Post 4…June 2023…Oh, Lord, Thank you

                This morning I got out of bed (as I always do), went to the rest room, went in the kitchen and turned on the light, opened the blinds, put a pot of coffee on, went and laid on the couch for a few till the coffee was done, got up and fixed me a cup, sat down and read the word of God, prayed, then got up and went and took a shower.  Why am I telling you this…because millions of people around the world did not get to do this.  Either because they couldn’t (health issues), or because they live in a place where if they do read the word of God and pray…they could be persecuted.  What I, and millions of others around the world, take for granted each day…can cost others their very life for doing the same things.  

                So many people around the world either don’t know Jesus, live in fear of so many things now days, or just like living in the sinful condition they are in.  Some have said that sin is fun.  To that I will say it might seem so right now…but there will be a time that the sin you chose to do and knew not to do…will be brought before you at the judgment seat of God.  We can con a lot of people on earth, believe whatever we want to believe…the lies or the truth, but in the end when we leave this earth we will stand before God and give an account. 

                We have all sinned in life.  God says so and I believe everything God tells me.  I have absolutely no reason not to believe God.  I sinned just like everyone else.  We still sin at times, but the difference is when/if we do sin now we know to run to God and confess and repent of it.  We didn’t always understand that one. 

                The world has gone quite insane and is going to get so much worse.  People are totally wack jobs nowadays.  Can we truly trust anyone we come in contact with?  A few maybe, but first I choose to go to God who never lies to me or lets me down.  People can disappoint us even family and friends do.

                God has led me to tell people about Him.  I am not a speaker, and as you can tell from my writing it doesn’t always flow as it should, but God still uses it to reach whomever it is He want it to go to.  That is amazing.  When I grew up there was this wonderful neighbor next door named Mrs Iona Cloud.  What a fantastic lady she was.  She was the Christian we all wish we were.  I have never truly met another as Christian and loving and kind as she was.  She took me to church and told me about Jesus, made me cookies and talked to me as she did.  In all the years I was blessed to know her she prayed for me.  I never in all those years heard her say an unkind word about anyone.  I didn’t accept really back then the Lord for my life was not that great at the time and for some time, but I knew she introduced me to the Lord, prayed for me, and that I could trust her.  I’m old now, but I still think of her and what she did to plant the seeds of God, and water the word for me.  That is all we can do for someone.  No one can accept the Lord for us.  We were given free will to decide for ourselves if Jesus is our Lord or not.

                We all make a lot of mistakes, sin, and errors in life we are surely not happy we did, but we also know we can’t go back to change anything, and living in the past keeps us out of the now and the future.  I can’t fix the past…but I can contribute to the future and get and stay right with God so I can cross that finish line and be in His presence. 

                Many of us grew up in places that were difficult and I don’t need to go there, but I know one day I understood I can’t blame anyone else for the choices I ended up making.  I made the choices I did, and although many were wrong…I did them.  I take responsibility for my own actions.  Oh, yes, people hurt other people and do things they wish they hadn’t…but I had a choice as to how I would deal with those things. 

                I met Jesus and Jesus transformed my heart and soul.  No, I know I didn’t deserve it, but there He was.  He came after me…!!!  I am so thankful that even when I was young and Mrs. Cloud prayed for me…and she planted and watered my soul with the word of God…I didn’t make that choice for Jesus for a long time.  I know that her prayers played a major part when the time did come to ask Jesus into my heart.  I wasted a lot of years without Him…I regret that.  For Jesus is the most amazing thing in my life. 

                In this world now in the condition it is in…I really can say I don’t like a lot of people/or their life style.  I don’t like what they believe and stand for.  I don’t like the violence, the hate, the racism, the woke life they want people to accept.  No, I won’t accept any of it…but even though I don’t like a lot of them…I still love them, care where they spend eternity, pray for them, tell as many as I can about Jesus, and I do hope that they come to Jesus before it is too late.  We don’t know when we will take our last breath on this earth and God has given us all many chances to change.  I pray so many more will come to know this amazing Jesus who loves them and died for them. 

                Right now many even claim to know Jesus…but they don’t want to do what He says.  They want to stay living in their sins and they think they can because the people of this world, the government, even some churches are telling them that God is okay with what they are doing.  No, if you are living in what “God” calls sin…it is sin and it needs dealt with.  You can’t pick and choose out of the Bible and twist it to make it say whatever you want it to.  In your soul you know right is right and wrong is wrong…no matter what society tells you otherwise. 

                I don’t need to mention all the sins right now out there.  There are so many it would take book after book to go through them.  You know what you do wrong. 

                I have people tell me God is okay with their sinful lifestyle because God loves them and would want them to be happy.  God does love them, but God is not happy with certain things people are doing and how they are living.  Some churches nowadays are telling them that their love for the same sex, being certain ways, that men can have babies, and that abortion is okay.  No……………………….if God ever called something sin it will forever on this earth be sin no matter who tells you otherwise.  God doesn’t want anyone lost.  He wants you in heaven, but people doing certain this will not end up there if they stay living in whatever sin it is.  They need to go to God, ask God into their life, repent of their sin and allow God to help transform then.  This life is short and then eternity comes.  To think God would want people in heaven who decided against what God says there…in insane.  Now is the time to make things right with God…now…not tomorrow for tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 

                I got up today and did what I normally do and most days don’t we take for granted we can even brush our teeth, walk somewhere, sit somewhere, do something?  Some people can’t.  I am thankful for my Jesus, for all He did for me and for you.  You are important.  And even if, for some, I don’t agree with you, with your lifestyle, with your hatred of me and other Christians and Jews…I might not like you for the hate in you, I still love you and pray for you.  You are worth praying for.  You are worth telling you about Jesus.  However, it is up to you to decide who you will follow…God or the devil?  One spreads love and one spreads hate and evil.  As for me…I choose Jesus.  I pray you do as well.