Post 31…March 2023…Stay strong in the Lord

No matter what the devil tosses our way we need to fully stand on God’s word and it is unhindered. The devil can’t stop God’s word no matter what he does or what he gets people to do.  God’s word will stand.

We will meet the challenges and we will prevail.  We will tell others about the love of Jesus, and even if persecuted we will still stand for right. Unhindered growth despite overwhelming opposition.  We, Christians, all over the world are facing opposition and persecution now.  Some way more than others are.   We have God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit on our side.  People can condemn the church all they choose to do but it will still stand. 

We, as true Christians, are in a battle.  Not against flesh and blood, but against the devil and his cohorts in a spiritual battle. Oh, the devil uses people to try to take us down and stop us from telling others about Jesus, but there will always be a remnant to carry on.  Just look at China.  They murder you if you are a Christian yet…the church goes on there even underground.  They still get the word of God out, and people are still getting saved there despite all the devil does to stop Christianity there. 

You be that Christian that no matter what happens around you to stop you from telling of the love of the Lord…don’t give in to the devil and his cohorts.  You be strong in the Lord no matter what you hear or see in this world.  Stay strong in Him!!!! 

The devil knows his time is about up and he will end up in the lake of fire.  He hates God and wants to destroy everyone who loves God, who might choose God, and he is a murderer, a thief, a liar, and he will do whatever he can to destroy us.  Stay alert for he is always at work to destroy. 

Right now all around the world the devil is feasting on hate, anger, racism, and all the sins God says is wrong.  He is telling people that what they do is okay and to hate a loving God who can save them and do things his way. The devil wants people to believe the lies they are being fed that sin is okay but in people’s souls they know that is a lie…yet they just keep on doing the sins like there is not going to be any consequences for their actions.  God is the creator and the one who sets the standards.  God told you what sin is and yes, you do, have the right to choose wrong over right, but there will be consequences for your actions either in this life or the next. Sin might seem fun at the moment…but for sin not confessed and repented of…there will be consequences for them.  The devil trumps up lies against anyone to get his way.  Yet, we are to stand against tyranny, evil, injustice, and sin.   The devil wants everyone to hate each other because of the color of ones skin…yet know this if we can’t get along on earth…why in the heck would God want anyone of those hateful people in heaven?  Think!  Use your brain please.  God created all of us and hatred for someone who is a different color than you…will never get you into heaven no matter what the world tells you. 

We all see the injustice going on and the woke crap out there, the sins of abortion/murder, the devil telling people that being gay, trans, changing your gender, lying, stealing, cheating, and a thousand other things he says is okay…it is not okay people. 

I will not go along with the lies that are being fed to people out there.  I won’t call you a woman if you are a biological man and vise versa.  God made man and woman…not George and Jim, and mary and sue to be together, and He sure didn’t tell people identify as anything but what He created them to be. And all of those pushing transgenderism…God is surely not pleased with you.   Whatever you were born with is who your DNA is.  Men don’t have babies, murdering of babies is wrong, lying and thinking you can stop truth is evil, and I won’t bend because the government says now it is okay to be these things.  Yes, you can do evil, and claim whatever but it doesn’t make it right, and it sure isn’t right in the creator’s view. 

I don’t care if someone hates me for doing right and proclaiming God’s word over theirs or the government.  I answer to God and the worst this evil world can do to me is kill me.  But then…if I am doing God’s will I know where I will be.  Yes, someone can destroy my life on this earth, but only God can destroy my soul and I have already given Him my life.

I will not go along with the lies of satan to please anyone.  I will not do this gender crap they want us to call people.  You are not a them, an it, or whatever the chosen word is today.  You are male or female period.  Oh you can add to your body or take away from it…but your DNA is still male or female.  Just use your brain if this is you….you have been deceived by the devil and his cohorts and unless and until you change and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and confess your sins and repent/change direction you will never see heaven no matter who you are rich or poor, famous or no one knows you.  Life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us.  Today is the day you need to change because 5 minutes from now you life could be over and if you are on the wrong side…the devil’s side…you will not get into heaven.  Besides that…yes, there will be millions in hell…but hell is no party.  It is called hell for a reason. 

As for me…I choose to follow Jesus.  I choose to tell others about Him and His love for them no matter what I face on this earth.  I hate what is going on in the USA and around the world.  I will do my part to please God no matter the cost here.  You can kill my body…but I know my Jesus and one day whenever that is…I want to stand before Him and hear God say, Welcome home my good and faithful servant.”  Yep, that is what I want to hear so I will go on telling others about Jesus and how much He loves them and wants them in heaven, but if one finds themselves in hell instead…they chose to go against God and His word/and ways.

Stay strong in the Lord. Choose wisely!