Post 8…March 2023…Notes on Study day one of Pastor’s conference

They are just my notes from today, and you can add to this if you want to. 

Defending the Faith: 

Praise God when you are overwhelmed

Seek God, and have a heart of expectancy

We all need to be able to give an answer as to what and who we believe in

Evidence in your life shows what and who you believe in

How many have meology and not theology?

Hearts are deceitful, afflicting, changing, selfish, and evil

Don’t love the world: love God!

Only three things in which most people kill others for: Sex, money, and/or power.

We all need impulse control.

Don’t feed gratification.

Proverbs 4;23: Verse New Living Translation: Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

We all need a purpose and God has a purpose for each of our life.  Our part…find out what it is and do it!

Follow the truth and not your heart. Hearts can be very deceptive.

You can’t follow your heart without moral restraint.

Don’t give into desires.

Live no lies

Our hearts change continuously

Insanity: men who think they are women, women who think they are men, transgenders, and social media insanity.

As much as people want to fit in they are part of a social media generation of lies, deceptions, and craziness.

Social media is artificial stupidity.

Our job in living is to know God and make God known…that is our real purpose in life.

You receive your identity from God, and you don’t achieve it on your own.

Love doesn’t mean approval.

Stand in the way of evil.

Don’t tell people what they want to hear, but tell them the absolute truth of the word of God.

Defend your faith always

Does God hear my prayers? Absolutely!

Stand on reason

There is only one God, only one truth, only one way to heaven. Period.

Does truth exist?  Yes

Does God exist: Yes

Do miracles happen: yes

Is the New Testament true? Yes


Miracles are not a daily occurrence.  They happened in times of God’s choice and timing:  Such as with Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, Apostles, Noah, and Jonah.  We do have things that happen in our life and our circumstances that we might call a miracle though.  Healing of a deadly disease etc.

I know God by the effects of who God is, what He does, and what He says He will do.

Behind every effect is a cause: No exception! What caused it?

In the Bible the people who wrote it didn’t leave out all of the embarrassing things.  They put everything in there to show us the truth…even if or when it was embarrassing.  Jesus called Peter satant, get behind me satan.  He was not saying he was satan.  Women were the first to see  Jesus at the resurrection when women were in that culture not listened too.  The apostles all ran away in fear where the women didn’t. 

Matthew 28:17 NLT: When they saw him, they worshiped him—but some of them doubted!

We are to make disciples but the word didn’t say believe.  Some believe and some doubted.

Even Jesus own family didn’t believe till the resurrection

There are two prostitutes in the family line of Jesus:  Rahab and Tamar

What do you really remember of the past?  Most of us have impact events where we remember where we were, what we were doing, how we felt and so on.  Life:  Nov 1963 and President Kennedy being assassinated, like 911 and the towers.  The greatest impact event in history was Jesus resurrection.  Without this impact event would the Bible have been written?  Would the apostles/disciples put their life in danger?  There was no sex, no money, and no power in that event.  The apostles and disciples die for a lie?  No!

Some people might die for a good person they believe in, but people don’t choose to die for a lie.

Christianity would still be Christianity and true, even if there was no bible. 

The apostles walked with Jesus, talked with Jesus, saw all that Jesus did on this earth, and they knew Him.  They were eyewitnesses to Him.

Christianity was the impact event when Jesus was resurrected.  We would not have Christianity without Jesus and Jesus and what He did was a great miracle.

Apathy:  lack of feeling, emotion, and is indifference.  Apathy for the elderly, disease, etc.

Can’t steer a parked car

What is my message to share with others?

Pastor’s wife in California whose husband opened church during covid shutdown told her husband when he asked what he should do:  I’d rather be a widow than married to a coward.  Great word!

We all need to everyday and in everything praise our God:  Can you name like 300 things you are truly thankful for?  Don’t use what someone else says, but what you personally are thankful for.

Now, may God bless you, guide you, lead you/draw you, give you wisdom and knowledge, and give you His peace.

God bless you!