Post 36 Victim Mentality

We live in a world/culture that has become a world of people saying they are a victim to just about everything out there.  They have accepted the lies that are telling them this. In fact, society wants you to believe that you are victim.  Why?  Because victims accept the lies, follow the leader, and then they can be controlled.  Society today, wants to control people and you do not have to fall for this garbage any longer. 

How many people go around claiming victimhood because of how they were raised, by who they were raised, in what city, how rich or poor they were, on what side of the tracks they were living, how they were treated or not treated as a child, a teen, in a marriage, by what school they go to, what neighborhood they live in, what kind of house and car they drive, what job they have or do not have, if their parents were druggies or alcoholics, you are too young, too old, too tall, too short, to skinny, too fat, too white, too black, and whatever else you feel is the reason somehow you are a victim. 

Listen:  Any ideology that removes, or tries to remove your power is….demonic.  Whenever we embrace the lies we fall for being a victim.  When we do this we are not living in the power Jesus gave us to live in.  People want to be a victor while they think they are a victim.  Let’s discuss and see how we can overcome these feelings of being a victim. First…knock it off.  You are not a victim unless you decide to be.  We can all get through this no matter what our life has been like. 

You are responsible for what you do…you…yes, you!   When we embrace the lie of being a victim we are empowering others to keep us there.  Don’t do that.   You are responsible for the choice you make…not the one tempting you, not the one who calls you names and tells you that you are nothing.  Stop listening to them.  You were created with a brain and you need to take responsibility and use it.  Start now! 

When people put you into a situation or circumstance you are not comfortable with…it is your responsibility to make that known.  I do understand that there are circumstances growing up and in life that we had no choice in like being abused in any way.  As a child/teen etc…we can be forced into things we had no control over and it hurts…but we can even overcome and get through it.  I know I can say tell someone and  some will say that no one will listen, and that the person hurting  you said they would hurt or kill you or your family.  It is very difficult  but the person can still stay strong until they get out of that situation.  I do say tell a teacher, a principal, a pastor, a respected grown up, and yes the police.  That might get you out of that situation but for some it can also put you in another (the system).  You are stronger than you know you are or more than you know you can be. The devil loves it when people believe they are a victim and he promotes that over and over in the lives of people.  When we feel like this we can feel unloved, rejected, live in fear, and think our suffering will never end.

Well, I refuse to be a victim any longer.  Declare and decree that right now and continue to declare and decree it. Don’t sell your freedom and peace out to the devil or anyone else who wants to control you mind.  Make right decisions.  Yes, you can make them.  Others can’t make your decisions of your mind for you.  You must do it.  Yes, there is pain and suffering in life and we all go through some of it.  But we do not have to remain a victim and we can become a victor. 

Jesus died on the cross to remove your emotions of victimhood.  He gave you the power to be a victor in and through Him.  You need to exercise your right to refuse all the pessimism in Jesus’ name.  Declare….NO MORE!   In Christ you are no longer a victim! 

We can all overcome a victim mentality through a relationship with Christ and the Word of God.  You can be set free to live as a victor instead of a victim. How do you do this? 

Changing how you believe is an important part of being a Christian. Our own belief in this is exceedingly important. We need to change the thoughts of our mind to align up with what God says on the subject or what God says about us. 

1 Corinthians 2:16 tells us “But we have the mind of Christ.”  If we have the mind of Christ which the Bible states…then we can overcome anything. 

Romans 12:2   “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Our mind is vital in what we believe so it is vital into what we conform our believes too.  We need to align our beliefs with whatever God says not what we feel or what others want us to believe.

Do not go on in the same way thinking the same old thoughts. It is time to examine your thoughts/beliefs and if wrong thoughts/beliefs…then it is your responsibility to change them to align them with God.  It is up to you to choose which mindset you will have, the mindset of a victim or a victor?  Most all of us have felt in some way that we were a victim of something.  There have been periods of time when my mind has yielded to the wrong mindset and it has had a stunning effect on me (and most likely others as well).  If only we would learn early to go to God first so we would not have to go through feeling like this.   We all need to study the Word of God to see what God says to us, to a situation, and how to fix it.  It is very easy in this world to lose hope, but we can overcome.  The Bible does not refute that in this life there are victims in life: If we want our situation and circumstances changed then we need to go to God.  There are people who have genuinely been victimized by others.  But the psalmist tells us to commit ourselves to God.  He is not only able to help a victimized person, but someone who has been influenced by a victim mentality.

