Post  1-8…Notes: Sharing the Word of God with you

Words for the day that I want to share with whomever wants to hear it.

Do not be conformed and go along with your prior ways especially those you did in ignorance.

We need to get more and more holiness in our lives, more spirituality in our lives, more love for others in our lives, and we need to separate ourselves from all evil.

Be prepared for service to God.  What do you need to remove from your life so you can better serve the Lord?  What is holding you back?

Holiness is not us just avoiding evil in our lives, but it is also pursuing godliness in every area of our life.

Jesus paid the absolute highest price to set me/you free.  We deserved the death penalty for all of our sins, and He gave us the way to eternal life.  Jesus liberated us if we are His and He is ours. We no longer choose to go along with the ways of the devil and his cohorts. 

Jesus gave us the greatest gift of all time.  Not only salvation if we choose Him, but forgiveness of sins.  We deserved death and He gave us a way of life.

In our life we are to evaluate all things by the word of God and not what man tells us we should do, or think.  What are the motives of mankind behind what they say?  Does it line up with the word of God?  If not……………………….DON’T DO IT.

Morality is defined by God!  No matter what others try to get you to do or believe, if God calls it sin then it is sin and stop doing it.

People who try to bend God’s word so they can feel good somehow about living in sin, and they conform to man’s/world’s ways…will be judged for their actions.  They betray God Almighty when they think that they can live a sinful life and somehow still go to heaven.  There are consequences for all of our wrong actions. Yet, God gave us a way to change our life and live right.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Follow Him.

Never lose your appetite for the word of God…it is life to ones soul.

Don’t allow the world to choke out the word of God from you life.  Be diligent in staying the course of God. 

All true believers in Jesus Christ have access to the Lord.  All true believers are obligated to live a holy life and listen to God.

Absolutely refuse to go along with the world’s ways.  Don’t conform to their ways.  Don’t compromise God’s word in any way.  Stand up and do what is right in the sight of God.

All true believers need to be praying for the lost.  If not us…then who?

All true believers are responsible to defend the word of God, tell others of His great love and mercy, and also if they don’t want them (and they have that choice)…that they won’t see heaven no matter what someone tells them.

Abstain from the passions of the flesh and live as God intends you to live.  When we go against God in this it ravages our very soul.

Don’t use your freedom to ever cover up doing evil.  If God is against something He is against it. 

Some people believe that because they are Christians that they will not have pain, sorrow, temptations, and trials, and so on.  You will!  Difficulties are inevitable for faithful followers of the Lord.  Satan is opposed to the gospel and us sharing it.  If you must suffer for the truth of the word of God…that is not in vain.   Let us all glorify God no matter what we must face in this life.  Our life here is only temporary.

We must search our heart and see if there is anything in us that we need to remove from our life.  Our life needs to stand for right, and we need to be doing the will of God.

Be aware…and don’t love money and power.  Yes, we make a living, but our life should not be about gaining money and power…but to have God first and basic needs.  When we are greedy, and live for money and power we are no longer living for God.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have money and “things”, but don’t allow them ever to be more important to you than God is in your life.

When/if we are about our Father’s business then we want to do right, live right, talk right, not compromise God’s word so that we somehow don’t offend someone.  Better to offend man than to offend God.

I need a 224/7/365 day walk with my Lord and Savior Jesus.  I might makes errors and wrong decisions at times, but I know where to go to get right with God.  Life on earth is but a fleeting moment on the grand schem of time.  I want to stand of faith, and never, ever forget the very one “Jesus” who loved and loves me enough that He died for me.  Now it time that I, and you, live for Him.  He is worthy. 

Even if you go through opposition and persecutions…hang in there.  Stay always on the side of God and do what is right.

Don’t swerve away from God.  Hold on tight to Him.

Why do we serve God?  Do some do it out of guilt? To be noticed? Greed? Money? Power?  To make them feel more important?  The real reason…the only reason that should go through our head is to serve God because we love Him and want to please Him.

Confess, repent, change, repeat!

Memories are a great thing.  It is the diary of our soul…we carry it with us…However, memories are sometimes not accurate.  Beware! Why? Because sometimes are memories don’t see the truth, but what we put in our mind and we build on that.  Lots of people have been destroyed at a false memory.  I am not saying that most times they are not correct…but things don’t or didn’t happen always the way we thought they did or for the reasons we thought they did. 

If we go on feelings…and not truth…it can lead us the wrong way.

Jesus doesn’t have to stay in a church that truly doesn’t honor Him, or pastors that teach differently than the word of God, or compromise and tickle people’s ears.  The truth is what sets you free. 

Don’t put your spiritual life on cruise control…Put the breaks on and choose to go down the right road at the right speed.

Some get so busy with the things and affairs of the kingdom…they miss and neglect Jesus in their doing so.

Many people world-wide are suffering under persecution and hatred.  It is really horrific some places.  Yet, we still have a choice.  We can suffer and know where we will end up at death, or we can go along and do what people say…and miss heaven.  Persecution will get worse on this earth before the return of Jesus and you might not feel it or go through it…but many are.  If it comes to you and those you love, remember this:  Jesus loves you and no matter how bad and evil people are in this life…we are just walking through this world on our way home to Him.  Don’t fall for the lies of the devil, but stand on the word of God.

You can either get better or you can get bitter.  One is good for your soul, and one is not.  You get to choose.

I hate pain and am sure others do as well, but pain can also bring us to God, and it can help shape us as well.  People go along when things are great and many think they don’t need God when they need Him all the more.  God is there for us, but many people when they are hurting walk away from God instead of running to Him.  We can let pain crush us or we can let God help us through it all.

Let us not be filled with pride and arrogance. 

The pressures of life are really difficult in this world now.  The new generations don’t even understand and they just seem to go along with the evil for so many have removed God from everything they don’t know the love of God now.  Most of them don’t even want to know the truth.

Many just go along with their so-called gods and desires…they don’t think they need God, and they believe lies because they don’t think they will face consequences.  Oh, how wrong they are, but many will never listen to the truth.

When Christians refuse to go along with the world’s ways…the world makes us the enemy.  Don’t fall for it.  Know this: whatever we go through for the Lord…we know that when our time comes to leave this world we will be in His presence.

Jesus is Lord:  There is no other Lord.  We all need to honor the Lord at all times

Jesus never said that we would go through with no problems, no suffering, no persecution, and that everyone would love us.  If we are alive on this earth then “stuff happens”.

Don’t put your spiritual life on cruise control.  Sometimes we just might have to put the brakes on and/or turn around.

Don’t get so busy with the affairs of the kingdom that you forget to keep Jesus at the head of whatever you do.

Compromise against God’s word puts you on a collision course.  Oh, you might fit in here on earth, but not in heaven.  When you compromise God’s word for whatever reason you come up with you are on the wrong side.

Don’t be led away from God’s truth to ever Waterdown His word, change it, or try to make it say whatever you want it to say so that you can somehow feel good about your sins.

We might live in difficult times but we must stay focused on Jesus at all times.

Our wrong belief leads to our wrong choices and behaviors.

If/when you compromise God’s word and anyone else goes along with you….there are consequences for leading someone astray.

Divine love is disciplinary.

You don’t have to keep going the way you have been going in life:  You can change…especially with the help of the Lord.

Don’t get involved in any immorality!

Don’t allow people to teach you ever to do unholy things.

You can’t mix other religions with Christianity.

Pray for wisdom and discernment and ask god to show you the truth

When sinners refuse to turn to God, consequences can be both painful and deadly.

Don’t get involved in immorality-avoid it at all costs.

When we have Jesus we have all we truly need for our eternal life.