Post 44 Is God Rejecting You?

Think about this:  Do you know, or have you ever felt that God is rejecting you?  I did a few times, but I was wrong.  God didn’t reject me at all.  God’s patience is amazing, and He waited for me to get my ducks in line with Him.  It is never God who walks away: it is us that do the walking even if/when we don’t realize we are at the time.

Our God is very patient with our foolishness.  He knows everything about us including our weaknesses and all of our fears.  He is not only God Almighty whom we need to worship, but He is also the best friend we can ever have.  We are to have a personal relationship with Him. Without it is like an empty pot on the stove that doesn’t make anything good in it.  (crazy analogy right?)

God just sits there and waits but do you ever feel that He is getting tired of all of our stupidity and wants us to just turn to Him and do what is right?

Rejection from God, or anyone we care about, is a horrible feeling.  We want to know and feel that we are loved and needed in life.  Everyone, at some point in their life, will be rejected by someone.  Don’t let that define you.  As painful as that might be when it happens you are better than that and God will give you the strength to endure if you ask Him to.  You are not unworthy or flawed.  If you allow it to get to you then you will find depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem could be the result.  Rejection is the exact opposite of acceptance. God accepts us and His acceptance is worth more than everyone in this entire world.  God meets you and me where we are.  We are family to Him if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior.  If not…then we are not His family and that is not a good place to be. 

I am a parent, and I can tell you that I did not always approve of certain things that my kids did growing up. (But they never did evil or tried to hurt others just to hurt them) That in no way meant that I didn’t love them, that I had abandoned them, or that I would reject them as my child.  I would, however, at times let them continue with their mistake so they learned from them.  I could give them advice and maybe they would change, or maybe their own free will, they would continue down the wrong path…but I would never give up on them or stop caring.  They are my children whom I love with all my heart.  Every one of them.

Well, my love in life for family, friends, and others will never, ever compare to the love Jesus has for me or you.  His love is so great that He died for you and me.  God doesn’t approve of bad behavior, and sin is sin.  He does not approve of us sinning.  He tells us what sin is in His word and God doesn’t change because you don’t want to believe it, or because others do.  God loves us, His kids, but He hates the sins we do.  When we make wrong decisions and we sin…God might let us go through the consequences of that/those sins, but He hopes we will confess and repent of them (change) so that we can get back in right standing with Him.  That choice is ours to make. 

Sin is rebellion against God.  We have all done this rebellion.  No one has ever been on this earth (but Jesus) who did not sin.  If you think you have not sinned you just lied.  All have sinned and fallen short.  God is not excluding you or pushing you away.  If you don’t feel God look at yourself and see how you are doing to God and what you are thinking God is doing to you.

God is in our midst every moment of our life.  He was there when we were conceived, when we were born, as we go through life, and He is there when we take our last breath on this earth.  What we do with our life matters to our maker.  Jesus died in our place on the cross.  He took all of our sins upon Himself.  That is amazing.  My sins and your sins were nailed to the cross…but if Jesus is not your Lord and Savior.  Jesus is the only way to heaven no matter what anyone else on this earth tells you differently.  God said it: I believe it.  Do you believe it?   To all who believe Him and accept him, he gives the right to become children of God. Do you believe it? 

If you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior praise the Lord.  To all others, I pray for you that you will accept Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior.  We are only on this earth for such a short time and while we are here we are given chances to know Jesus personally.  If you reject Him then He will reject you.  You can’t con God.  You can lie to yourself but never to God.  We can sit in church but not love Jesus and do as He asks.  We can look to others as good people (by man’s standards…not God’s).  We can think that God would never send anyone to hell (and He doesn’t…you do that by your own choices in life that are not confessed and repented from). 

Today…right this moment you can change your eternal destiny.  Choose wisely for the second you die where you are in the Lord your destiny is set.  This isn’t to scare you, but no one knows the day or hour of their death, nor do they know when the Lord will return.  Make wise choices, live right, do right, honor God, and know that He is still right there with you.

As for me: I love the Lord Jesus.  He is my Lord and Savior and I can’t even imagine one moment that I would ever want to say differently.  Things are tough in this world, and evil is all around us.  Yet, I can keep my sanity by looking up to Him and knowing that we, who are His, are on the winning side.  Praise God for that.  God bless each of you who took the time to read this.  May the God of heaven give you His peace.