Post 143…Gay…Trans…Whatever

Thursday, December 22, 2022  

So, will I get that hate mail because I am going to voice my opinion?  Probably!

    John doesn’t become Jane no matter what someone wants to think or believe.  You aren’t what you claim to be and I will not…I repeat not go along with it.  That is my God-given right not to conform to the world, or believe the lies being fed to the world.

    A transgender male is a male not a girl who identifies as a boy.  You are not a gender because you choose or want to be…you are whatever God created you to be and your DNA says so.

    You can go around acting like whatever sex, or no sex, or a cat, a dog, or ____ But you will always be what God created you to be. God assigned your gender not you, not society, not the government, not politicians…God decided what you would be.

    Science, government, and groups all want you to believe you are something other than God made you.  Science says Chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, and sex characteristics to override gender ID for the purpose of declaring or classifying someone as male or female…that you can do that.  Not so…you can add to your body, take hormones to grow a beard, remove your penis or make a vagina-looking thing, but you can’t change your DNA, nor can you override what God created.  You can mutilate it, but not override it.  Your DNA is the reality of creation.  No matter how much you want or declare your change as being right, or demanding others accept your change…your DNA will always be what God made it to be.  They can mess with your DNA all they want, but it will be there. 

    So what if the government declares you are something, or society accepts what you say because you think you are whatever…I do not have to go along with it because I know God only created two: male and female and I will choose to go by what God says.  I answer Him. 

    It is not what is in your head that defines you as to male or female.  It is now, and always has been, and always will be what God called you to be.  You can mess with it all you want, but at the end of the day, you are still what God made you be…except now you could have messed so much with your body it can’t be fixed.

    It doesn’t matter how you dress, cut your hair, talk, act, or believe yourself to be…you are still what God created you to be. 

    You will say that you have a right to be whatever it is you want to think you are.  Sure, you can do that, but it is still not who you really are.  You can choose to love the same sex, both change your identity, and all the rest but still at the end of the day you are still inside you and your DNA is still there.

    It doesn’t matter if you are extra feminine, or if you are masculine and those tendencies are strong.  You are still by DNA whom God says you are.

    It is not who you feel attracted to sexually that defines you either.  Again, you were created to be whichever male or female God made you.   

    God gave you a permanent body that was not to be messed with.  Oh, He knew some would mess with it because God knows everything, but you taking your body and trying to change it just messes it…it doesn’t change your DNA.

    Your sex was assigned by God. 

    Maybe if this evil society would stop trying to tell our precious kids they are these things and told it is okay to do whatever…maybe this world would not be so messed up.  You can’t turn anything on TV, in the movies, go to school, go to the library, listen to music, and all the rest without being bombarded with lies that say this is normal and okay for our kids to pursue it…and they are encouraged to do so.  Kids should not be learning about gay, or transgender sex…but about God and what is moral and right.

    Your feelings don’t make you a man or woman because you think that is who you are.  I do not, will not, accept what or who you think you are.  It is deception and lies you have been fed.  It is not biblical and your so-called reality is nothing more than deceptions and lies. Those proclaiming they are gay or transgender or whatever it is called or will be called in the future…it is immoral, and it is ungodly.  Your decision to be this does not change reality or DNA.  Your actions don’t sway me to believe it or accept it. 

    Those that go along with the lies and proclaim that God is okay with it now…are lying to you.  God doesn’t change and His word says it is wrong.  However, what I believe doesn’t matter to you and I know that.  It is what I believe just like you have the right to believe what you do.  You make a choice and I make a choice. 

    Truth is truth no matter who or how someone tries to spin it, and deceptions are lies and can’t be made to be true because someone declares it to be so.

    I am truly sick and tired of everywhere I go, everything I watch, everything I read… is trying to get me to believe the lies and to accept them.  No!!!! I don’t want to see gays and transgenders.  That is my opinion.  I don’t want to see or hear what you are doing.  I can’t even tell you how many programs that have gone woke on TV that I have turned off because of this crap.  The world is brainwashing our kids into thinking this is normal and it is evil.  Kids should not be learning and forced to learn this stuff.  Trans story time…really.  Brainwashing our children.  You don’t have the right to destroy our children and the truth so they will accept your way of life and make it sound glamorous so they would want to do it as well. No one has a right to mess with kid’s minds and destroy them with lies from the pit of hell.

