Post 29…May 2023…Wokeness Insanity


We are living in an insane world now. Not much in the last few years makes any sense to sane people.  But before I put all this together for you I just ask that you use the wonderful brain God placed in your head.


I collected this info from different places to share with you.  Just looking through these lists should make you wonder what the heck just happened.  (Evil and end times is happening)

If you are a “woke person”…may God wake you up.  If you are a sane person…praise our glorious Lord Jesus.


I do want to say a few things first though.  We do not now or ever have to believe the lies and brainwashing crap we are being told. We also don’t have to believe the opinions of anyone but God.  You don’t now or ever have to agree with my opinion, but if you reject God and don’t want His opinion…then beware of those consequences for they will eventually come your way.


 God put a brain in our head and we are to be using it.  Just because they (govt) chances laws and tells you that something is so. And somehow you must go along with their lies and insanity…no you don’t.  You have a choice as to who you will believe.  If it is a sin and/or a lie…Your brain should tell you that it is wrong and don’t go along with it.  So what if the world hates you…just look at the lists…they hate everyone already.  They are just out there to destroy whatever sanity anyone has left to go along with their garbage.  Stop!!!!  Stop feeding their insanity.


It is time to put God’s word in you and release that to the world.  We don’t ever need to get violent like the other side is doing if you don’t agree with them.  Speak the truth of God’s word no matter who hates you or any consequences that they want you to face for telling the truth.I’d rather face the consequences of not accepting their lies than face my God and give an account as to why I compromised His word and went along with lies even if standing up had consequences I would prefer not to go through.


The devil is so hard at work now to destroy us, our family, our marriage, our work, and anything else he can.  His time is about up and he knows it…so he is in overdrive and on mega steroids now…but the Bible told us that things were going to get bad and they have, but they are still going to get much worse.


I am old so I remember a lot of things that our kids today know nothing about.  We were a godly nation and because we were God protected us.  But something happened and people started removing God from everything.  Because they did this God warned them to stop, repent, and come back or they would face the consequences and be a fallen nation.  We don’t have to fall people.  Repent and change and go back to God.  He is only going to give so many warnings before He allows America to get zapped. 


There has and is being an evil transformation of America.  Here is a short list of things that are dangerous to do or to believe. 

The rise of irrational ideologies

Nullifying of biology

Denial of reality

The emergence of quasi-religious secular movements

Deterioration and transmutation of marriage, family, and gender

The alteration of children

The abolition of man and woman

The murder of innocent babies (abortion)

Disintegration of society

The Silencing the truth and demanding we believe their lies.

You are either for God or against God

I could go on and on but I know you, in your heart, know the truth and what has been going on in America and around the world.  The following lists are nowhere to being complete…not even close, but maybe it will put some thoughts into your head as to what is going on and why. 

Anytime you remove God out of your life, your home, your school, your job, your community, and your country…you have offended God and God has given each of us a chance to stand up or cave to the insanity.  I choose to follow God, make godly choices even if it means persecution.  It will get worse in this world people, and God has asked us to put Him back before He must take action and even if you don’t want to believe it…America will fall.  You can make a difference.


It is really too bad that all those companies big or small do not go broke for promoting the woke agenda.  Just look at what is happening on products like Bud Light and the billions they have lost.  That is just one company.  If they go woke and try to make others go along…how long before sane people just say enough and really stop promoting those companies? 


If only the world would learn to keep politics at every level out of the workplace they would do so much better.  I don’t need their opinion.  Just sell your products work whatever it is you do…but leave your beliefs and politics out of the workplace. 


A lot of people just don’t want to work and they actually want to cause havoc wherever they are.  If you don’t do this in a workplace they wine and call you names.  Fire their lazy insane butts.  They are there to work, to do what you want them to do in your company.  If they don’t like it…let them quit, but stop falling for their whiny moron insanity ways.  It is your business.  You go along with all that insane views and pretty soon you will be filing for bankruptcy too.


But this post is about the insanity of the woke.  Look it over.  If you agree you then have to decide your part in accepting the truth, accepting the lies, and what you will do about it.  We each have a part to play.  What will you choose? So let’s begin the woke insanity stuff:



Woke Examples


  • Acknowledging Privilege – A person who acknowledges that they’re in a position in privilege and therefore chooses to listen carefully to the stories of the less privileged who don’t have as much of a voice.
  • Affirmative Action – An under-qualified woman gets a job ahead of an over-qualified man because a company wants to meet a 50% female employee quota.
  • Affirmative Action– A company that chooses to promote upcoming job openings to people of color and women in order to make sure their workforce more accurately reflects broader society.
  • Banning Comedians – TV networks and entertainment venues blacklist a comedian for making edgy jokes that would have been perfectly fine 10 years ago.

Black Lives Matter – Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement because you believe that it’s important to highlight the fact that black people continue to be mistreated in society.

