Post 11…March 2023…Today’s notes

How many have sold their souls to the devil in an attempt to gain worldly glory?  When left unchecked, selfish ambition becomes the hook satan uses to real people in. 

Jesus demands a decision to follow Him or not.  If we choose not to follow then we remain where we are.  A real decision will lead us to action.  Without a decision, and action on our part committing to Jesus is just an interesting idea.

Do you yet realize your need for the Lord? 

Conflict/war between individuals or nations is fought at a great personal price and with tragic consequences most times.  Although loving our enemies is very difficult, it is the most productive, peaceful course of action for the long run.  However, it does not mean we ever compromise God’s word.

Lord, don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.

Jesus encourages us not to worry about that which we cannot control or about that which is just not important.  Worry instead about your priorities and the condition of your soul.  When you start to worry about unnecessary things or things you can’t do anything about, and when you turn your focus on the Lord those worries will begin to lose their grip on you.

Lord, help us find and follow that narrow gate and stay on that road that leads to you and heaven.

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for.  Keep on seeking, and you will find.  Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.  Mt 7:7

You can identify people by their fruit….which is their actions

Oh Lord, please save every member of my family and extended family.

Diseases need to be cured, whereas sicknesses need to be managed

God will give us the right words at the right time when we must respond.

Prior to His own resurrection, He raised three individuals from the dead. When Jesus raised these three people, they were not resurrected into their glorified bodies. However, when Jesus rose from the dead, He was resurrected into His glorified body. The New Testament records Jesus raising three people from the dead before He Himself rose from the dead. The three people Jesus raised from the dead were the widow’s son of Nain ( Luke 7:11-17 ), Jairus’ daughter (8:40-56), and Lazarus ( John 11:1-44 ). Jesus did not arise from the grave until after His crucifixion ( Matthew 28:5-6; Luke 24:6-7 ).Jesus was raised to glory and his glorified body, but these others had to die again.

Violent people always try to attack God and His word.  They also try to attack anyone who love the Lord.

On what do you base your worth?  In this world today we are bombarded with things and people that try to make us feel bad and of less worth than they are.  Even without deliberately trying to that is what is happening in this world.  You have, let’s say, social media.  You go there and are bombarded with people who think they are way more important than you.  They put all these pictures and stories of what they have, how good they look, what they own, and whom they hang out with and they build themselves up greatly by exaggerating, to begin with. They post about all the positive things in their life but seldom post about all the negative things (if ever).  They want people to think more highly of them.  It is really difficult for many to not to compare themselves with these people, after all these people see rich, spoiled, people, and in the natural eye, they compare their life with theirs.  Stop!  Should we not look to how our Lord sees us over how others might, or how we compare ourselves to others?  Of course, we should.  Our life is worth everything to the Lord.  He died for us.  We need to be grounded in the Lord, and see ourselves as Jesus sees us and not as the world does.  Stop pleasing and doing as the world wants and do what the Lord wants for you and your life.  You are of great value and no one, and nothing on social media, in the news, in Hollywood, and/or in DC are more important than you are.  Your worth is great. 

The stresses of life we know of those don’t we.  Just get up in the morning and wham…there it comes…something “we” feel we need to be stressed over.  We get so busy in life that we just stop making time for the important things.  Because we stop making time and get on this timetable of stress and trying to put so much into our life…we even get sick and not only do we suffer, but our family does as well.  Instead of giving time to those we love we get overwhelmed with the stuff of life.  This even goes to our spiritual life as well.  There are only so many hours in a day, and we can only do so many things.  What are our priorities?  Who are our priorities?  What can we stop stressing about if we but change things so all this stress is not after us?  We must be grounded in the Lord.  Jesus doesn’t want us all overwhelmed with our life.  Give each day to Him and ask Him to help you make the right choices as to what you should be doing.  Stress makes us sick if there is much of it.  Jesus wants to give us rest and He will carry our burden.  We don’t need to go this alone people.  We can take our problems to Him. 

A promise from God is:  “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28.  Isn’t that amazing?  If only we did this all the time instead of only when things got so bad. 

Now, may the creator bless you, draw you to Him, guide you, teach you, heal you or your loved ones, provide for your needs and not your greed, and may God give you His peace.  God bless you!