the news, we see what is going on in the world, how kids are growing up unloving and disrespectful, at what the kids are doing and not doing, how they treat their parents and everyone.  How they feel entitled to everything and have no clue what their freedom cost and what will happen to them if they stay on the course they are on.  How racism has gone insane and people can’t even talk or tell the truth because someone will say they are racist in some way.  The world has become pretty darn insane.  How politicians are corrupt, frauds, evil people who do everything possible to destroy our country and want riots, looting, hatred, evil, and people to believe whatever they say.  It’s hard to get up each day and think you are going to have a good day when if you turn on the TV, radio, look at a paper, or just go to the store…you are bombarded with crazy doings and crazy people.

Just know this: When we are anticipating something bad to happen, our expectation is from Satan. If we are not cautious, this expectation will open the door to Satan’s evil plans for our lives by always waiting for bad things.  Now the opposite is true when we expect good things, we open the door to God’s plans.  Lamentations 3:25 says, “The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him”

God is so incredibly good. In fact, God can’t be anything but good.  Each and everything He does is good and wonderful. God wants to do something outrageously wonderful in your life every moment of every day…but you need to be ready and expect it to happen. You are the one who must ultimately decide fear or faith.  “I’m speaking this to me as well.” 

Isaiah 30:18-20 AMPC  18 And therefore the Lord [earnestly] waits [expecting, looking, and longing] to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you and show loving-kindness to you. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are all those who [earnestly] wait for Him, who expect and look and long for Him [for His victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship]!

19 O people who dwell in Zion at Jerusalem, you will weep no more. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry; when He hears it, He will answer you.

20 And though the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide Himself any more, but your eyes will constantly behold your Teacher.

Listen up:  God is looking and longing for someone who’s waiting for Him to be good to them. God wants to be good to you and your family, but you have to be expecting Him to move in your life!

Today is a new day.  A day you can change.  Today is your day to start believing something good is going to happen to you! God is working in your life right now, and when you get your breakthrough, it will be the result of what God has been doing for a long time.   God likes to bless His kids when His kids have faith and believe all He says.  Don’t doubt, and don’t give the devil place.  Let us remove the what if’s, the doom and gloom feeling we have had the habit of forming.  Every day declare who God is to you.  Shift the atmosphere to God and away from the dirty devil who loves to bring you down.  Trust and believe God’s word for you and your life.  Declare and decree who God is to you.  Reject any and all what if statements, downer statements, distrust statement, and stay focused on God every day of your life.  Stop having forboding thoughts in your life. Don’t give any place to the devil never again.  Write these words in your heart, on your frig, or in the bathroom…and every day get up and declare: “God is good, and something good is going to happen to me today!”  Even if you don’t yet see it…say it.  It will come.  Also remember that there are around 365 fear nots in the Bible.  So each day declare you will not fear and then declare just how Good are God in heaven is.  Well, declare it!