    My opinion of your lifestyle (if that is you) is not a good opinion.  It is my opinion, and we all have our own opinion on everything.  You don’t have to accept my way of life and I won’t accept yours.  Why?  Because it goes against what God says.

    So I said all that to get to this:  As I said, I have an opinion.  It is my opinion based on God’s word, what is moral and right. 

    I don’t wish you or anyone else bad.  Why should I?  We all have to go through this world and we all get the right to choose our destiny and way of life.  Some choose God some choose satan and his ways.  I happen to want to go to heaven and be with God.  That might not be your choice and that is your decision. 

    Now to those that are going to call me racist, white, privileged, etc….go ahead and call me whatever but it doesn’t make it so.  Yes, I am white because God put that color on my body.  He could have made me whatever but chose to make me white.  Why should I ever be ashamed to be white?  Because society now says it is wrong and that all white people are somehow evil.  Stop right there.  No, white people are not any more than black, brown, yellow, or red people are. I am not now, nor have I ever been racist no matter what you have decided to call me.  You don’t know me.  You don’t know my life, you don’t know the decisions I have had to make, or the times I have struggled in life to get by.  Oh yeah…all white people are so-called privileged.  Not so!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are not born racist you learn that.  I am so thankful I didn’t have to be that. And just so you know…I am white, my husband is Mexican, my son and grandkids are black, I have islanders in my family and so much more.  I dearly love them all.  But you want to label me, white, racist, and privileged.  Go ahead and label me whatever makes you feel better. 

    As for men being able to have a baby.  Really?  Men are not born with a womb.  Oh, the girl can take hormones and grow a beard but she is still a girl with a womb and if she gets pregnant…she is still a girl who now has a beard with male tendencies.  DNA doesn’t lie.

    Your lifestyle is your lifestyle.  You can choose to live it gay, trans, as a cat/dog, or whatever you want but you will not make me accept it or believe it.  God gave me a brain, a Bible, and I choose His way.  You don’t have to choose His way and that is up to you, but stop trying to make everyone go along with your lies.  Be what you want but you aren’t going to change me. We all make mistakes, we have all sinned, and we all mess up…but Jesus loves us and doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.  He gives you the choice to decide what and where you will be.  I wish you well and don’t hate you.  All families have someone in their family doing something they should not do.  That doesn’t mean we hate them or wish them bad…we don’t.  We want what is best for them.  Yet, each must choose which road of life to go down.  I choose the road that leads to heaven.  I wish all would choose that but we all know that won’t happen.  Many people love to sin and will tell you that sin feels good…but with sin comes eventual consequences either in this life or the next.

    I won’t let you corrupt my mind with who you are and what you are trying to do.  You can live as you want and be whatever it is you think you are, but stop messing with our precious kids and trying to get them to live like you are.  They are kids.  They need to be kids.  They don’t need to know about your sex life. Wrong is wrong no matter what you want to call it. 

    I am not trying to change you but you are not going to change me either.  I believe in male/female relationships.  I believe women have babies and men father them.  I don’t need anyone telling me another way is okay.  It is not okay with God. 

    Finally…I’m sure that some of you who will read this are cursing at me and calling me horrible names.  I am okay with whatever you want to call me.  It is God I care about His opinion of me.  Your lifestyle is none of my business and I am not your judge.  You will stand before God and give your account of life, and so will I.  I don’t hate you.  I care what will happen to you one day.  I do not wish for bad in your life. But really people you be whatever it is you want to be, live like you want to live, sleep with whomever you choose…but stop trying to get me to go along and accept it because that will not happen ever!!!

Blessing:  Father God, I ask you to bless the person who is reading this, draw them to you, and help them change their heart to do whatever it is you want for their life.  Protect them and give them peace.

God bless you.


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