Post 7…June 2023…The Fruits of Life

    The Jews had a celebration of first fruits each year.  They brought their first fruits and everyone celebrated.  They presented their fruits/harvests…and it also meant that the were dedicating those to God, and for the harvest that was yet to come.

    Now let’s go to Pentecost for a moment here.  There were 120 disciples in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost where God had told them to wait for the Holy Spirit. God was going to pour out His Spirit upon them.  To many this is the day that church began.  It was considered the birth of the church and this was over 2000 years ago.  This happened on the Feast of Shavuot…first fruits.  The church was to be the first fruis and go out into the world and tell others about the Lord.

    They were the firstfruits of the new life in the Lord.  They had an important job to do now.  And behind them going out after this…they had the strength of the Lord and His power to help them.  They were to present His firstfruits to the world.  These firstfuits they were to present were considered holy.  God’s pouring out of the firstfruits was a consecration to them, but know this we are the firstfruit of this generation that we are in.  This job is just as important as it was in the beginning.  It is our job to tell others of the love of Jesus so they can also have new life and eternal life. 

    We are God’s people and it is up to us for this season of our life…to tell others. If not all of us…who?  If we don’t share the love of the lord we can be sure the devil will lie and tell them everything they should not hear…and for many they will believe the lies.

    How to we overcome?  We stand on the word of God and we share the word of God so others can have the same opportunity that we were given.  Some will come to God, but many won’t.  Our job is to plant the seed regarding the Lord, or water the seed/word in their life.  However, we don’t save anyone…God does.  He draws people to Him…but since they have freedom of choice they must make that decision.  Many will make the wrong choice and miss heaven and one day wish they would have listened.  God gives us all a chance to change direction.  I can’t make anyone listen or believe.  I can just tell them about Jesus and heaven…but it is them who decides their direction.  Someone told me about Jesus when I was young and although I didn’t make that decision right then…I am so thankful I didn’t die before I did choose to follow the Lord.  I serve an awesome Lord…the Lord Jesus.  He never lies to me and I trust Him with my very soul.  I pray that if you don’t know Him…that you will get to know Him and fall madly in love with Him.  But don’t put off learning of Him and getting to know Him.  For none of us knows either the hour of His return or the hour of our demise.  Again…one second after your last breath was one second too late to change.  Please, meet Jesus today and learn the truth.  Then you be a first fruit and go out into wherever God takes you and to whom He takes you and you be the light that shines for heaven.