  • Canada’s Bill C-16 – A bill that forces peopleto use trans people’s preferred pronouns, and if they don’t, then they’re in violation of the human rights code.
  • Cancel Culture– Canceling a college speaker because they have controversial views on power and race.
  • Critical Race Theory – A school’s history curriculum teaches a ‘white oppressor’ narrative in their classrooms, which makes young white children feel like they’ve done something wrong.
  • Day of Absence – collegeasks white students to stay home for one day per year to discuss and think about their privilege.
  • Digging up Old Tweets – A company digs up tweets and photos from 1995 to play “gotcha” and sink a political candidate’s campaign.
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms – Libraries that have gender-neutral bathrooms so people who are gender non-conforming can use the bathroom comfortably.
  • Gender Pluralism – People saying there are over 70 gendersand that if you disagree, you’re a horrible person.
  • Me Too Movement – Women take a stand against poor behaviors of men in workplaces by sharing their stories of intimidation.

Pride Flags – A coffee shop that has a rebooted pride flag on the front door to show that LGBTQI people are welcome in their shop.

  • Pride Jerseys – Conservative Christian football playersare asked to wear pink pride jerseys on the football field in support of LGBT values, against their religious views.
  • Pronoun Badges – A company that forces its employees to wear pronoun badges (he/him, they/them, she/her) in order to be inclusiveof trans people.
  • Puberty Blockers – Children who feel like their gender identity doesn’t match their sex being given puberty blockers to prevent them from going through puberty.
  • Race-Based Silencing –Telling a white person they don’t have the right to speak because they’re an oppressor.
  • Safe Spaces – Companies with designated safe spaces for vulnerable populations where they can feel comfortable and discuss issues affecting them.
  • Social Media Shadow Banning – Social media networks that (supposedly) ban people for not having socially progressive viewpoints.
  • Taking a Knee (By Choice) – A person who chooses to take a knee during the anthem to protest against racial injustice.
  • Taking a Knee (By Social Pressure) – A school or sports organization pressuring you to take a knee during the anthem to send a message about racial inequality.
  • Virtue Signalling– Brands use pro-LGBT, pro-BLM imagery to appear inclusive. But this marginalizes half of their potential user base.

Women in Power – A man who believes that more women in positions of power can help create a better society for everyone.

  • There is also a concept called ‘woke capitalism’. This term refers to companies that use wokeness in their marketing campaigns in order to sell their products.(I’m sure by now you can name a few)


I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will be surprised even at the companies who are going along with the woke agenda.  Everyone seems to fear the woke crowd, but the one they should fear is God Almighty for going along with it.  I would rather go out of business for doing right than face God for doing wrong.  But that is your choice for you, and that is the company’s choice for them.  We have a choice in where we will shop and what we will buy also.  So keep that in mind as you go down these lists. 


Convergence, meaning they tend to do it because it’s in both their own best interests and the interests of the minority group.


Wokeism can be seen as coming from two areas:

  1. Youth Culture –Wokeness emerged out of a movement of people who supported protests against racial inequality. It became a force in 2016 through music videos and twitter hashtags.
  2. Post Structuralism – Many of the woke values today are informed by the cultural studies approach called post-structuralism / post-modernism. This approach critiques the subtle ways language (in post-structural jargon, called ‘discourse’), oppresses marginalized cultural groups. Thus, the cultural focus is on changing our language, messages in advertising, and so forth.


List of Woke Companies (UPDATED 2023)

I found this and wanted to share it with whoever wants to know the truth of this insanity.


List #2 covers companies protesting Florida’s Parental Rights in Education/Don’t Say Gay Bill, and List 3 are other woke companies mostly for supporting BLM, LGBTQ causes and abortion rights, or for pulling advertising from Twitter after the Elon Musk takeover among other left wing causes.

    Even companies can change to doing right.  It is their choice.  Many say they stand for democracy….yeah…right!!!! No, most are afraid to stand up and do right, but going alone with wrong…and trying to force others to as well…they will answer for. Lists are no where to being complete:


Corporate signatories (WOKE LIST #1)



Alphabet (Google)


American Airlines

American Express


Bain & Company

Bank of America

Berkshire Partners

Best Buy



BMC Software

Boston Consulting Group

Broadridge Financial Solutions

Cambridge Associates


Civic Entertainment Group

Climb Credit


Cowboy Ventures

Creative Artists Agency

Dell Technologies


Discover Financial Services



Emerson Collective

Estee Lauder





FirstMark Capital

Ford Motor Company

General Catalyst

General Motors

Goldman Sachs

Harry’s Inc.



Insight Partners Leadership


Intelligensia Coffee

J & J

Jazz Lincoln Center


Khosla Ventures

Levi Stauss & Co.

Live Nation Entertainment

Loop Capital Markets


M & T Bank


McKinsey & Company


Microsoft Corporation

Mondelez International


Newell Brands


Otherwise Incorporated

Paper Source








REI Co-op

Richer Poorer



Seventh Generation

Slow Ventures

Smith & Company

Sodexo USA

Sodexo Magic


Sound Ventures

Spark Capital




Survey Monkey



  1. Rowe Price


Tory Burch LLC



Twitter (obviously not so woke now under Elon Musk!)

Under Armour

United Airlines



Viacom CBS


Warburg Pincus

Warby Parker






Most of the additions below on list #2 are protesting Florida’s parental rights in education bill (mischaracterized by dishonest media as “Don’t Say Gay.”)





