Post 4 (4)   January….2023………   Why is Trusting God so Difficult

Monday, January 2, 2023

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  Proverbs 3:5.

 “He who trusts in himself is a fool…” Proverbs 28:26

God’s ways don’t always make sense to us.  God told Noah to build an ark.  It may have never rained up to this point and the nearest body of water was probably many miles away.  It most likely didn’t make sense to Noah at all. Build an ark/boat.  Why? Where?   We, as humans, want life to make sense.  We always want to set our own terms and timetables, and we want to know the why and where of things.  We want things yesterday and get upset when we must wait on something. 

God’s timetable works much differently than our minds comprehend.  God promised Abraham a son from his own body through his wife Sarah.  It was years before this promise was fulfilled in the way God had promised.  In the meantime, even Abraham and Sarah had difficulty trusting God and tried their own methods to fulfill the promise.  They were both very old and to have a baby then really was a miracle of God.   Aren’t we all like this at times?  It is difficult to trust in a plan that requires us to surrender all control of the time for completion.  We just want it to happen right now. God is never wrong and He sure is never late.  His timetable is perfect. 

But in order to trust God you really must surrender your will to His will and place your future into His hands.  God always has our best interest at heart, and He uses different tactics to get each of us to whatever place He has in mind for us.  We are all tested and tried differently because each of us is unique and has different issues to deal with.

We can’t go around being a control freak, because when we follow God we must give up our control to God and allow Him to work in and through us to accomplish His means in our life.  When we do this, and when we pray we will then begin to trust God.

God always has our best interest.  Many of us claim to trust and surrender if the things are going our way and they are things we want, or we believe in.  However, what happens when things get tough in our life?  What if what God asks from us we just don’t “get it”? I’m sure that Noal wondered why he was to build a boat where there was no water.

Our trials are exactly what God uses to test the level of trust that we have in Him.  In spite of the trials we will face in life there are so many lessons we learn in going through them.  It is hard to understand that trials can be for our own good.  We don’t want to hear that part.  Romans 8:28, Hebrews 12:2,  James 1:2,  2 Corinthians 4:17.   We learn that it is through trust that our relationship with God strengthens and our love for Him grows.  Why is it so easy to trust in things and people, but we don’t want to trust the God of all Creation?  God is our protection plan, the long-term security, and the benefits that trusting in God offers.  All the other things in which we place our trust can fail.  However, God never ever fails.  Trust God always.