Post 6…August 2023   The Desert of my Life

Whenever I find myself in the desert times of my life.  I need to look to find out why I am there.  What cand I do to change this, and where do I go for help.

        You see, life can be very difficult to say the least.  Somedays it can feel like my soul is totally dry and I have never had any nourishment to get me out of the situation that I might be in.  My soul has felt, at times, that the desert is totally dry and rain will never come. 

I live in a desert and it can go along time without rain.  It can feel like it will never rain and the desert gets brown and dry looking.  The plants are crying out for nourishment yet…it still might be awhile before that happens. 

I needed to look at my situation as to why my life felt like a desert with no nourishment.  I wanted the rain so badly so why was it not coming to me?  I was overwhelmed by my circumstances in life.  The “why me” syndrome I guess I could call it.  Don’t most of us feel like this from time to time?  My life was feeling like a dry riverbed with no rain in sight.

Yet…now get this…God’s timing is always and forever perfect.  He is never late to anything.  Sometimes we just have to get to the point of the lowest of low in our life for God to even reach us.  When we are in the “self” mode we don’t look up to God…we mostly look at self and do as we want in life. 

As I said, God’s timing is always perfect.  He knows the exact moment in time to come to our rescue.  We think He is late…but He’s not.  We have to know we need Him. 

One day, I knew that and I asked God into my life…but it was so much more than just asking.  I needed Him all along, but I didn’t really understand that part like I do now.  I had let my life live however I felt in the moment and not for Him. 

Well, all of a sudden, at the exact time, hope sprung up and the floodwaters of heaven were opened to me.  My soul was being nourished like never before.  No one else might understand but hope was back, joy filled my very soul, and that joy was in Jesus and not in me or what I thought I wanted in life.  No one but Jesus fills the soul.  People fill our life with love that is very true…but not our soul.

When the waters of heaven opened up the barrenness of my soul began to grow, in Him, and I felt hope, love, joy, and peace I could, and can not, ever explain.  The water of the Word started to fill my soul and life began to blossom.  I was ready for the water of the word and the blossoms it would bring to my soul.

Then……………..there is redemption!  I felt finally redeemed of the Lord.  I was prior but I truly was not living for Him.  Now, I felt a peace in Him and  redemption of my very soul. That is an amazing feeling.  That is a “wham” moment for sure.

Then it was time (it is always time for this part) to remember exactly what Jesus did for me.  No matter how difficult life seemed at times…God had not deserted me in any way.  He was there.  He was always there.  It was me who walked away without even realizing it.

The barenness of my life represented my life without God.  Not because He left me, but because I had not made Him number one in my life.  I actually did a lot of really dumb things (I wish I could change) I did in life and yet as much as He allowed me to mess up…when the time was right in my soul…He was still there for me.  None of us can change our past…not one second of it.  We did the things we did and our brain can be guilty and carry it all around forever, but we sure can’t go back and change it.

We hurt people in our life and they hurt us, and we can do some really dumb things can’t we?  I sure did.  I totally am sorry for my part but I can’t change those things.  I could give them all to Jesus because He said I could and should.  He already paid the price on the cross for them all.  Oh, I can whine in my brain all I want but I was forgiven of my past and He said He would not remember them anymore.  So isn’t it time we let our past go?

I know that when I gave my life, for real, to Jesus my soul changed direction.  Doesn’t matter if others can’t see it because God does.  We all want to be loved and forgiven but we live in a fallen world and people are not Jesus.  Many will never believe we changed or even care if we did.  Some will just hate no matter what.  Some you love will never forgive, nor want you in their life.  You can’t make them.  You can love them, pray for them, wish they were there, but you can’t make them love you.

 Jesus is and was, and always will be the miracle of my life.  He is my Lord and Savior and I trust Him in every situation even those I don’t understand yet.  Hope returned to my soul, joy returned to my heart, and peace…well…that peace He gives no one else no matter how much we love them can give us that peace.

I have the hope of heaven for my eternity.  You can have it as well.  I was a desert dweller I guess you could have called me…but now I am a river that flows because He watered my heart and soul.  God didn’t just give desert water He gave me water from heaven. 

Our entire life could have been a desert with no hope in sight and no rain to water us.  Then we meet Jesus.  He was drawing us all along, but we didn’t see it, and some didn’t think they wanted or needed Him.  We all need Him.  Well, I want Him 24/7.  I don’t want to live one moment without Him. 

Life was not always easy for me…most likely yours was not always easy for you.  We deal with stuff and sometimes think we are ok when we are so far from being ok and don’t even know it. 

I pray that each person who took the time to read this knows Jesus, loves Jesus, trust Jesus, and that He is your Lord and Savior.  If you don’t yet know Him personally…this is for you.  He stands right  there waiting for you to ask Him into your heart.  He has been there all along.  He doesn’t want anyone to miss heaven but millions and millions will.  Why?  Because they chose not to allow Him into their life.  He is the way, the truth, and the life…and the only way you will cross into he heaven no matter what anyone else tries to tell you. 

So today, right now…I want you to meet my Jesus.  There is room for you….there is always room for you at the cross and desert of your life.  Let Jesus water your very soul and begin to live.  It is decision time people.  We do not know the last moment of our life.  This decision is way to important to put off. 

The water of the desert is awaiting you!  Come get it!