Advanced Auto Parts

American Honda Motor Company

AT & T


Ben & Jerry’s

CVS Health


Comcast NBC Universal

Deckers Brands (UGG, HOKA, Teva, Sanuk, and Koolaburra by UGG)

Deutsche Bank




Go Daddy



H & M


H & R Block


Hyatt Group Hotels & Resorts

IHG Hotels & Resorts

Kellog Company

Kraft Heinz






Mars North America





Molson Coors Beverage Company









Pepsi/Frito-Lay/Cracker Jacks/Jills



Prudential Financial



Sony Interactive Entertainment




Warner Media

Wells Fargo

We Work

Yahoo Inc



Zoom Video Communications

Zynga Games






Other Misc. Woke Companies (LIST #3)



1-800 Flowers

Abercrombie & Fitch

Absolut Vodka



Alaska Airlines


All Elite Wrestling

Ally Bank/Ally Financial

Amalgamated Bank

Amerisource Bergen

Anastasia Beverly Hills





Audi Volkswagen



Banana Republic

Bank of New York Mellon

Bath & Body Works

Bed, Bath & Beyond





Blue Cross Blue Shield

Bloomin Brands (Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, etc.)

The Body Shop


Boy Smells

Bristol Myers Squibb

Burger King

Box Inc.




Budweiser (Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship) 


Burton Snowboards



Capital One

Cardinal Health

Caribou Coffee


CeraVe (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)







Coca-Cola Company

Collina Strada


Condé Nast

Constant Contact


Credit Karma

Crest (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)

Cushman & Wakefield


David Jones

Delta Airlines


Discover Card


Dollar Tree

Door Dash

Dr. Martens

Duke Energy




Erie Insurance

ESPN (Disney)



Evite (woke direct marketing emails, including one from a “LGBTQ + activist.”)



Family Dollar

Fashion Nova


For Love and Lemons


Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Fox Corporation/Fox News

Frontier Airlines





General Mills (Cheerios, Bisquick, Haagen Dazs, etc)

Giant Eagle

Gilead Sciences


Goodreads (please read about how these dirty rotten scoundrels cancelled me and my books here!)





Harper Collins

Harris Teeter


Haus Labs  (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)

Hershey (Chocolates)

Honest Beauty

Hooker Furniture Company

Hotel Tonight (woke emails)



Impact Wrestling

Impossible Foods


Ingersoll Rand

Instacart (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)



Jeni’s Ice Cream (SUPER WOKE!)

JP Morgan Chase



Kate Spade

Kenneth Cole


Kitchen Aid (Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship)



La Colombe


Legoland, home of the world’s largest Lego Pride parade



Lockheed Martin

Los Angeles Dodgers (AKA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence)

Love Beauty & Planet (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)



Lush Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics (Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship)



Marc Jacobs

Match Group (, Tinder, OK Cupid etc.)

Mattress Firm

McKesson Corporation


Merrill Lynch


Milk Makeup

Miller Brewing Co.

Misfits Market

Molson Coors

Momentive/Survey Monkey

Mondelez International (Oreos)


Mutual of Omaha

NAE Vegan Shoes


Native (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)

Natura & Co. 

New Japan Pro Wrestling

The New York Times (and almost every other news outlet in Western countries)

Neutrogena (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)


Next Door

Office Depot

Ohio Health

OK Cupid

Olay (Oil of Olay)

Old Navy

Oreos (Nabisco limited edition Pride Oreos)


Pacifica Beauty



Paypal (because they so deserve to be on this list at least twice)

Penguin Random House


Planet Fitness

PNC Bank

Popflex Active

Pop Tarts (Kelloggs- Queer Pop Tarts)


Prabal Gurung


Proctor & Gamble/Pantene

Progressive Insurance


Quaker Oats Co.


Ralph Lauren

Raymond James




Saks 5th Avenue/Off 5th

San Jose Sharks


Savage x Fenty, founded by Rihanna


Simon & Schuster


Seventh Generation





Sodastream (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)


Southwest Airlines


Stanley Black & Decker

State Farm

Stitch Fix




SVB Bank

Sveda Vodka (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)

Swiss Air

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampax (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)


Teva (sandals)

TGI Fridays

Tiffany & Co.


Tito’s Vodka

That Game Company

Thrive Market


Trillium Asset Management

Trout Unlimited

Truist Financial



Ulta Beauty (Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship)


United Health Group

Urban Decay (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)

Urlazh (Dylan Mulvaney sponsor)

U.S. Armed Forces

U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team



Vice Media Group

Victoria’s Secret

Virgin Atlantic


Vox Media


Whole Foods

Williams Sonoma

Wrigley (limited edition Pride skittles)



Types Of Genders From Around The World

  1. Acault (Myanmar)

Acault is a gender from Buddhist people of Myanmar. It describes people who are AMAB (assigned male at birth) who have been possessed by a female spirit god named Manguedon who has imparted femininity on them. Acaults are often seen as wise shamans and seers.


  1. AFAB

AFAB stand for ‘assigned female at birth’. It is a gender identity often assigned to people if there is for any reason a need to know a person’s birth gender, especially if that person no longer associates with that gender. It acknowledges that birth genders are assigned through cultural inscription.

  1. Agender

Agendered people do not have a gender. They are considered genderless or genderfree and do not fit on a masculine-feminine spectrum.

  1. Aliagender

Aliagendered people are neither male, female, or agendered. They are people who experience a gender identity that does not fit on the masculine-feminine spectrum but nonetheless feel a gendered identity.