Psalms 10:14 “But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted;  you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you;    you are the helper of the fatherless.”

When we have the wrong mindset much of the time we go about blaming other people for all the ills that they have gone through or are going through. Then having a victim mentality also goes on believing that other people will hurt them now or in the future, so many people go through life thinking everyone is the same as the person that hurt them in some way (real or imagined).  

How many people make excuses for the acts of their own children?  We all want our children to be safe, happy, and do the right things…but kids are kids and kids do not always do the right thing.  When the parent hears of a bad action with their child…do they really want to know the truth, search out the truth, and be the parent in the situation….or do they think their child.   would never do something and blame other people for their child acting wrong?  Do we think our child would never do something wrong?  Kids are kids and kids do the same kind of dumb things that most of us did as kids.  Are their consequences for the bad actions of the child if they did something wrong, or does the parent make excuses for the child and not teach them the right thing to do?  Do they teach them that there are consequences for their actions or let them off? 

Let’s say that you are in a job and think that you should get a big raise or move up within the company but it does not happen.  You see other people moving up and you aren’t.  What do you do?  Do you blame everyone else?  Or…………….do you try to find out what you need to do that will eventually move you up the ladder?  Do you blame everyone else that somehow they are all out to get you, or have something against you?  Your action and reaction in this and what you personally do…is especially important. Don’t blame others!  Change your mindset!

Say that you were in a serious accident.  What happens?  If you are wrong do you admit it.  What if you were drinking and got on that motorcycle…and hurt or killed someone?  Do you blame others for your drinking?  While you were driving that motorcycle…were you in full control of what you were doing?  No, you were not and because you were not…there was an accident that hurt or killed someone else.  Do not play the blame game.  Do this in any situation!

What about you have this friend who always shows up late or doesn’t show up when they should, and you have invited them over for a very special occasion (or any occasion) and you worked really hard getting it ready.  What if you spent hours cooking and cleaning and this event meant a lot to you….they don’t show up…don’t call…and your meal is ruined.  Then they show up as if nothing was wrong making excuses again.  What do you do?  They didn’t take you into consideration or even call and now they are again making excuses.  Should you invite them again? 

What if you sort of feel invisible like in school, college, in a job, whatever and you just feel like no one sees you no matter how good of a job you do.  Maybe you are not in the “in” crowd the popular ones.  Seems like you just exist and no one even cares.  Well…you are unique, and you matter to God. You and your life are uniquely important to God.  He has a plan for your life.  We cannot control how others act, the mean things they say, how they treat us…but we can choose how we react to them and what they do.   

Satan especially loves it when followers of Jesus think that others cause bad things in their life.  At the end of the day the devil wants you bitter, fearful, and unforgiving. He wants you have a mindset of depression, anxiety, panic attacks over things in your life and he wants you constantly upset by things. He wants you feeling like you cannot do something about your situation and somehow that your life will never change.  You will always be a victim. You will never get a fair shake. It is a lie from the pit of hell for God is on your side and wants you set free from feeling like this.  He wants you to pray…and He wants you to go to His word and find out what His word says.  You do not have to ever believe the lies of satan.  You can go right to God and search out the truth. 

Life happens.  The storms come to all of us.  Sorrow comes to all of us.  Things happen…life can be tough.  We live in a fallen world and all of us will have to go through life no matter what happens in our way.  However, the devil wants your mind to live in turmoil and agitation.  The devil wants you to believe you have no choice or conrol

 It rains on the just and the unjust.  As a human being living on a fallen planet you will experience your fair share of hurts.  And Satan wants you to believe that most of the time when bad stuff happens to us, we have no control, we have no recourse, but just to feel sorry for ourselves. No matter who you are, where you live, the culture you were born in, the color of your skin….you will face obstacles along the way…it is called life! However….as much as the devil wants you to feel like a victim you don’t have to be a victim you can be victorious.  God wants your mindset to change so that whatever you go through in life…you do it honorably and you allow God to lead you through it.  He wants you to say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  He wants you to be more than a conqueror through Christ. He wants you to be free from anger, bitterness, and revenge and malice. God wants you to have his mindset! He wants to be your example. 

