Post 78 Is our government evil?

What is written here is my OPINION.  You do not have to like it or agree with it.  If you don’t want to know my opinion, then don’t read it.  People do have different opinions.  That is still okay!!! You are entitled to your own opinion as well, but you do not now, not ever, tell me what I think, what I feel, whom I can vote for, where I can go, what I can read, and what is good for me.  In saying that if you still want to read “my opinion” on our government I’m glad you stopped by.

These last several years I have given the government of America some deep thought.  Is our government evil?  In my opinion, it has become a great evil force. It is evil and very dangerous. If you were to describe it by something, what would you describe it like?  I saw a saying that said:  Kind of like salt: necessary for life (liberty) but more than a small amount destroys life (liberty). We all love a little salt, don’t we?  It sure makes things taste better for sure, but what happens if you accidentally put in too much?  It destroys what you are going to eat.  I thought about that saying and it fits well.  Our government has excessive amounts of salt!!! It needs to be thrown in the trash and a good batch started over. 

I was born in WW11.  I didn’t know much about it for a long time, but I learned more as I grew up.  Wars, in my opinion, is evil.  Some have been necessary for sure, but so many deaths and hate.  Growing up we saw what Hitler did in this world.   (Not just him but so many other evil so-called leaders along the way who destroyed so many people) Many think that Hitler and the evil he brought, the horrendous lives he took, and the people still suffering because of his actions were the worst.  So in thinking on this subject I had to look deeper to see all the evil.  Yes, he was a monster!  I once stood in one of the train cars which carried people to their death.  My soul cried out for them.  I saw their shoes and possessions that were taken from them…my soul cried even more. So much hate in that man. So many people believed his lies and went along with him and his murderous way. 

But then I started to think about not just him in this situation.  This man was a devil, deceived by the devil to do horrible things in his life.  But…………. he got millions of people to go along with his evil.  He brainwashed them. He said if you say a lie long enough people will believe your lie.  They did!  The ones who didn’t believe still did nothing.  So much pain and suffering came from what Hitler did and thought.  Yet, people went along with him and very few stood up against him…because it meant they would die to do so.  Dying for doing right in this world is better than sitting and doing nothing.

This government run by Hitler has by no way been the only evil government throughout history.  I’m not going there now, but so much evil in history. 

Now, thinking about the government here in the United States…my heart again aches at what I see and don’t see.  We elected people to have certain jobs and they have not done the jobs they were hired to do.  (some have tried).  Many elections were falsified even if some don’t want to believe it.  They can try to fool the people, but they are not fooling God.

Our government treats us like a statistic to get whatever they want.  We are faceless to them while they spread their lies and evil intentions.  They constantly lie, cheat, deceive, and are so corrupt that they have gotten extremely rich on the backs of Americans and others. They have played America and are destroying it day by day and piece by piece.   They spread hatred and everything is about hatred and race.  They defund our police and the DA let horrible criminals just go out and do more crime.  Well, we are not faceless statistics.  We have had our lives uprooted to their whims and we all know that they just don’t care.  All of them play the blame game while behind the scenes they are plotting even more evil.  Are we just lab rats to them?  They use us and then they discard us like garbage. They want us to look like the enemy just because we love God, family, and country.

Our government lies so much that I doubt they could even tell the truth now, and if they did have even one truth in them we wouldn’t believe them.  They lie, steal, cheat, spy, kill, destroy our cities, our families, our jobs, and our schools to name a few, and tell us that they know better than we do. They think they are way more important than “wee” people.   They have brought evil all around us.  Men with men, women with women, transgenders, etc., but aren’t they now up to like 700 different classifications they want us to call people who want to identify as what they are not.  They say we must accept this and everyone’s idea of a lifestyle: gay, transgender, and whatever the thing is for the day.  I do not have to accept all of this, and I won’t accept it.  I accept what God says is right and wrong.  Oh, they go through their life being, in their own eyes, whatever they want to choose to be, but one day every one of them will stand before God and give an account.  It is not me that is judging them.  They are digging their own grave.  God will judge!  However, their choices are not going to change me to accept evil. I saw online this crazy lady who identifies as a cat.  She crawls around on all 4s and meows claiming she is a cat!  Asinine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our government has way overstepped its duty.  They do not have God, nor His authority in doing the things they have been doing.  They break laws and abuse their power at every turn.  They wage war against their people, jail good people, and let bad people out.  They close their eyes to evil and blame good people for their actions.  They make up lies and feed them to insane news media as truth, and they go after anyone and everyone who has an opinion of their own.  If you don’t agree with the left then you have become the enemy. 