  1. Alyha And Hwame (Mohave)

The Mohave people of the southwestern United States have two non-cis genders, alyha and hwame. Alyha are male-assigned people who dress and behave like women. Hwame are female-assigned people who dress and behave like men. Both alyha and hwame take on traditionally non-gendered roles. They are also both seen as having special spiritual powers.

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  1. AMAB

AMAB stands for ‘assigned male at birth’. Like AFAB, it is a gender identity often assigned to people if there is for any reason a need to know a person’s birth gender, especially if that person no longer associates with that gender. It acknowledges that birth genders are assigned through cultural inscription.

  1. Androgynous

An androgynous person is neither male or female. Their identity is considered ambiguous. Often, androgynes express elements of both masculine and feminine identities at different times.

  1. Aporagender

Aporagender people are those who do not identify with any specific gender. They may feel that they have no gender, or that their gender is undefined. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as feeling like one does not fit into any existing gender categories, or feeling like all existing gender categories are equally valid and none stand out as feeling more ‘right’ than the others.

  1. Aravani (India)

The aravani are people from Tamil Nadu, a state in the south of India. They are people who display femininity in a masculne body, but often go through physical transformations so their bodies match their genders.

  1. Ashtime (Maale, Ethiopia)

The Ashtime gender from the Maale culture of Ethiopia is a third gender that is considered to be neither male nor female. Ashtime people are seen as having special spiritual powers and as being more in tune with the natural world than other people. They often take on traditional roles such as healers, storytellers, and shamans. They were generally assigned male at birth.

  1. Burrnesha (Albania)

The Burrnesha gender from Albanian culture who have taken a vow of celibacy in order to live as men. Burrneshas dress and behave like men, take on male roles such as being the head of the household, and often take a wife. They are considered to be more spiritual than other people and are seen as having special powers.

  1. Bakla

Bakla are people from the Philippines who are effeminate biological men who dress and behave in ways traditionally associated with women. They are often seen as a third gender, distinct from men and women.

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  1. Bigender

Bigender people experience two genders, either simultaneously or at different times. These genders can be any combination of male, female, agender, etc.

  1. Calabai, Calalai, And Bissu (Indonesia)

Calalai are people who are seen as being born female but take on a masculine role, while Bissu are considered to be neither male nor female. Both Calabai and Calalai may undergo surgery to remove their breasts (called ‘top surgery’), while Bissu often wear both traditional masculine and feminine clothing.

  1. Chuckchi Ne’uchika Shamans (Siberia)

The Chuckchi ne’uchika shamans are assigned male at birth but are believed to have been ordered by a spirit to undergo a gender transformation. They often marry males from the tribe and take on both traditionally male and female roles within the tribe.

  1. Cisgender

A cisgendered person is a person who identifies with the same gender as the gender with which they were assigned at birth.

  1. Cis Female

A cis female is a female who was assigned the female gender at birth and continues to identify with that gender identity.

  1. Cis Male

A cis male is a male who was assigned the male gender at birth and continues to identify with that gender identity.

  1. Demiboy

A demiboy is a person who identifies as partially male. They may feel that they are neither fully male nor fully female, or that they are a mix of both genders. Demiboys may or may not undergo hormone therapy or surgery to change their bodies to match their gender identity.

  1. Demigender

Demigender people are those who identify as partially male or female. They may feel that they are neither fully male nor fully female, or that they are a mix of both genders.

  1. Demigirl

A demigirl is a person who identifies as partially female. They may feel that they are neither fully male nor fully female, or that they are a mix of both genders. Demigirls may or may not undergo hormone therapy or surgery to change their bodies to match their gender identity.

  1. Fa’afafine

Fa’afafine are a third gender in Samoan and Tongan culture. Fa’afafine are born male but identify as female and take on typically female gender roles in society. They play an important role in Samoan families and communities, and their visibility challenges traditional Western notions of gender and sexuality.

  1. Fakaleiti

Fakaleiti are a third gender in traditional Polynesian societies. They are biological males who dress and behave in a feminine manner. Fakaleitis often occupy positions of respect and play an important role in Polynesian cultures, serving as healers, seers, mediators, and caretakers. In recent years, the fakaleiti identity has been adopted by many LGBTQ+ people in Polynesia as a way to express their gender and sexuality.

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  1. Female

The traditional or conservative definition of “female” is a person who is biologically born with ovaries and typically has the capacity to produce eggs. Increasingly, we are defining a female as a person who identifies as a woman, regardless of their biological sex. This is because we’re moving toward separating the concepts of biological sex and culturally-defined genders.

  1. Femme

Femme is a term used to describe a person who identifies as a woman, and/or expresses themselves in a feminine way. Femme can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb. It is often used in the LGBTQIA+ community to describe a lesbian whose comportment is traditionally feminine.

  1. Femminiello (Italy)

The femminiello are a third gender from Italy. They are assigned male at birth but typically dress and behave like women. Femminiellos are often seen as lucky charms and are believed to have special powers, such as the ability to ward off evil spirits.

  1. Guevedoche (Dominican Republic)

Guevedoche translates to “penis at twelve”. There is an ethnic group in remote areas of the Dominican Republic who, through genetic developments, can give birth to children who are born looking like girls but grow male genetalia around age 12. This often leads to gender questioning and gender fluidity as the children age.

