Post 52 The Indifference in the World Now

As we look around the world we are living in, as Christians, we see a whole lot of indifference when it comes to what people think about the return of Jesus.

Skepticism —Disbelief and doubt

Even within the church, many call themselves a Christian yet when it comes to believing that Jesus will return many are skeptical. They just don’t believe that Jesus will return. Many have a very progressive view of what God’s word says, and they fall for the lies of the devil. They doubt the word of God and think God changes to fit them instead of them changing to fit God.   Many of these people also don’t believe in the virgin birth, the miracles, the healing, and a lot of them don’t believe in what took place on the cross.  To many Jesus, the Bible, and heaven mean very little.  Too many the truth of the word of God is not much more than a fairy tale to them. However, in the Bible God said in the end times that there would be scoffers who would mock the Lord and His promises to His people. We are living in those times.



Ignorance and the lack of knowledge — I think most of the Christians who are uninterested in the Lord’s return are just oblivious about what will happen when He comes back. Maybe they go to church and call themselves a Christian.  Maybe the church they are going to is preaching right but they are not getting it, or maybe they are going to a very liberal church that thinks God changes with the times, and they do whatever they believe or do…God is okay with it.  NO, NO, NO!  God doesn’t change to fit what you want to believe (no punishment for sin, abortion, murder, living together and not married, living with the same sex, and a whole list of things).  


How many people go to church pick up their Bible and read it, study it, learn from it, and then apply it to their life? They go for an hour or so a week to church, hear a sermon (some hearing watered-down messages and messages against what God really said so they don’t get offended), and go on about their business thinking they are okay but are they okay?


 How many people don’t even have a clue about what is going to happen in the end times?  How many preachers don’t even teach truth or hard messages because it just might upset people?  I’d rather be upset and know the truth than be lost!!! I am excited about the return of my Lord for myself, my family, my friends, and all of the church all over the world. 


Fear – Many people are just living in a state of fear.  Many fear the Lord’s return and what will happen. Yes, in one way it is an unknown for we have not died and we don’t see the other side of death, but God has given us His word and told us a lot of what will happen when a Christian dies, and what will happen if you are not a Christian when you die.  If I, as a Christian, die and find out that the word is not true at least I know I lived a life and tried to do things right.  If I am not a Christian and die without God and find out He is real…I would spend eternity without Him in a place I sure would not want to be.  I’ll trust that God’s word is true and live as such, for His love is so great that I know He is real and that I will meet Him in the rapture, or I will meet Him when I take my last breath. Do you fear the day of His return because maybe He will come back on one of your bad days?  Well, as for me, I wait for His return. I so look forward to spending eternity with my Lord and Savior.


Carnality —As I look around the world and the evil within it I know, for me, that I do not want to live in the flesh and its ways.  I don’t want to do that any longer (we all were part of this crazy world until we met Jesus). I don’t want to be in love with the world’s ways and the things God disapproves of.  The world is going to get more and more evil because God said it would.  I don’t want to be part of that.  I want to live as God wants His children to live.  Yes, I make a lot of mistakes in life, but at least I know to run to the Lord and confess and repent/turn and get right with God.  I sure would not want to be without Him.  If the world considers me weak for believing in God so be it…I still believe and I still hope,  for this world offers me nothing I want, but God sure offers me a lot.  God does not mess up my life for He gave me life, He gave me hope, He gave me freedom in Him, and I know the end of the book! We win!


Many of my loved ones have died and I pray that each of them had their life right with God for I sure want to see them there someday.  You see, I love them and I want the best for them.  I want Jesus for them.  I want Jesus for even those that (right now) don’t know Him, for when they get to know Him and love them they become my brothers and sisters in the Lord, enemies become friends, and isn’t that what we should want?  Shouldn’t we want others to make it to heaven too? 

We don’t know exactly what will happen when we meet God.  As the song goes, I can only imagine.  What will I say? What will I do?  I don’t know until it happens, but I pray that I will thank Him for all eternity for all He has done for me, and you. I might not understand all that will take place, but I know that I am so very thankful God has forgiven me and died for me, and that is what I pray for you as well. 

We don’t have much time upon this earth yet whether we die a death here or Jesus returns for His bride…now is the time to look up, to get ready, and await our Lord.  Are you waiting for Him?  I am!

God bless you!