Well, in my opinion, I don’t trust anything our government does, says, or acts on.  I find most of them pretty darn evil if I compare them to the word of God.  I am not saying they are all bad for there are still some good people…it is just we don’t know if once in office, those we thought might be good, will turn also to the “dark side”.  I pray not, but my opinion is politics change people and people take bribes and things along their way even if they didn’t start that way.  It is like the temptations become way too much for them. 

On morals in government…I have only seen a few I think are moral.  They get put down and destroyed by the government.  No morals mean corruption, misconduct, greed, brutality, and injustice. They burden us far beyond what we can pay for with joy in their heart.  Our government (in my opinion) is so evil and unjust…but I know a God in heaven that will, at some point, deal with all their evil.  Our government does not have our best interest at heart…they lied to get into the office (most), and now they do what makes them rich no matter the cost to us.  All of this inflation, wars, food shortages, disease, and the stupid things they declare we must go along with, or they declare us the problem. The economy is so bad that people can’t feed their families, but they keep on spending on illegals and giving money to our enemies.  They have put America in such debt that we can never get out from under it.  They make up stupid laws that only apply to us…not to them.  They rob us and give our hard-earned money away to others who not only want a free ride but won’t work to take care of their own families and debts.

Aren’t we pretty much living in a police state now?   Our government has passed laws subjecting us to all manner of invasive searches and surveillance, censoring our speech and stifling our expression, rendering us anti-government extremists for daring to disagree with its dictates, locking us up for criticizing government policies on social media, encouraging Americans to spy and snitch on their fellow citizens, and allowing government agents to grope, strip, search, taser, shoot and kill us. We are subjected to living in an insane homeland battleship in America.  If they don’t like a law, they think they can just overturn it without going through legal ways to do it.  They have done so much evil to our FBI and military will they ever make us feel safe again?  (Our military I love, but the government is destroying them by their actions and cutbacks…and by putting people into the military that won’t fight for our freedom (in my opinion) Our police are not only understaffed, and underpaid, but the government is not behind these awesome people who go out each day and try to help.  Sure funny how the government protects itself with police protection and guns but they don’t want us protected. 


Our children are being brainwashed (in my opinion).  Lord, help us.  They are being fed lie after lie after lie and believe the lies they are fed.  As Hitler said if you lie to them long enough, they will believe your lies. Well, they are!  The schools are no longer for our children.  They are trying to make our children into robots that have no brains and who will follow them.  There are not any consequences for the things they are doing and teaching our children. 


Why do Americans (and so many others around the world) keep trusting their government? Why?  Why do Americans close their minds and mouths and pretend not to know what is so obvious to anyone with a brain that cares about others?   People are no longer interested in finding out the truth, for in doing so they have to make a choice.  We should never have trusted the government in the first place. The Founders came up with a Bill of Rights. They recognized that without binding legal protections affirming the rights of the people, the newly instituted American government falter, fail, and fell. How do you fight injustice? How do you push back against tyranny? How do you vanquish evil?  Well, you don’t just sit there and say and do nothing or it makes you part of the problem.  You don’t fight by hiding your head in the sand. Stop being indifferent and lifeless. Stop being impartial. Stop being co-conspirators. Start recognizing evil and injustice and tyranny for what they are. It is time to demand government transparency. Refuse to play politics with your principles. Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils. If not us: who?  If not now: when?  Do we lose our country to a bunch of hateful evil people who don’t care, or do we stand up and fight legally and morally to end the reign of their evil ways? They don’t fight fair that is a given, but we can and should fight godly and fair.  That is the difference between the two sides here.  There are still good people in America that believes in right over wrong, good over evil, God first, and taking care of their family and doing right.  If we let that go and do and say nothing, all we did then is take their bait, and in doing so, we lose our country and our freedom.


As I said at the beginning…this is my opinion.  No one has to like my opinion.  I am a child of God, a woman, a wife, mother, and grandmother and I want to see and know that when I leave this earth either by rapture or when God says my timing is up… my family and family to come into this world will be safe from tyranny, hate, racial crap, and just downright evil people.  If you like this then share it.  If you don’t like it then don’t share it.  May God place in each of us His word so that we know His will in all of this.  Pray for answers.