  1. Femminiello

In southern Italy, there exists a type of male shaman-like figure called a femminiello. Femminielli are sometimes considered to be cross-dressers, androgynous, or even transgender, although most femminielli see themselves as a distinct third gender.

  1. FTM

FTM is a term used to describe a person who was assigned the female gender at birth but identifies as a man. This acronym stands for ‘female-to-male.’

  1. Gender Apathetic

A person who is gender apathetic is someone who does not strongly lean towards identifying with one gender or another. Furthermore, they are often apathetic (or non-commital) about their attraction to one specific gender, meaning they are often bisexual.

  1. Gender Fluid

A person who is gender fluid may fluctuate between genders, or they may feel like they are a mix of both genders. In one context, they may identify more strongly as male, but in another context, they may identify more as a female. It is often very much context dependant and may change over time. This is different from being bisexual because gender fluidity is about gender identity, not sexual orientation.

  1. Gender Neutral

A person who is gender-neutral does not identify as either a man or woman. They may have a non-binary gender identity, or they may simply not identify with any gender, and reject the dualistic thinking of the male-female binary.

  1. Gender Nonconforming

A person who is gender non-conforming does not identify with the traditional gender roles assigned to their biological sex. They may

  1. Gender Questioning

A person who is gender questioning is someone who is exploring and questioning their own gender identity. This may be a person who is unsure if they are transgender, or it may be a cisgender person who is curious about what it would be like to experience life as the opposite gender.

  1. Gender Variant

A gender variant person is someone whose gender expression does not conform to traditional ideas about how men and women are supposed to look and behave. This could be a person who simply expresses their gender in a creative or non-traditional way.

  1. Genderqueer

Genderqueer is a term that describes people with non-binary gender identities. Genderqueer people may identify as neither male nor female, or they may identify as a mix of both genders. They may also use gender-neutral pronouns such as them/they, ze/hir, or xe/xem.

  1. Hermaphrodite

Hermaphrodite is an outdated and now generally disavowed term used to describe people who are intersex. Generally, this term is now strongly discouraged and often used to offend intersex people. The term intersex is now more acceptable.

  1. Hijra (Kinnar)

A hijra is a person from South Asia who may be born with male genitalia but identifies as female. Hijras are sometimes considered to be a third gender, and they have a long history in many South Asian cultures such as Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. In 2013, the government of Bangladesh officially recognized hijra as a gender.

  1. Intergender

Intergender is a term used to describe people who have both male and female characteristics, or who fall somewhere in between the two genders. Intergender people may identify as neither male nor female, or they may identify as a mix of both genders.

  1. Intersex

The term intersex describes people who are born with genitals or other sex characteristics that do not conform to normative definitions of ‘male’ or ‘female.’ Intersex people may choose to identify as male, female, or non-binary.

  1. Kathoey

A kathoey is a person from Thailand who may be born with male genitalia but identifies as female. Kathoeys are sometimes considered to be a third gender, and they have a long history in Thai culture. Since 2015, they have enjoyed enhanced legal protections in the country.

  1. Lhamana (Zuni)

A lhamana is a person from the Zuni tribe in North America (primarily, western New Mexico) who may be assigned male at birth but transitions to living as a female. The lhamana are considered to be a third gender in Zuni culture. Interestingly, in Zuni culture, gender roles are traditionally firmly set, but not connected to assigned sex at birth, opening space for fluid gender expression.

  1. Mahu (Hawaii)

A mahu is a person from Hawaii who may be born with male genitalia but identifies as female. Mahus are also known to wear women’s clothing and may take on feminine roles in their society. In ancient Hawaiian culture, mahu were revered as keepers of knowledge and skilled in the arts. Some modern scholars believe that the term “mahu” is no longer an accurate description of Native Hawaiian transgender people and prefer to use the term “wahine maoli” ( Native Hawaiian woman) instead.

  1. Male

The term male is a term to describe cisgendered people who were assigned male at birth and embrace that identification for themselves. A male may or may not embrace traditional masculinity roles. In today’s society, there is a wide spectrum of ways to embody masculinity that can reject toxic masculinity performances of the past.

  1. Maverique

A maverique is a person who defies traditional gender roles and expectations. Maveriques may identify as being of their own gender, but not male or female. Unlike other classifications, maveriqes are not agendered as they believe them to be of a distinct gender that does not fit on a spectrum of male-female. They are often creative, independent thinker, and non-conformists.

  1. Metis (Nepal)

Metis are from the Nepalese culture. They are people who display femininity in a masculine body. They have been officially recognized as a third gender in Nepal since 2007.

  1. MTF (Male-To-Female)

MTF is a term used to describe a person who was assigned the male gender at birth but identifies as a woman. This acronym stands for “male-to-female.” A person who is MTF may choose to undergo hormone therapy and/or sex reassignment surgery to transition to living as a woman.

  1. Muxe (Mexico)

The Muxe are a third gender people from the Zapotec indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico. Muxes are assigned male at birth but typically dress and behave in ways that are traditionally associated with women. Muxes occupy a unique and revered position in Zapotec culture, and they have been known to take on both masculine and feminine roles in their society.

  1. Neither

People who identify as being of neither gender generally do not wish to be placed on a traditional gender spectrum or may identify as a third gender. ‘Neither’ as a gender designation is regularly used as a catch-all category on government forms for anyone who is not cisgendered.

