Post 25…June 2023…Co-Laborers with Christ

Can we live up to what God wants from us?  Yes, and no.  We are not God and we can’t live up to His standards…only God can, but we are co-laborers with Him so we can accomplish what God wants us to accomplish. 

    How do we then live a godly life?  We do as God says.  You let God work in and through you to accomplish His will in your life, and to reach whomever He wants you to reach.

    When Jesus is our Lord and Savior then we let Messiah Jesus live through us.  It is Him living in us that we accomplish whatever “it” might be He wants us to accomplish.

    We are to act on Jesus’ behalf…in getting the message He wants us to give.  We work with Him and never against Him or think we can change the message to make people think that if they are sinning it’s somehow now okay.  Sin is never okay with God.  We all have sinned and fallen short.  People place sins in categories as to what they feel are okay sins and sins of major proportion.  Does God see it that way?  All sin is sin. 

    Somehow in this day and age we are to coddle the sinner and not offend them…NO!  We are to tell them the truth of God’s word even if it offends them.  People don’t change if they think what they are doing is now okay.  Sin is never okay with God and twisting it to suit someone means you are sinning.

    The world can change laws and punishments all they want…government is like that.  But God Almighty is the ultimate judge and no matter what people on earth feel they can change to make what they do seem to be okay…everyone of them will stand before God and give an account.  

    We are to act together in the truth of God’s word and not try to sugar-coat it so someone sinning can think it is okay.  I have heard this a lot lately.  Some churches are telling people that God is okay with their sins when God certainly is not okay with “any” sin.  I have had people say that the Bible is just a fairytale, that Christians are weak and the list goes on.  The Bible is truth and not a fairytale. I hurt for these people who think they can now sin and there are no consequences for what they do.  They are deceived and they believe the lies they are fed because that way they can go on sinning and claim they are right and God, somehow, is wrong.  They twist the scriptures to say whatever they want it to say and those pastors (not godly pastors) who are lying will be held accountable for lying to others.  Sin is sin. 

    Yes, everyone can and should come to God and be welcomed into a church…but then……….they need to change.  They need to let God help them change and transform them.  They are not to go on sinning and living in sin. God will forgive us when we come to Him honestly and give our life to Him, confess our sins, and repent (change).  If we are not changing then we are not transformed and all we are doing is going to a church but no change comes to our heart.  We also would be telling others that somehow God is okay with all our sins. 

    If a so-called pastor tells you it is okay to live in sin…run!  People, if we are honest, like sinning.  They wouldn’t stay doing it if they were not somehow getting some type of pleasure from doing and living in sin. If they are honest they want to keep sinning and when a so-called pastor or authority (like the government) tells them it is now okay to do whatever…they want to continue with their sins.

    They truly don’t understand or they would stop.  Very soon either Jesus will return for His bride/the church, or we will individually leave this earth in death.  One second after death is one second too late to change.  You don’t have to believe that.  No one ever has to believe me or ever accept anything I say. 

    Not everyone who says Lord Lord….will get into heaven.  Does Jesus have a personal relationship with you?  Do you do as He says or believe the lies and deceptions out there in this crazy evil world we are living in?  The only way to heaven no matter what someone tells you otherwise…is Jesus must be your Lord and Savior…not just in saying so…but actually being so.  You can lie to yourself all you want, but truth is truth.  Jesus must be your Lord and Savior and you must have a personal relationship with Him. 

    People need to ask God on every subject what the truth is for there are people out there that don’t believe in God and want you to believe as they do.  Only thing is one day they will stand before God and give an account for lying to people and deceiving them.  God is good but God is also just.  You can’t go on rejecting Him and ever believe that somehow you will get into heaven.  God has specified the only way into heaven.  You can believe with all your heart you are a good person and you might be a pretty nice person, but that doesn’t qualify you for heaven.  Jesus is the qualifier.

    So while we live on this planet we are to be workers for the kingdom of God.  We each can do something.  We are not alike and we don’t reach the same people.  What God wants me to do or say, could be 100% different than what God wants you to do or say.  He is the assigner of our co-laborer work.

    As much as people love to argue with a Christian about just about everything…don’t let it get to you.  You study the word, you  talk to God, you take the message to the people however God wants you to.  We can do all things in His power.  A few will listen to us, but I’d venture to say that most will not.  It is sad beyond belief but it is the truth.  People don’t want to hear the truth and they don’t want to give up the things they do wrong.  God love them but God also gives them the right to reject Him.  We can’t make anyone love Jesus. All we can do is do as God asks and tell others of His love and what He did for them.  They must make the choice to accept or reject Him.  Even those we dearly love in this world…have to also make that choice for themselves.  We would make it for them if we could.  We can’t.  We can love them, tell them, pray for them…but where they end up upon their death is by their own choice. 


For we are laborers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.


He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters


May each and every one of us be a co-laborer for the kingdom of God.  May we do as the Lord asks of us.  Life is hard and there are obstacles and people all over the place that want to harm us for telling the truth of God’s word.  However, no matter what comes our way we must do it God’s way.  Whatever we do we must do it to honor God no matter what the world might toss our way to stop us.  Stay faithful to God and you will end up in Glory!