Post 37 A Call to Arms


Yes, we are living in the last days. However, we are not done here on earth and there is something we need to do. We need to be warned about this election. It really is the make or break election of our time in history.


I do not care who you are, where you live, the color of your skin or anything else…this is the election that will make or break America. So, what if Trump is loud and you don’t like him for that. He gets things done and the left has done everything they can to destroy him for the last 4 years because they cannot control him. God put him in that office for this time and what this man has had to go through being lied about and cut down at every turn isn’t just the left doing it…the devil is behind it and has these people under his control. They are evil and day by day more and more evil. The left wants you to be under their thumb and control you for the rest of your life and your children’s life as well.  They want you dependent upon them.  They want to take away your freedom and your rights and make this not just a socialist country but a one world order where you have no say in your life.  This election is vital and God has called the church to arms.  Are you listening….God has called us and if we don’t stand up now America as we have known it is over. 



We serve the God of creation and He has called us to pray but so much more than that. We are at a critical spot in America, in our marriages, our family, the work place and everywhere else. We are being manipulated like never before and we have followed along like sheep to the slaughter….but we don’t even realize how close to the slaughter we really are.


There is an election between good and evil coming in a few days. Many of us have already voted. There is so much corruption out there on the left that most people who listen to main stream media have been brain washed to unbelievable depths. They are being manipulated and controlled and believe the lies of the enemy…but God says you must…you must stand up this time and in unity…declare not only that God is God, but that we must pray diligently for our president.  Pray for his well being, pray for him to have God’s strength in this time.  This is the election that you had better take seriously.  Don’t allow the devil any foothold in your heart, your life, your family, or anywhere else.  The left is lying to you and they are being controlled by evil. 


They are doing all they can to strategically destroy the results of this election even to the point of controlling our free speech in places like Facebook and Twitter.  They control what you say at work because if you are a Trump supporter now you somehow get penalized.  If you are in school and claim to follow and like President Trump you get bad grades or kicked out of class.  They want to control your mind everyway they can.  They feed our children lie after lie and our kids are rebelling that what they hear is true when it is the lies from hell itself.  The devil knows his time is almost up and he is and will do whatever he can to destroy us. 


Listen: The Trump will sound!  The forces of darkness upon this earth will be trumped. 


If you don’t pray for God to protect our president, if you don’t pray for God in America, if you don’t pray for the safety of not only your life and your family…but pray for all families.  If you don’t pray for this man to be supernaturally get a second term…you are going to lose all you have always held dear.  Our president is not perfect they say…yeah, that is right…but neither are you.  I do know this man loves America, loves freedom, and they can’t control him.  He ruins their evil plans over and over again.  God is with our president.  He brought him through 4  years of hatred none of us could have gone through.  He has put up with hatred the likes none of us could have endured.  I thank him for his amazing service to our country. 


I also want to say this:  you need to be in prayer as never before because there is an evil cloud over America to take her down.  We need to be in unity no matter our personal feelings.  We need to intercede on behalf of President Trump and his family and administration for God to keep them all safe, for God to give them all strength, for God to bring them through this.  Trump was placed in the position for such a time as this…any you are in this time to be a prayer warrior for our president.  Pray the shackles will be removed from people’s lives, that the chains will come off their minds, that their eyes will be opened, that their ears will hear the truth of God’s word on this, that the scales will come off their eyes so they can see the truth, and that their hearts would soften and see what God is doing through this man we call our President.  We must come into agreement and fight for him and for America.  We must fight for what is right and what is good….in God’s eyes.  You can’t say he is not a Christian…you don’t know his heart but God does.  I’m sure glad that we are not God because we would never get things right if we were. 


Let us stand together America and pray for our President and his safety…but pray diligently that he get re-elected…supernaturally.  Keep him safe and on the right track with God.  Bless him with strength to go on and help him by your prayers to bring down the walls of hatred along with all it brings.  We are one people…humans.  If we can’t get along here on earth and pray for one another why in the world would God want us in heaven?  Why?  He wouldn’t. 


Also pray that eyes of the enemy (left) would be open to the truth and find Jesus in their life.  I don’t pray for evil for them…I pray that they would have a personal relationship with Jesus so that they would be transformed from the evil side to the God side. 


So please………………pray diligently for our president.  Ask God to bring down the walls spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically, and culturally as well.  Let us shift the atmosphere from evil to good, and take back America.  You have been called by God into the Army of God…and you need to wake up right now.  You need to stand up right now.  Don’t expect it to be someone else’s job…it is your job too.  God is calling you to arms.  Pray without ceasing and do it right now…and continue to do it.  Our prayers united in this can stop the evil in its tracks.  Put it off and we lose.  We are in a battle folks and it is all of us together that will get the job done and declare Trump President for a second term…Supernaturally pray.  Don’t stop praying.  Well, get to work praying people.  NOW!