  1. Neutrois

Neutrosis was a gender identity first described in 1995. It is made up of the french terms neutre, meaning “neutral” trois meaning “three.” It is used by people to explain that they are of a non-binary unidentified gender or no gender at all.

  1. Ninauposkitzipxpe (Blackfoot)

The Ninauposkitzipxpe are a third gender people from the Blackfoot tribe of North America (Southern Alberta). The Ninauposkitzipxpe are assigned female at birth and typically dressed as women. However, they often took on traditionally cis-male roles within the society. The word translates to “manly-hearted women“.

  1. Nadleehi And Dilbaa (Navajo)

The Navajo Native American tribe has four genders, with the two non-cis genders being Nadleehi and Dilbaa. The Nadleehi are assigned male at birth while the Dilbaa are assigned female at birth. However, both genders may take on traditionally feminine or masculine roles and dress according to their chosen gender. According to this source, Nadleehi and Dilbaa genders are fluid throughout a person’s life.

  1. Non-Binary

Non-binary is a term used to describe people who do not identify as exclusively male or female. Non-binary people may identify as being of multiple genders, no gender, or a third gender. Non-binary people may also use gender-neutral pronouns such as they/them/their.



  1. Novigender

Novigender can be used to describe people who find it difficult to describe or understand how they experience gender. Novigender people may feel like their gender is ever-changing or hard to pin down.

  1. Other

‘Other’ is a formal classification people can select on gender forms to indicate that they do not fit into a binary gender construction. It is often used on official government forms, similar to ‘Neither’. People who identify as ‘other’ may also feel as if there is not a word to describe their experience of gender.

  1. Paṇḍaka

Paṇḍakas are a gender of people who are born without the male sex organ. In ancient India, they were not considered to be men or women, but rather a third gender. They typically dress and behave like women, and many Paṇḍakas even undergo surgery to make their bodies look more female.

Paṇḍakas have a long history in India, and their role in society has changed over time. In the early Vedic period, they were seen as a separate and distinct gender, but over time they became more marginalized. By the time of the Mahabharata, they were often seen as effeminate men or as impotent men.

  1. Pangender

Pangender is a term used to describe people who identify as multiple genders. Pangender people may feel like they are a combination of genders, or that their gender is constantly changing. It is often used to mean “all genders”.

  1. Polygender

Like pangender, polygender is a gender identity which refers to feeling multiple genders simultaneously or over time. Polygender people may feel like they are a combination of two or more genders, that their gender changes over time, or that they have no specific gender. Like many other non-binary identities, polygender is often seen as falling outside of the traditional

  1. Quariwarmi (Inca, Peru)

Quariwarmi was a third gender in pre-colonial Incan society. They were considered to be neither male nor female, but instead something in between. They typically dressed and behaved in ways that were considered to be more feminine than masculine. In some cases, they may have also been intersex or transgender people.

  1. Sekrata (Madagascar)

The Sekrata gender is a third gender in Madagascar society. People who identify as Sekrata are generally assigned male at birth but may dress and behave in ways that are traditionally associated with women and are often respected and revered dancers.

  1. Sistergirl And Brotherboy (Aboriginal Australian)

Sistergirl is a term used in Aboriginal Australian society to refer to transgender women. It is considered a respectful and positive term by those within the community.

Sistergirls are often born male but identify as female, and may undergo a traditional coming-of-age ceremony. This ceremonious event signifies their official transition into womanhood.

  1. Brotherboy (Aboriginal Australia)

Brotherboys are Aboriginal Australians who are trans men. They were assigned female at birth but identify as male. They may also undergo a traditional coming-of-age rite to be recognized as males in society. Like sistergirls, brotherboys are generally respected within their own communities.

  1. Third Gender

The third gender is a concept in which individuals are categorized, either by themselves or others, as neither man nor woman. It is also used to describe those who do not fit into the traditional genders of male and female. Many non-western cultures have embraced multiple genders, undermining the cultural notion that there are just two genders.

  1. Tom And Dee Identities

Tom and Dee identities are those of people assigned male or female at birth, respectively, who identify as the opposite gender. For example, a person assigned male at birth who identifies as female would be considered a Tom identity. Likewise, a person assigned female at birth who identifies as male would be considered a Dee identity.

These identities are named after the Tom and Dee characters in the children’s book The Gendered Society Reader. The book was written by two sociologists, Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson, and it explores how gender impacts everyone’s lives, regardless of their assigned sex.

  1. Trans*

Transgender describes people whose gender identity does not match their assigned gender at birth. Often, we simply write Trans* (with an asterisk) in order to be more inclusive of all transgender people, including trans men and trans women.

  1. Transmasculine

Transmasculine people are people who are AFAB (assigned female at birth) but identify as masculine (they may be a masculine woman). It is used as a term that’s more specific than trans*, which could describe a wide range of gender identities. 

  1. Trans Man

A trans man is a person who was assigned female at birth but identifies as a man. Trans men may or may not go through surgical transitions or take medications so their body matches their gender identity.

  1. Trans Woman

Trans woman people are people who are AMAB (assigned male at birth) but identify as a woman. They may or may not go through a surgical transition. 

