Post 9…July 2023….God’s Purpose in Our Life


    God really does have a purpose for our life, but we don’t always do what God wants now do we?

    Think about Jerusalem for a few because in the life of the Jews, they have been fought over more than anyone else.  Why is that?  Such a small space upon this earth and so many kingdoms and empires have approached its walls to destroy the Jews and take the land.

    Jerusalem is called the City of God, the City of Peace, yet it has been reduced to ashes more than once and laid siege over twenty times throughout history.  In fact, it has been the ground of over a hundred conflicts and still counting. 

    There has been no other city on earth that has been fought over more than Jerusalem so what is the deal with this?  It doesn’t have, by other countries, a huge military, and no great and mighty resources going on.  Yet, something mighty is going on in Jerusalem that is not going on anywhere else on earth.  These battles over Jerusalem have been going on and still do, but the something special here is that these are God’s chosen people and so is Jerusalem.  Beyond natural explanation Jerusalem and the Jews are still there.  A conflict more than that of physical force and war is going on there and that is in the spiritual realm.  It is the conflict of the enemy!!!

    Why:  Because Jerusalem is the center of God’s purpose for the Jews, for the world, and for us as well.  It is the center of God’s purpose from the past, the present, and the future.  It is the very place that His feet will touch the earth one day, and where the throne from which the kingdom of God will be.

    Because God is in Jerusalem and with the Jewsish people, which are His…this area of the world has and is still being warred over.  Jerusalem is central to what God is doing and what God is about to do on earth.  God’s purposes are great for Jerusalem and the Jews, but it also includes all of us…who are Christians around the world as well.

    There is a clock ticking and at some point in the near future Jesus is coming for His bride, the church.  This is not yet when He steps down upon the earth though…this is the rapture where we are taken up first. 

    In our life, and the life of all God’s children (those where He is their Lord and Savior) and these who do the will of the Father in heaven…while still here on earth can face even great conflict and persecution…but at one point Jesus is coming for us and we will be taken out before the really awful stuff begins to happen. 

    Don’t let life on earth no matter how bad it seems or is defeat you.  You are a child of God Almighty and you can overcome.  Be encouraged that you know you will be taken prior to the really bad stuff that is going to take place.  You stay on the right path no matter who tries to get you off the pathway of God.  There is a great reward for those, of us, His children when He returns for us.  We can’t stop or give  up.  Don’t fear what might and will happen while still upon this earth.  We might face persecution and even death…but if we do…we know where we are going.  The world’s ways and people don’t believe God and that there really is a hell that awaits all who reject Him and cause evil. They could ask God into their life and confess their sins and repent (turn around), but millions won’t do it. Many are deceived, but many choose their destiny.  We can pray diligently and many will come to the Lord, but many really want to stay living in their sins and won’t change.

    We, who are God’s children…will be opposed for even Jesus was opposed.  But good, right, morals, are important.  We can’t compromise God’s word so as not to offend the world.  The world doesn’t love us and wants to destroy us who are Christians and Jews.  They don’t want to give up their sinful life because to them they think they are right and their sins feel okay with them…and the government and society tell them they are okay.  It doesn’t matter if the government, or these false/fake churches, or these groups of people tell them they are right and we are wrong.  One day they will stand before God and give an account.  Right now, they could change their destiny.  Some will, but most won’t.  That is their right to their decision.

    The world pretty much hates all of us.  They don’t want to believe what God says, and some call the Bible a fairy tale.  Oh, if they only knew and understood. Even some people think that if they do nice things are they feel they or their loved ones are good people…it doesn’t mean they will go to heaven for that is not the criteria to get into heaven.  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  Only through Him will anyone cross over into heaven no matter what people say.   

    So many are now following the so-called gods of this world.  So many more and added daily are out and out following the devil.  Many think hell is going to be a big party…if only they understood what was going to take place for all eternity for them if they don’t change sides right now while they are on this side of death.  Afterward will be way too late and there are no appeals or time off for good behavior.  Hell is called hell because it will be hell. 

    I know that many will be lost, but while I am alive and breathing I will tell others of Jesus and pray that some of them will come to Him and fall madly in love with Him. 

    If we are persecuted and if we die because of it…we get to go home to Jesus.  We can’t fall now people.  We must stand up for right no matter what it cost us here on earth.  We must pray for our family and friends to be drawn to the Lord and that they will ask Him into their life.  Oh, if we could only do it for them…but we can’t.  It has to be their decision. 

    With all the evil in this world and all the hatred going on…stay focused on Jesus and His ways.  The world is not just and is filled now with so much injustice we seem amazed by it, but God said in the last days it would happen and that it would get worse and worse and it will.  In my own life for even the last 20 years is has gotten worse and worse and getting even more worse day by day.  All we can do is choose to do right, do things God’s way, pray for others, warn others…but we can’t make anyone change.  We plant a seed, we water that seed, but God does the rest.  Some will never want God.  We do it for the ones who will.  One person who accepts Jesus as their Lord is one less in hell.  Their soul is worth us telling and retelling them.  Let us each go about God’s plan and fight the good fight until the end.  Don’t give up, and don’t believe the lies of satan for he is getting more and more desperate now.  He knows his end is near.  You stay focused on the Lord and stick closer than superglue.  Love to all of you.  Stay strong!