So what about the real “stuff” that happened to you in your life?  The real pain and suffering you have gone through?  It happened.  No one can go back and change that because it was real things like abuse, incest, rape, loss of a loved one, a broken relationship…can be anything that hurt you.  It happened and it was very real.  But………..if you stay in that victim mindset it is you that stays hurt and that you won’t get over it.  God lives in each of us when we are the child of God and in Him we have power

Yes, stuff happened in your childhood. Yes, your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend left. Yes, you got fired. Yes, you suffered a loss. But God wants you to have the mindset that as his child, good things are going to happen to you as well. As his child, you are an heir of God and a joint heir with Jesus. You are a son or daughter of God. You have Christ power in your life to help you overcome! You were wounded in some way.  You were hurt in some way.  You had to go through grief than others might not understand.  But………….God loves you and will walk through it with you no matter how bad it is or was.  God wants to wipe your tears away.  Are you willing to get healed from your pain or do you want to go through the same feelings you have and have the same hurts remain?  When they remain, we take things out on others who never did

Okay…. what about those people who seem to like being considered a victim and do all they can to remain such and want others to consider them as such.  They milk it repeatedly and play the blame game over and over again.  It is true that many people like being the victim.  If I get to be the victim, the precocious one, the titled one, the misinterpreted one, the mistreated one and the victimized one, then I don’t have to be responsible for myself. It is just that simple. Individuals who feel persecuted are often people who have become negative and cultivated a strong sense of entitlement.

What about people who literally take advantage of other people like other people owe them something Those people who think that life and others owe them a living, an education, free stuff (which cost other people something).  Many of them don’t even understand that no one owes them anything.  We all are on this planet to make it from birth through death by the example of God not man.  Some people will never see their own actions.  They go through life with a victim mentality and really won’t change that…until at least they meet Jesus.

What about how someone was raised…I’m talking about a really lousy homelife.  Millions have  gone through many things…broken homes, broken marriages, abusive parents, being extremely poor and having to do without.  It is very easy to feel like a victim here, but everyone can get out of that situation at some point.  They can all change there mindset.  There have been many who turn to crime and want to blame others for it…while people raised the same learned how to change their life around and go in a better direction.  Blaming others all the time does not get you out of victimhood to victor.

Here are some other ways to spot a victim mentality:

  • Victim mentality thinking will be seen in how they speak. They will usually take great pains to share their troubles and negativity with you.
  • Victim mentality people are extremely self-centered. They will rarely if ever ask you anything about yourself. You can sit with these people for a couple of hours talking, and it will never occur to them to ask you anything about your life.
  • Victim mentality causes one to complain about everything that happens to them. Nothing is ever their fault.
  • Victim mentality thinking causes them to hold on to every injustice, every hurt, every pain and they refuse to let go.

You can overcome victim mentality!  We need to be like Jesus.  My Lord died a horrible death and He did that for you and I.  Every stripe He took was one we  They plucked out his beard. They spat upon him. They offered him vinegar to drink. They mocked his kingship.  They put a crown of thorns on his head.  The hung him to a cross. And Jesus was completely innocent. By earthly standards my Lord and Savior got no justice while living on this earth. Jesus lived a perfect life and did not sin.  He was the only one ever upon this earth who did not sin.  Instead of Jesus arising from the dead and loving and forgiving us who confess and repent, can you even imagine if He brought justice to all those that did that to Him.  Oh, they will get their justice one day…but in the meantime He has given people the chance to change and do the right things.  He has given them time to accept Him as Lord, but He also gave you the right to reject Him.  However, if you do reject Him you have no one to blame but yourself when you don’t end up in heaven. I implore you to think…to use your mind and get right with God.   We only have one life on this earth and once it is gone there are no more chances to change.  Each and everyone of us needs to look inside ourselves and see what we need to change.  We do not have to remain a victim.  I know I have already said that, but it is true.  Stand tall.  Declare in your life what God wants you to about yourself and others.