  1. Transfeminine

Transfeminine people are people who are AMAB (assigned male at birth) but identify as feminine (they may be a feminine man). Note that feminine and female are not the same, where feminine is a collection of behaviors while female is a gender identification.

  1. Transsexual

Transsexual is a term used to describe someone who has undergone a surgical transition to change their physical appearance to match their gender identity. This could include things like chest reconstruction (top surgery) or vaginoplasty (bottom surgery). Not all transgender people choose to have surgery, and not all who do identify as transsexual. The term is often considered outdated and offensive by many in the transgender community.

  1. Transsexual Female

A transsexual female is a person who was assigned male at birth but has transitioned to live as a woman. This could include undergoing surgery and/or hormone therapy to change their physical appearance. Not all transgender women identify as transsexual, and not all transsexual women undergo surgery.

  1. Transsexual Male

A transsexual male is a person who was assigned female at birth but has transitioned to live as a man. This could include undergoing surgery and/or hormone therapy to change their physical appearance. Not all transgender men identify as transsexual, and not all transsexual men undergo surgery.

  1. Travesti

Travesti is a Latin American term for people who were assigned male at birth but identifu as a woman. They often live and work in all-travesti environments, such as nightclubs and brothels. They may or may not undergo hormone therapy or surgery to change their physical appearance.

  1. Trigender

Trigender is a gender identity that refers to people who experience three genders: male, female, and something else that is neither of those two. This third gender can be a combination of both male and female, somewhere in between the two, or something entirely different. Trigender people may identify as any combination of genders, including but not limited to: agender, bigender, genderfluid, or pangender. Not all trigender people experience the same three genders in the same way.

  1. Two-Spirit

Two-Spirit Female is a term used to describe a Native American gender identity. Two-Spirit people are those who have both male and female spirits, and are often seen as having special powers as a result. It explains gender non-conformity in spiritual terms, seeing the person as having a spirit that spans traditional gender constructs.

  1. Two-Spirit Female

Two-Spirit females are often women who identify as having both a male and female spirit. In Canada, they’re often acknowledged in the acronym LGBTQI2S+. Check with the two-spirit person for the culturally appropriate way in which they define themselves.

  1. Two-Spirit Male

Two-Spirit males are men who identify as having both a male and female spirit. This term (as with two-spirit female) often differs depending on the Native American culture, remembering that there were a wide range of cultures in existence before colonization. Therefore, it’s important to ask the two-spirit person how they would like to be identified.

  1. Waria (Indonesia)

Waria is a term used in Indonesia to describe people who are assigned male at birth but identify as women. The term itself is an Indonesian language portmanteau of woman (wanita) and man (pria). They often face discrimination within parts of conservative Indonesian culture.

  1. Whakawahine (New Zealand)

Whakawahine is a Maori term used to describe people who are assigned female at birth but identify as men. It’s one of the many traditional gender identities still present in Maori culture. The word translates from Whaka, meaning ‘towards’, and wahine, meaning ‘woman’.

  1. Winkte (Lakota)

The Lakota people of the Sioux Native American tribe have a gender known as winkte. Winkte translates to ‘two-souls person’, and is used to describe someone who is assigned male at birth but has a female spirit.

  1. Xanith (Oman)

The Xanith are a third gender found in Oman culture. They are assigned male at birth but undergo a social transition to live as women. This includes learning feminine gender roles and occupations typically associated with women. The Xanith are also referred to as Khanith.

According to social constructivism, there are many different genders, and this is just a small sampling of them. From a social constructivist lens, gender is fluid and increasingly considered a social construct. People’s identities can change over time.


I did not put these lists together.  These lists are just so you are aware that it is not just a few places anymore going along with this insanity.  It is a lot of people, a lot of companies…and maybe to them they think if they will go along with crazy people’s ideas that somehow they are going to be okay.  Compromise of what God says is wrong and you want to go along and call it okay…is not right.  If you allow the nuts to decide what you can and can’t do in your own business, schools, marriage, homes, and even in some churches now…you will stand before God and give an account.  Now is the time to stand up against the insanity of wok and all the rest and put God back into America.  If not…know this, at some point and we have had many chances to change in America and it got worse…we will fall as a nation.  We can see what is going on in Blue cities and states and what they allow and want.  Insanity!!!!You go there and do your research on this because if I added that stuff here this would be a 1000 pages longer. 


I would like to present you with another partial list of things that have been deemed racist and/or white supremacist (the two terms are often interchangeable) in the last few years. The list is growing daily, so this column can only be incomplete.

This list is only presented as a public service, so it’s up to you – as a proper woke American – to avoid all the things, terms, people, subjects, foods, books, pets, diseases, locations, beverages, fashions and activities that might offend someone because of your white supremacy and privilege (even if you’re not white). So without further ado, and in no particular order:

  1. Crime-surge fears are racist.
  2. The Fourth of July is (of course) racist.
  3. Fireworks are racist.
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases are racist.
  5. Arresting someone for torturing cats is racist.
  6. Putting an American flag on your vehicle is racist.
  7. The Declaration of Independence is racist.
  8. Criminalization of marijuana is racist.
  9. The Oregon Trail is racist.
  10. Eating French food is racist.
  11. The fossil fuel industry is racist.
  12. Summer heat is racist.
  13. Strawberries are racist.
  14. Space is racist.
  15. Band-Aids are racist.
  16. Tanned skin is racist.
  17. Reporting rape is racist.
  18. Medicine is racist.
  19. Denying that medicine is racist is racist.
  20. Apple pie is racist.
  21. The term “Asian giant hornet” is racist.
  22. Categorizing ancient human remains as either “male” or “female” is racist.
  23. Ballet is racist.
  24. Dog names are racist.
  25. GPAs (grade point averages) are racist.
  26. White people who have a good relationship with their family are racist.
  27. NOT funding abortion is racist.
  28. Chess is racist.
  29. “Urgency” is racist (well, technically “a white supremacy value”).
  30. Economic recessions are racist.
  31. Eye-rolling is racist.
  32. Enjoying outdoor recreational activities is racist.
  33. The term “brown out” to describe unstaffed firefighter units is racist.
  34. Asking voters to renew registration is racist.
  35. The Second Amendment is racist (since it’s meant to preserve white supremacy).
  36. Fears of gun control are racist.
  37. Homeschooling is racist.
  38. Camping is racist.
  39. Property is racist.
  40. The word “obesity” is racist.
  41. Capitalization (of letters) is racist.
  42. Diversity of thought is racist.
  43. White fans who enjoy the NBA (National Basketball Association) are racist.
  44. Remote schooling is racist.
  45. National Park System names are racist.
  46. Alcohol consumption is caused by racism.
  47. The Founding Fathers (of course) were “racist, misogynist jerkfaces.”
  48. Free speech is racist.
  49. Whiteboards are racist.
  50. Masculinity is racist.
  51. Covering the Ukraine war is racist.
  52. The term “marijuana” is racist.
  53. The Southern Poverty Law Center is racist.
  54. The Constitution (of course) is racist.
  55. Concern for Ukrainian refugees is racist.
  56. Tipping in restaurants is racist.
  57. Physical fitness is racist.
  58. Implying Asians are intelligent is racist.
  59. Physics is racist.
  60. Kamala Harris’ political gaffes are due to racism (and misogyny).
  61. College admissions standards are racist.
  62. Being “colorblind” is racist.
  63. Cameras are racist.
  64. Freedom is racist.
  65. Meat is racist.
  66. The field of nuclear science is racist.
  67. Determining kidney health is racist.
  68. Getting rid of a school board that hid sexual assault is racist.
  69. Traffic violations are racist.
  70. Eloquence is racist.
  71. Unvaccinated people are racist.
  72. Mount Everest is racist.
  73. House fires are racist.
  74. The Beatles are racist.
  75. “Jingle Bells” is racist.
  76. Outdoor activities (hiking, biking, fishing, running) are racist.
  77. Agriculture and farmers’ markets are racist.
  78. Crime software is racist.
  79. Being pro-life is racist.
  80. Thanksgiving is racist.
  81. The word “looting” is racist.
  82. Self-defense is racist.
  83. Truck drivers are racist.
  84. “Education” is code for white racism.
  85. “Parental rights” is also code for racism.
  86. Roads are racist.
  87. Modern baby-carriers (slings, backpacks, etc.) are racist.
  88. Golf is racist.
  89. The word “spooky” is racist.
  90. Asking children to behave and follow directions is racist.
  91. Sept. 11 was racist.
  92. A British accent is racist.
  93. Belief in creationism is racist.
  94. Sculpting plaster is racist.
  95. Disliking curry is racist.
  96. The Welsh language is racist.
  97. Larry Elder is racist (actually, a white supremacist).
  98. Marriage is racist.
  99. Objecting to lowering the voting age to 16 is racist.
  100. Rocks are racist.
  101. Gypsy moths are racist.
  102. Suburbs are racist.
  103. Comedy is racist.
  104. Nature is racist.
  105. Visiting Hawaii is racist.
  106. Infants are racist– but only white infants.
  107. Sugar is racist.
  108. Crossword puzzles are racist.
  109. Denying you’re a racist is racist.
  110. Wanting people to be arrested and tried for crimes is racist.
  111. Blaming the violent criminals for their actions is racist.
  112. Standing up for right and doing right is racist.
  113. Calling ones government as doing evil is now racist.
  114. Blaming white people for things they did not do 100s of years ago is okay, but if you don’t it is racist.


This list could have a 100 plus things and each would be considered racist.  What the heck.  I will not now or ever go along with all this madness.  I trust my Lord Jesus, and I will not compromise His word to make anyone else feel less offended.  You will always be offended if you believe this crap.  You have one walk through life, and there is one way to get into heaven…that is if Jesus is your Lord and Savior.  You don’t have to believe this but it is still 100% true.  I hope this post helps someone, and changes their mind to the insanity that is going on in this world.  This world is all we have for now.  We need to take care of it and we need to do that by the word of God…the Bible.  We must stop compromising to make people feel better.  These last few years of taught me many things and I choose to hang on to Jesus like superglue.  I will not…I repeat…I will not go along with the woke nuts ever.  There is male and female, men don’t have babies, abortion is murder, and not matter what a person cuts off or adds to their body…their DNA will still be male or female because God says so.  So now it is up to each of us to decide who we will follow: God Almighty and the truth, or the devil and the lies.  It is truly your turn to decide for you which is right.  Only you can make that decision for yourself.  No one can choose for you.