Post 7…February, 2023…Don’t let the Devil do This


Don’t let the enemy destroy you and all the things in your life that are from God. (Family, marriage, job, finances and so on)

The devil, who is our enemy, wants to destroy us, our way of life, our marriage, our kids, our jobs, education, health…and the list is endless.

The devil is a liar, a thief, and comes only (read that again…only) to steal and kill and destroy.  He wants to destroy anyone and everything that is good and godly in your life.  (Read John 10:10)


The devil is smart people.  He doesn’t ever…ever…ever play fair and nothing in him is honest and trustworthy.  He will use whatever weapons he can to go after you and all the things important to you and your life. 


In the life of every Christian, there are things that the devil targets and determines to rob you of. What many people don’t know or realize is that offense is one of the devil’s greatest tools to steal our peace and rob us of God’s blessings. When we don’t have peace in our life we struggle in many areas.  God wants us to have peace even when there are problems, but we get so tied up in the circumstances of life…we don’t have God’s peace most times.

I have looked around each day as to what people think is offensive.  Get up and someone is offended.  Go somewhere and someone is offended. Talk truth especially and someone is offended.  You can’t go anywhere, say anything, or do anything nowadays that does not offend someone. 

Offended meaning (at least one) feeling or expressing hurt, indignation, or irritation because of a perceived wrong or insult.  If you are honest with yourself…what has truly offended you even this week? I’d have a lot to say on this one…but I am quite sure someone reading this would be offended.  What is going on in America and by those in leadership…offend me greatly.

So in thinking about the enemy/devil you can be 100% sure that the devil uses offenses to bait us.  We see what is going on in America/world…and it is a scary situation.  We so want Jesus to return now…but as Jesus said we don’t know the day or hour of His return and that is up to the Father.

I don’t like being offended.  I hate being lied to.  I would think you do as well.  Truth is good but so few people tell the truth anymore that one can just stay away from people so that they don’t have to put up with the lies, the deceptions, and the offenses caused from them.  The devil uses people’s words and actions to get our minds churning and stir up our emotions. He uses this bait to lure us into a lifetime of bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, strife, hatred, and revenge. Be honest here….that pretty much is what people are doing.

What upsets you?  Let’s say, five things even that gets your dander up and causes you to feel offended and upset? Do you know that the devil plays on your weaknesses no matter what they might be…and he sure knows how to push our buttons that get us worked up. He knows that politics, marriage, drugs, education, woke crap, transgender garbage, abortions, same sex marriages, disloyal friends, mean people, evil people, and calling people what they are not so as not to hurt their feelings, and so on and so forth.  

Some of the things the devil is intent on robbing you of include:

Your Vision.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Most of us have had a vision for something we wanted in our life.  That Vision takes a person to their destination maybe not right away, but when we work towards something and don’t give up…it is possible to reach that vision. The enemy wants to steal your vision, so it is killed and so that stagnancy prevails. Don’t believe the devil’s lies that you can’t have a life filled with the joy of the Lord. God says you can. You choose who you’re going to believe. Start resisting the devil.

Join forces together against the enemy and start seeing, believing and saying what God says about you. God’s Word never fails.

Your Desire.  We all, at some point, have desires for our life.  Not the same as vision either.   The Bible says the desires of our hearts shall be granted but when desires are killed, frustration sets in. However, desires can’t be something that goes against what God says is right. If your desires are to sin and be mean and hateful…don’t ever expect God to approve of that.

God’s grace is available to help us, but we’re too focused on outward circumstances or inward thoughts to focus on Him. We might even know the Scriptures, but we need to stay in His will and walk in His ways.  

Your Purpose.  We all have a purpose in life even if we don’t yet know what it might be. God has a special purpose for your life – a calling He wants you to know and pursue. Our purpose gives our life definition and meaning. The enemy wants to steal your purpose because he knows that a life with no purpose becomes worthless. The Bible tells us. “The plans of the diligent leads surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty” (Proverbs 21:5). If you want to achieve the life God imagined for you, not the life the enemy did, it’s important that you set goals for yourself. Actively move towards those goals. Take some time to sort out what you’re aiming for in life, so you can towards the realization of your dreams.

Your Voice. We have all been given a voice by God. One of the joys of the enemy is to silence our voices and make sure the authority of our voice is lost. The enemy will steal your voice without warning or notice. He wants to become the keeper of our souls, thwart the efforts of the King, break His heart and obliterate our Kingdom-building impact and potential. It’s important that we are grounded in the Word and take back what it rightfully ours. The best part about yanking your voice back from the enemy is that you are glorifying God at the same time. The Word we have in our heart can be used to pummel the enemy and God loves when we use our voice and His Word to overcome the devil.

Your Calling. As the kingdom of light threatens the kingdom of heaven darkness, the enemy does not want anyone to fulfill their ministry. The fulfillment of your ministry to the devil means the defeat of his own kingdom. He wants to make your calling independent of God’s calling. But when you filter your actions and even your thoughts by asking in your heart, “Would this call head or grieve the Holy Spirit?” you are in effect making the Holy Spirit the gatekeeper of your mind. I sure want the Holy Spirit to be the gatekeeper of all of my life while upon this earth.

Your Destiny. We all have a destiny.  We can live it to the fullest when Jesus is our Lord and Savior, or we can falter and fail. The enemy does not want us to fulfill our God-given destiny.  The devil does not want us to have spiritual discernment.  How do we spend our time in this world?  Do we grow in the Lord or just float along in life with no thought of our end game.

If you want to live a godly life…live a godly life and do what God says to do.  Believe Him when He tells you what sin is and is not…and do what He says.  The devil will do all he can to derail you.  Don’t fall for the lies of the devil. 

One more thing (or maybe more)…The devil is real and the devil wants to destroy us.  He knows his time on earth is about over and he definitely knows his ending.  We must stay strong in the Lord at all times.  Don’t hang out with downer people who want you to fail.  Stop lying if that is you.  Stop stealing if that is you.  Whatever sin you have been doing…stop doing it.  Ask God to help you be an overcomer.  Stay strong and claim the promises of God.  However, God has a lot of promises in the bible for us…know that you still have to do your part while on this earth.  Some promises don’t have something you must do to receive them; but other promises God put in the bible…you have a part to play. 

Again, the enemy will steal, kill and destroy your blessings, just to discourage your walk with God. He wants you to question God’s goodness. He will make you jobless, steal your joy, try to shame you, destroy your children and get the children to rebell not only to society but to their parents as well. Why?  Because God want everyone to deny God. There is no extent the enemy will not go to, to see you fail. That’s why it’s so important to remember your blessings.

Our God is so amazing.  He wants us to be in heaven with Him one day and gives us so many opportunities to accept Him as our Lord and do the right things.  The amazing thing is you have a choice to accept Jesus or reject Him as your Lord.  However, if you reject Jesus you choose your destiny.  Also, don’t think you can ever con God.  He knows every thought you have, everything you do or don’t do, and He knows your heart.

Don’t let the devil destroy your eternity for he will do everything to try to destroy your walk with God. 

Now, may the Lord bless you, keep you, draw you, provide for you needs, and guide your steps in life.

God bless you.